******19 Years Later******

Aida glanced at her wristwatch, it was almost 11:00 am and the lecturer hadn shown up. She looked around the hall, everyone was busy chatting with one another and here she was all alone. That was the story of her life, everyone avoided her like a plague. None of them wanted to be victims of circumstances. Strange things had been happening to her lately, things that seemed humanly impossible which she had no answers to or control over.

Aida decided to read her books pending the time the lecturer would show up. She placed her books on the desks and began to go through them. Suddenly she saw a hand grab her books from the desk, she needed no soothsayer to tell her who it was. Her guess was right, it was Adele and her minions. These three girls had taken it upon themselves to make her stay at Bright university a nightmare. She was already having a bad day now these three menaces had decided to completely ruin her day.

”I thought grannies needed glasses to read? ” Adele said as she flipped through the book. Aida stood up and attempted to snatch it back but Adele passed the book to Nina.

”Adele, As you can see Im very busy and don have time for your nonsense, so please give me back my book. ”

”Grandma, you shouldn stress yourself, or else youll grow grey hair. Oh, wait you already have white hair. ” Nina teased her and they broke into a fit of laughter.

Aida was unmoved by their words. She had gotten used to people calling her grandma because she had white hair. Her snowy-white hair was the center of attention whenever she stepped into a room. She had to dye her hair black every single day. She would dye her hair today and when she woke up the next day, her hair would be white. In a rush to get to school early, the thought of dyeing her hair had skipped her mind.

”Although I have white hair, at least Im better than all three of you combined. ” Aida snapped. ”Why don you focus on your books so you get a good CGPA this semester than hating on someone far better than you. ” She hissed.

Their raised voices had begun to attract the attention of the other students who began to watch with keen interest.

”Did you just call us dumb? Nina asked.

”I never said you were dumb. Even if I did, Im saying the truth. ” Aida rolled her eyes.

”Don you girls have better things to do than pick on Aida? You guys should let her be for once. ” They heard a voice say and they turned, it was Kehlani Aidas best friend.

Kehlani and Aida had been best friends for as long as she could remember. She was the only person who never made fun of her because of her hair color neither did she call her names. She was the only friend who liked her for who she was and not because her mum was a billionaire. She was ever ready to fight off anyone that dared to hurt Aida.

”Here comes her savior. ” Rejoice laughed as Kehlani walked towards them.

”Kehlani, what do you gain in being friends with this weirdo? ”

”You three are the weirdos, not her. ” Kehlani retorted. ”Adele, lest you forget you are on the blacklist of the bright university. ” Kehlani stood in front of her ”If your grades don get better by this semester, the university will have no choice but to withdraw you. These two minions of yours are A+ students, so why don you sit your empty brain down and let them teach rather than wasting your time. ”

The whole class burst into a fit of laughter which made Adele boil with anger. Out of rage, she landed a hot slap across an unsuspecting kehlanis face. A dead silence suddenly enveloped the whole class as they were all stunned by Adeles action.

”How dare you lay your filthy fingers on her? ” Aida yelled, her eyes filled with rage and her tone was menacing. She had no problem with them taunting her but hitting her best friend was where she drew the line.

The atmosphere was getting tense. The clear sky had suddenly darkened like it was about to rain. Lightning flashed around them and thunder rumbled shaking all the windowpanes. The room that was hot minutes ago was cold. Aren we in the summer? Why does the sky look like its about to rain? Whats going on? The students asked themselves but none had a good answer to any of these questions. They became apprehensive.

A heavy gust of wind blew into the class, shutting all the windows and doors. The lights begin to flicker uncontrollably.

Aidas icy blue eyes suddenly turned white. Her amulet began to glow as her hair shone brightly. She felt a surge of energy as she began to levitate. The students stared in horror at the sight before them. It felt as if they were all glued to their seats as none of them attempted to get up.

Kehlani tried to talk her out of it but all her pleas fell on deaf ears.

Adele and her minions feared for their lives and tried to escape but the door was shut tight and wouldn budge. They were scared to their wits. What had they gotten themselves into?

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