The Alpha's Bride

Chapter 18 - Whatever It Takes

mon felt a mix of rage and excitement.

Marcy left him hanging and if she thought that offending an Alpha comes without a price to pay, she was up to a nasty surprise.

”Good. Undress. ”

Two front buttons of her dress came undone, and the dress slid down her body, bunching around her ankles.

Marcy stood in front of Damon, wearing blue lacy underwear that didn ’t leave anything to the imagination.

Damon ’s expression was unreadable as he observed Marcy ’s flawless body for a few seconds and then he pointed at her bra and panties. ”All of it. ”

She didn ’t hesitate, fearing that even one second will make one of them change their mind.

Marcy kicked her panties to the side and lifted her gaze. She frowned at the sight of Damon pointing his phone at her. Is he taking photos or a video?

”What are you doing? ”

Damon smiled wickedly. ”Memories of our first time, baby. Turn around. Let me see you. ”

Marcy didn ’t like that he was holding onto a phone, but she obeyed and slowly turned around, showing him her luscious curves from every angle.

”Come here… ”, Damon instructed while pointing at the low coffee table. ”Put your palms on it. ”

Marcy realized that he wants her to bend. She hesitated.

”Are we doing this or not? If not, there is a training ground for me to check. ”

Marcy gritted her teeth in annoyance and walked to the coffee table before placing her palms on the cold surface.

Damon stood up and circled around her until he got a good view of her from behind.

”Spread your legs. More… more… good. Perk up that ass… ”, Damon instructed, and Marcy obeyed.

She felt the coldness at the cradle of her thighs, and she couldn ’t believe that she got aroused by Damon bossing her around. There was even some wetness dripping down her leg.

Marcy always thought that she is the domineering one, but Damon proved her otherwise.

Marcy jolted when she felt his finger gliding between her drenched folds.

”You are flooding, Marcy. You like this, don ’t you? ”

”Yes. ”, she responded breathily.

”Yes, what? ”, Damon asked.

”Yes, I like it. ”

She started rocking her hips against his hand, and he pulled his hand away.

”Don ’t move. ”, he ordered and when she nodded in understanding, he put his hand back there and continued teasing her.

”What do you like, Marcy? Say it. ”

Marcy moaned. It was difficult to talk while he was expertly toying with her clit. ”I like when you touch my pussy. ”

Damon hummed in approval. ”Whose pussy is this? ”

She couldn ’t believe how good it felt. She was sprawled for him to see and touch and do whatever he wanted, and his domineering attitude with skillful ministrations set her body ablaze.

”Yours. ”

”What do you want me to do, Marcy? ”

”I want you to… ”, Marcy moaned. ”Fuck me. ”

”How do you want me to fuck you, Marcy? I need details. The more the better. ”

”I want you to put your big cock in my pussy and fuck me hard. Make me scream, Alpha Damon. ”

Damon removed his hand, and she missed his touch immediately.

Without any warning, Damon slapped her buttcheek harshly and she jolted in surprise. The pink palm-print appeared immediately on her perfectly white skin.

Marcy moaned wantonly as the sharp pain radiated through her body while morphing into pleasure.

Marcy tilted her hips, exposing herself further in anticipation of what he will do next.

She really wanted him to touch her down there. This mind-numbing level of arousal was new to her. But Damon ’s hand was not back there where she wanted it the most.

Marcy thought that maybe he is removing his pants and she looked at the back only to see Damon with his clothes intact, keeping his phone away.

”You are a slut, Marcy. Get dressed. ”

His words were like someone poured a bucket of ice on her. ”What? ”

”Me fucking you is a privilege you need to earn, Marcy. Get dressed and leave. ”

Marcy stared in disbelief at Damon as he went to the bathroom, washed his hands with soap, and then left the room without looking at her.

He. Just. Left.

What the hell?

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