The Amulet Of Danva

What have we gotten ourselves into?

”Queen Natiya! Queen Natiya ” Lupita yelled as she barged into the room startling Queen Natiya who was fast asleep on the bed. She stopped to catch her breath as she had flown the stairs in a couple of seconds.

”Lupita! What sort of madness is this? Why would you barge into my room in such an unruly manner without even knocking? ”

”My Q…ueen My Q.. ueen. ” She panted. ”The vampires are attacking Danva. They are on their way to the palace as we speak. ”

Queen Natiya jumped out of bed. How was it possible? Danva was protected by a barrier that no vampire nor werewolf could break. Only witches could open it and no one in Danva was permitted to go outside the barrier.

”My Queen, I had the same expression when I saw them but my soul left my body when I saw her and it all made sense. ”

”Who did you see? ”

”Giselle. ” When Queen Natiya heard Lupitas response, she turned a deathly shade of white. How could that be? She had seen Giselle be thrown off the cliff by an orb she had struck, falling out of the barrier to her death. Giselle was her ex-best friend. Their conflict started when Natiya decided to marry Khai, a warlock that Giselle loved. Blinded by rage and fury, she made the horrific decision to kill Natiya so she could be with her true love.

Natiya had received a message from Khai that she should meet him at their secret spot in the forest because he had a surprise for her. Unknown to her, Giselle planned to lure her into the forest to kill her. Natiya arrived at the place but Khai was nowhere in sight, so she decides to wait a while. Natiya began to hear footsteps and she felt a shadow hovering around her, she slowly turned and was shocked to see Giselle.

Giselle tried to stab her but Natiya moved just in time and the knife struck the ground. Using her powers, Natiya set the knife ablaze and this act of hers angered Giselle. Giselle threw fireballs at her but Natiya dodged them. She used her telekinesis to fling Giselle who then landed by the edge of the cliff. Overcome by rage, Natiya struck her with an orb which threw her off the cliff and she landed on a boulder.

”My queen, I remember that day clearly. You were shaking when you returned from the forest. After a while, you opened up and told me you had unintentionally killed Giselle. ” Lupita recalled. ”She must have survived and is back to seek revenge. ” She added.

Going to the childs bed, Queen Natiya carefully wrapped the child in a cape before picking her up. Natiya then handed the infant to Lupita.

”The guardians of Danva told me that calamity would befall the kingdom of Danva once I put to bed. ” She said, ”They also said the amulet of Danva and the chosen one must be protected at all costs. The great amulet of Danva possesses a lot of power, if it falls into the wrong hands, it would only mean chaos. The chosen one is the only person who can save Danva. ” She added.

”Queen Natiya, I have to take you and the princess to safety, you are weak and don stand a chance against Giselle or the vampires. ”

When a witch puts to bed, she would lose most of her powers temporarily because of the strength she used in pushing out the baby. They would slowly come back after a week or two.

”Lupita, I have handed Aida over to you. I want you to protect her and this amulet with your life. I want you to go far away, to a realm where no one knows who you are. Giselle and the vampires have not come here just for vengeance. Theyve come for the baby and the Amulet. ” Natiya explained to a confused Lupita who was still trying to digest everything that was being said to her.

”My Que…. ”

”Lupita, this is an order from your queen. As a queen, I swore to protect Danva even if it would cost ne my life. I can just leave my people. ” She retorted. ”Lupita, you have to go, don worry about me, the guardians are with me. No harm can come to me. ”

Lupita hesitated at first but she knew the Queen was right. She created a portal and slowly walked into it and then she disappeared. Natiya turned towards the door waiting for the vampires and Giselle. With each passing second, her heart raced faster. The door flew off its hinges and there stood Giselle with a smirk on her face.

”Hello Bestfriend or should I say Arch-nemesis? ” Giselle cackled.

”What do you want? Natiya asked in a taut tone as she clenched her fists.

”Something or should I say someone of great Importance. ” A cold rough voice startled Natiya and she slowly turned. There stood Reginald Stefan, the ruthless vampire king.

”Natiya, a little birdie told me that you bore the chosen one who has the great amulet of Danva. But I don see her anywhere. ” Giselle said looking around. ”Where is she? She inquired.

”You can try all you want but youll never find her. ” Natiya spat out and charged toward Giselle. She quickly regretted her decision as Giselle sent her flying and she crashed into her dresser which broke into pieces.

Reginald walked over to her and crouched before her. He raised her head.

”For the last time where is the baby and the amulet? ” he asked baring his fangs out.

”You power-hungry fool, try all you want but youll never find my daughter, nor the amulet. ” She spat on him.

Reginald stood up and wiped his face. He ordered his vampires to take her and the rest of the witches he had captured back to Zanthes.

**The Kingdom of Zanthes***

Queen Natiya and some witches were locked in a dungeon and Giselle sealed it with a spell so they wouldn escape.

”Giselle I watched you fall off that cliff and bash your head against that boulder. How did you survive such a great fall? Natiya muttered.

”Lets just say luck was on my side. I fell unconscious when I hit the boulder and when I woke up I found myself in Zanthes. King Reginald and I struck a deal. ” Giselle explained.

”In exchange for great powers, I would help him break the barrier and also find the chosen one and the amulet and I must say I feel great with these new powers and this new appearance. ” She cackled.

”Giselle, why are you doing all this?

”Revenge! She yelled all joviality leaving her voice. ” You took the love of my life from me and Im going to destroy everything you hold dear which includes Danva and your precious little daughter. Enjoy your stay. ” Giselle laughed and left the dungeon.

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