The Adventurer’s Academy Part 2

This Relationship That Can\'t Go Anywhere, Part One

”Hey, so, uh… I know this is kinda coming out of nowhere but, I need your help with something. Its not academy-related. Its something kinda personal. ”

”I see, ” Dylan replied as he and Rin sat down at the cafeteria. He put on a polite smile and asked, ”what do you need? ”

After much consideration, Rin decided to ask Dylan for help. There were a few reasons, for one, he was one of the top students consistently throughout the semester, and he was nearly as physically gifted as Elisa was. However, what really pushed Rin to ask the boy for his assistance was the fact that he already knew about Xhezs true identity. For the sake of her partners safety, whoever Rin went with would probably need to be given an illusion to work with from Xhez, and with Dylan, Rin could avoid the long explanation that would be needed with most of the other students.

Add to that the fact that Dylan used to be part of a mercenary group called the Red Trident and it was a no-brainer. To put it this way, Rin would be utterly shocked if anything he learned about her at the party this weekend made him hostile toward her.

”So, uh… You remember how I went missing? ”

”Ah, yes. I only heard a little about that. A tragic event, Im sure. ” His way of speaking, although classy and nice, made Rin feel… strange. As though he was trying to seem interested rather than actually being interested.

”Well, yeah, while I was gone I ran into some pretty bad people. Murderers, ” Rin explained, ”who are trying to train monsters to help them with all their murdering. ”

That was the first thing Rin said that genuinely caught Dylans attention, as the boy paused.

”Is that so? ”

”Yeah, ” Rin nodded. ”They were sharing a cave with kobolds, and the kobolds were completely subservient to them. Anyway, the point is, I think I might have run into these people again here, in Libera. I need to confirm whether its them or not, so, Im heading to a party that some people I met are hosting. And, well, Ill find out there. ”

”I believe I understand, ” Dylan stated. ”You need me to be there in case they
e actually the murderous individuals you had the misfortune of running into? ”

”Yeah. ”

”I see… May I ask a couple of questions? ”

”Sure. ”

”Thank you. First, I would like to know why you have approached me with this. I know you are good friends with quite a few powerful individuals. I am curious to know the reason. ”

[He wants to know why I didn ask Elisa… Or Xhez, maybe. Is that it?]

”I can ask Elisa because… I like her, ” Rin stated. Putting those words out had two opposing effects at the same time. She felt relieved that she could say this so easily, now that she had a good understanding of how she felt. However, she also felt a sting in her heart at the reality that nothing would ever come of it. ”I can ask Xhez because shes not strong physically. Shed be in too much danger coming with me. ”

”You care about her quite a bit, don you? ”

That question caught Rin off-guard.

”Who, Xhez? ” Rin asked, tilting her head. ”Yeah. Of course. Shes… Well, crap, shes probably the closest friend I have. ”

[The only other candidate for that would be Felix and I haven gotten to talk to him in so long… I need to write everyone back home a letter or two.]

Once again, Dylan put forth some genuine emotion after hearing that, as a real warm smile appeared on his face.

”And, ehm, also, ” Rin continued, trying to get back on topic, ”it would be nice if Xhez could cast a spell on whoever comes with me. An illusion spell so that if they are these people, they won know your real identity. I figured you wouldn mind. ”

Talking so openly about Xhez like this had Rin checking the room in between every word, making sure no one was listening to them. Dylan nodded slowly and said:

”I have one more question. What will we do if we discover that it is them? ”

”Nothing, ” Rin quickly replied. ”We don know how strong they are. The best thing to do, I think, would be to just leave whenever they aren looking, come back, and tell the teachers. Then, theyll tell the police. ”

”Ah… I feared that would be the case. ” Dylan seemed disappointed. ”If that is the situation, then… I am afraid I will be unable to accompany you. ”

Rin pulled back, blinking.

”W-What? Why? ” She asked. ”I mean, if you don want to go, thats fine, I just… ”

Dylan chuckled, looking away as he put his head on the palm of his left hand. His crimson eyes were half-lidded and slightly sad.

”Because… If indeed they are the murderous individuals you found, I would not be able to contain my desire to wipe them out. ”

”… What? ”

Dylan nodded and, with a short smile, said:

”I would slaughter everyone at this party, or I would die trying. You know of my past, right? My time with the Red Trident? ”

”Uh, yeah. ”

”Well, hanging around criminals is something I am used to, but… murderers are one of the few kinds of people I have no tolerance for. Not when… Well, ” he waved a hand, ”the point is this. Knowing your own strengths and weaknesses can be a strength in and of itself, Rin. And, if I went with you and they ended up being the people you fear they are, then… I would get myself into trouble. That is my weakness.. ”

[… Crap.]

”Damn, ” Rin muttered. ”Well, uh, thanks for hearing me out, though. I… ”

”Hold on a moment, ” Dylan said, raising a hand up. ”If I may, I would like to recommend someone. There is one other person here who could assist you. Someone quite strong who may even be able to control themselves under the realization that they
e surrounded by villainous cretins. ”

”Really!? ”

”Indeed. ”

Dylan gave her a suggestion and, as soon as they were done talking, Rin raced over to that persons bedroom. Rin knew which one it was because shed been there a few times.

She knocked on the door twice and it opened, with Eve hovering in the air on the other side.

”Rin? ” She asked, surprised but happy to see her. ”Hey. ”

”Hi, ” Rin replied.

But, it wasn Eve who Rin was here to see.

”Is Sara around? ”

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