The Assassin Empress; WBYP

The traumatic experience

At a square with hundreds of people. The officials, Nobles, and commoners could be seen either standing or sitting.

A huge platform raised with planks to form a stage. On the stage were knotted ropes that could contain a persons head, tied to poles. Below the ropes were stools.

Beside the poles were about twenty to thirty criminals in white under garments and those criminals included– children and women. The criminals were kneeling with their hands tied to their backs.

Even a heavily pregnant woman was not spared from kneeling. Her face was twisted with agony as her eyes were red from crying. In front of her white under garments were blood stains as it appeared that she had been bleeding.

A young girl of about fifteen shifted with her knees towards the woman as she tried to console her but her hands were tied back.

One of the middle aged men on their kneeling position balled his hands with veins bulging on his forehead as he watched the bleeding woman.

Murmurs and whisperings of scorn and displeasure could be heard from many of the people, however those officials sitting on chairs paid no heed.

The sorrowful cries of children around the age of three to ten years old sent chills down the onlookers spines as some mothers broke down in tears watching the sorrowful scene.

On the highest seat was an official wearing a red robe with a black official cap.

He gestured with his hand and a eunuch spread out the decree he had folded and started to read it with a loud voice.

”General Su Yulan, General Bai Ting, and General Zhu Muyi were supposed to be the pillars of Hua Xia kingdom, but unfortunately, these great generals are the enemies of the Kingdom! ”

Some of the people watching exclaimed in shock while others sneered.

”They gave the Kingdoms layout to the enemies, sacrificed the lives of thousands of soldiers, bribed and killed officials, and recently, they were caught conspiring to kill the new emperor and bring Crown Prince Yi to the throne-treason.

Plotting treason, endangering the lives of the citizens, corruption amidst other crimes not mentioned, the new emperor hereby declares the public execution of the traitors, including their whole family.

The emperor spared general Su Yulans third brother; master Su Tian for coming forth and exposing his older brother, and for that, the son of heaven- the emperor, shall reward him. ”

The man rolled up the decree once he was done reading and then announced. ”Let the execution begin! ”

Although the crimes of the three great

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