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In a dimly lit study room…

Prime minister Su Tian was looking through the letter he received from his shadow guard with candle light when the study door was pushed open. Madam Su rushed inside like someone that was being chased.

”How many times will I tell you not to rush into my study room without prior notice?! ”

Prime minister Su Tian demanded with his face turning dark. This woman was starting to get bolder and bolder by the day and he wasn pleased with that.

”Im sorry Master, but Yanyan needs your help, ” She said with urgency. Her words didn register at first as the master was thinking of the etiquette his wife had missed. She didn bow in greeting which was a surprise to him.

The tradition of Hua Xia kingdom takes respect for husbands and parents seriously.

He could hear the nervousness in her voice which piqued his interest that made him put her act of disrespect to rest.

Madam Su is a scheming woman who is hardly scared of anything because she has her powerful family behind her. Seeing her looking like her world was about to be turned upside down, he knew that her problem was great, so he calmed his raging heart to listen to her. ”What happened to Yanyan? ” he asked with disinterest, still sitting nonchalantly.

What could possibly happen to that girl? Isn she the one causing trouble for people? Although, he liked that daughter of his, but she has become too presumptuous of late and he wasn finding it funny anymore.

What he hated the most was someone challenging his authority and that is exactly what Su Yan has been doing lately. If not because she was still very useful in building an inter-marriage relationship with the royal family and also the fact that her maternal family is not one to be messed with, he would have clipped her wings long ago.

”Her face has been ruined, please talk to the crown prince and have him send the imperial physicians over to have a look at her. ” She cried while begging her husband.

”What did you say?! ” Prime minister Su Tian jolted from his chair while pushing the chair in the process. ”Where is she? Lead the way! ”

Although he said for her to lead the way, he was in front as his blue robe flew everywhere with the cool morning breeze caressing their skin, but no one has the time to appreciate the blessing.


The prime minister and madam Su got into their daughter room that had been arranged by the maids.

Seeing the state his daughter was in, prime minister Su Tian was so angry that his face alternated between red and white. ”Who did this?!! ” He thundered.

Silence followed his question and the maids present, shivered. Who would dare to admit they did it?

The maids knew they were done for this time. No mistakes were allowed in the ministers manor and those who had made mistakes in the past were either sold off or beaten to death, depending on the gravity of their mistake. However this time, they knew they would definitely get it worse.

”Guards!! ” He roared when he heard no answer from the maids. ”Have these malicious servants whipped to death. ” He commanded.

Following his order, four strong guards rushed in and dragged out the four maids who were in attendance the night before.

The cry of Innocence rang in the room, but none of the masters listened. Even though they knew that the servants were innocent, what of it? someone has to bear the brunt of the stick and servants are the best option.

Silence ensued after the maids were dragged away and the other maids felt their knees turning jelly from narrowly escaping death.

”How did this happen? ” prime minister Su Tian asked Su Yan.

”I don know father, I remembered using my facial product before going to sleep last night. ” Su Yan said amidst sobs.

”Don worry, I will have the crown prince invite the imperial physicians for you. You have to learn from this and be more careful next time. Your engagement with the Crown Prince will be annulled if your face is ruined and I don want such a terrible thing happening. ”

He turned to Madam Su and chastised: ”How do you run the manor? investigate and find out who had the gall to scheme in my prime ministers manor. ” With that said, he stormed off angrily.

”Mother, will my face ever be restored? father will abandon me if I become useless. Mother, please help me. ” she cried even more.

Just then a thought struck her. ”I think I know who did this to me, its that witch, Meimei and her concubine mother! They don want my marriage with the crown prince to hold. Mother, kill them all, I want them all dead! ” Her voice became louder the more she cried.

She took the bronze mirror she had dropped from shock earlier and looked at her face again. Seeing that some of the blisters were shrinking and pores were coming out, she screamed and threw the mirror at one of the maids standing not far away from her, injuring the maid on the forehead in the process.

Madam Su hugged her daughter while feeling sorrowful. ”Calm down, Yanyan, they do not have the guts to do something like this, but if after investigation and I find out they are responsible… ” her face turned sinister, letting the maids in the know finish her statement with the vicious look ok her face.

The maids shuddered when they saw the blood thirsty look on the Madams face. Whoever did this to the second young Miss has gotten themselves in trouble. They thought.


Eastern wing of the prime ministers manor…

”Concubine mother, what happened to my second sisters face? ” Su Meimei asked her mother when they got inside her mothers chambers.

The room was not as big nor was it as lavishly decorated as Su Yans, after all, she was just a concubine.

”Karma, ” Concubine Qiao answered.

”Concubine mother, don tell me you did it! ” Su Meimei covered her mouth and her eyes widened. ”You…you… ”

”Don spout nonsense, unless you want to get us in trouble. Where would I have the nerves to do that? even if we want to start going against them, it can be now that madam Sus family is getting stronger and stronger by the day. Master can even afford to offend them let alone me that has no better standing. ” Concubine Qiao said regrettably.

If only she had a strong family backing her like madam Su and the second concubine, her daughter wouldn have been deprived of her dreams.

”Concubine mother, will her face be alright? ” Su Meimei asked.

”What do you think? ” Concubine Qiao smirked and Su Meimei giggled. She hoped Su Yans face would never be cured so that the crown prince will choose her instead.

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