The Alpha's Bride

Chapter 30 - Her Name Is Talia

Damon forced himself to stop staring at the bathroom door and called room service.

He realized that he had no idea what Talia likes to eat so he decided to get everything from the menu. In his opinion, the hotel didn ’t offer enough options.

After placing a massive order for food, Damon made another phone call. This was important.

”Hi Steph… ”, Damon greeted Stephanie when she picked up the call.

”It ’s good that you remembered me. ”, Stephanie said irritably.

”Did something happen? ”

”Cassie is coming. Where are you? ”

”We are on the way home. ”, Damon responded. He didn ’t care about Cassie.

”When will you reach here? ”

”Not sure. Something came up. That ’s why I ’m calling. ”

Stephanie was struck with concern. ”Are you kids OK? ”

Damon smiled a little. Stephanie is always treating them like kids. ”We are fine, but we are bringing someone with us. I want you to prepare a room for her. ”

”Alright. ” Stephanie didn ’t think much about it. ”I ’m not sure if we have free rooms in the common building because that ’s Maya ’s jurisdiction, but I can ensure that one of single Omegas takes her in until we figure out something permanent. ”

The possibility of Talia being with some random person (and away from Damon) was out of the question.

”No! She will stay in the packhouse, in my old bedroom. ”

Stephanie paused. The third floor was reserved for the Alpha and his family. Did Damon finally find a woman he was willing to marry?

”Are you bringing Marcy with you? ”

Damon nearly choked on his saliva. ”What? No! ”

Stephanie was confused. Did he have time to pick up another woman? ”If not Marcy, then… ”

”She is just a girl, Steph! ”, Damon snapped.

”If you say so… ”, Stephanie said suspiciously.

Since Damon became Alpha, they took in many members who were rogues or from other packs and no one got to stay in the packhouse. And this was Damon ’s old room, on the third floor that ’s off-limits for anyone not related to Alpha.

Damon rubbed his face forcibly. He had a good idea related to what Stephanie was thinking about.

”Don ’t make a big deal when there is none. The girl is hurt, and she had a hard time. She is timid, and I believe that she doesn ’t have a wolf. I can ’t let her mingle with others until we ascertain her condition. Oh, and tell Travis to be ready to accept a patient. I want her to get a full checkup when we arrive. ”

”I will… ”, Stephanie agreed. She didn ’t want to probe into this further.

She sees Damon as her child, but she can ’t ignore the fact that he IS her Alpha, and she shouldn ’t question him.

Anyway, there are other things for her to deal with. ”Can you give me an estimate on when you will reach here? ”

”Probably tomorrow morning. ”

Stephanie groaned in frustration. That ’s when Cassie will come, and Stephanie really-really didn ’t want to deal with her.

”Please, hurry. And drive safely. ”

Damon hummed in agreement and ended the call.

He looked at the bathroom door and listened to the sound of the shower, wondering if Talia was naked. probably.

Only one door separated them, and he could imagine water drops caressing her body. He swallowed hard.

The warm water of the shower allowed Talia to relax and forget about all the troubles outside of that bathroom.

Most of her wounds were scabbed, so shampoo didn ’t sting, but the bruises still hurt when she moved or washed bruised parts of her body.

She would love to stay under that trickling warm water forever, but alas, all good things come to an end.

Talia wrapped herself in a towel and observed her bruised appearance in the mirror while wondering how long it will take to heal.

Talia was delaying to get ready. Getting ready means stepping outside, and there is a scary Alpha waiting for her.

Can she stay in the bathroom forever?

Talia shook her head helplessly. What ’s the point of avoiding the inevitable?

If she lingers longer than necessary, Alpha Damon will probably knock to check on her, or maybe open the door. After all, one flimsy lock can ’t stop an Alpha from getting where he wants.

Talia couldn ’t help but wonder, why would he help her to leave the Red Moon pack? Is it true that he doesn ’t have bad intentions?

Talia was not aware of Damon ’s reputation, but she heard that Alphas are strong and prideful, always chasing power and proving their dominance, and they don ’t go out of their way for anyone.

Damon was… different. Confusing.

Talia froze when she realized that she doesn ’t have clean clothes.

She would put the ones she was wearing previously, but they had dried blood stains and were definitely not something she should put back on.

Talia collected her few possessions from the Red Moon pack and bunched them into an overused bedsheet, but they were in the trunk of the car, and if Damon was nice enough to bring them, they are in the room, and not in the bathroom where she needs them!

Now what?

Talia saw a bathrobe hanging on the hook next to the shower and decided to put it on. It was providing better coverage than a towel.

After a few deep breaths, Talia held onto the doorknob and opened the door ajar, just enough to peek into the hotel room.

Part of her hoped that Damon is sleeping, or that he left and that there will be no one in the room, but she saw him sitting on the bed and fiddling with his phone.

After a few exceedingly long seconds, Damon lifted his gaze from the screen and eyed Talia, ”How long are you going to stand there? ”

Talia cleared her throat nervously. ”Did you bring my things from the car? ”

He didn ’t.

When they got into the hotel, Damon was carrying Talia, and Caden brought only Damon ’s suitcase.

”What do you need? ”

”Clothes. ”

Damon waved at Talia to come into the room. ”First, let me check your injuries. ”

He cocked an eyebrow when he saw that she was not moving, half-hidden behind the bathroom door.

”Come here. I won ’t eat you. ” Yet.

Gingerly, Talia moved, and she saw Damon patting the bed, indicating for her to sit.

She sat on the edge, as far as possible from Damon, and clutched the edges of the bathrobe, holding it tightly closed.

Damon shook his head helplessly. All the girls he knows would throw themselves at him, yet Talia was keeping her distance. Why is the only girl he really wants to touch rejecting him? Well, maybe not rejecting him, but she didn ’t look thrilled to be alone with him either.

Damon moved closer to Talia and extended his hand, palm up. ”Your hand. ”

Talia put her hand into his and he took a moment to adjust to the sparks before inspecting it. It was the hand he licked earlier that morning. The bruise was significantly smaller, and the cut closed with a light pink color, without a scab.

Damon ran his finger over the pink line that used to be a scab.

He enjoyed the sparks and based on her stiff expression, he knew that she doesn ’t feel them. Pity.

Damon wondered if Talia can sense the bond. A little bit? There should be at least an attraction, right?

Every woman he met was attracted to him, either because of his looks, power, or position. It ’s natural for she-wolves.

The fact that Talia didn ’t show any signs she was smitten, bothered him more than he wanted to admit.

Damon shook those thoughts away. It ’s better like this. The fewer people know that Talia is his mate, the safer she will be.

He is aware that Talia suffered in the Red Moon pack, and her timid personality told him that she won ’t fight for herself. She is not a fighter, and he doesn ’t expect her to be.

However, if the word spreads that she is his mate, his enemies will target her and she will become his weakness.

If he slips and fails to protect her, he will never forgive himself.

Damon decided to keep Talia close and make sure she has whatever she needs. He will be her protector and provide for her, and that will be enough. Maybe.

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