The Alpha's Bride

Chapter 9 - The Red Moon Pack


He wanted to shower and relax a bit because traveling with Caden and Maya who are always flirting or playfully bickering is exhausting, and based on the overly enthusiastic welcome by Luna Layla, Damon had a feeling that his mood will only get worse.

Damon met several dozens of she-wolves who tried to become his Luna, but this was the first time for Damon to stay in the packhouse overnight. Normally, he would meet the woman and her parents, take her out for dinner or to a nightclub before they end up rolling in the sheets in a hotel room. Compared to that, this looked more like meet the in-laws scenario, the one where he needs to stay for a few days and returns home with a wife.

That ’s not happening.

He wanted to talk to Alpha Edward and get to the bottom of what he wants, other than Damon marrying Marcy. There must be some other expectations attached to it. But unfortunately, Alpha Edward didn ’t join them for lunch, so that had to wait.

Damon, Caden, and Maya had a meal in the lavish dining room that matched the rest of the villa, in the company of Luna Layla, Marcy, and Nora.

Marcy and Nora were already seated at the table when Damon, Caden, and Maya arrived, and they briefly shook hands while exchanging pleasantries.

Alpha Edward and Beta Raymond were still absent, busy with scouts, and Luna Layla promised that they will return soon and definitely join them for dinner. She also apologized because her son was not present, saying that he is doing some exercises with warriors in order to build a strong character.

During their meal, Luna Layla played the role of a good hostess, Marcy chose her words while striking a balance between not being mute and not overstepping her boundaries, while Nora was stealing glances at Damon and blushing profusely.

How Nora saw it, life doesn ’t get better than this. The man from her wet fantasies was at the same table, eating and talking and every movement of his lips was seductive. She wondered what else he can do with those lips, and with the rest of his body.

She shook hands with Damon, and his grip was solid and warm and she wished that he grips more than her hand.

Nora glanced at Marcy and wondered if Marcy will mind if Nora makes a move on Damon. After all, Marcy didn ’t seem to be possessive of her future husband and it ’s not like Nora wants to snatch him for herself. Just a taste will be enough. One night.

After lunch, Luna Layla suggested, ”Marcy, why don ’t you show Alpha Damon the garden? Hydrangea is in full bloom, and you can use this chance to get to know each other. ”

Marcy glanced at Damon and smiled. ”Are you interested? ”

”For a walk? ”, Damon asked, and Marcy confirmed with a nod. ”Since your father is still busy, I need to fill in the time with something. ”

Luna Layla ’s lips twitched. Why is Alpha Damon sounding like he came for business with her husband instead of to meet Marcy?

’I ’m going for a walk. ’, Damon said to Caden and Maya through the mind link.

Caden smirked. ’Have fun. ’

’We will do our part. ’, Maya assured Damon.

Caden and Maya had a task to investigate the Red Moon pack and see if they can find anything that Damon can use. Ideally, they would find dirt on Marcy so that Damon can label her as unworthy without making up stuff and any negative information on Alpha Edward would be a bonus.

In the garden…

”You seem uneasy. ”, Damon voiced his observation.

Marcy was glancing around, hoping that she will not see George. Or maybe she wished to see him. But she couldn ’t admit that to Damon because she would need to say why George is important and that might complicate things.

Other than Damon ’s icy demeanor, Marcy thought that he is a good-looking, powerful, man. With his status, he had the right to be prideful. She didn ’t know Damon, but what she saw so far was impressive.

”I would like for us to talk in private. ”, Marcy said. ”And here we can be overheard. ”

Damon paused. It ’s not that he didn ’t plan to sink deep into Marcy, but he didn ’t think that she will take the initiative less than one hour after they met.

”How about my room? ”, Damon suggested, and he smirked when Marcy nodded in approval.

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