Twenty years later…

In a dimly lit and quiet hall, at the far end of southern Hua, a lady in black was seen sitting on a majestic throne. She placed one hand under her chin, elbow on the arm of the throne. She was holding a cup of hot piping tea on the other hand, twirling it gently while looking at her subordinate bowing below the throne with her dark and dangerous eyes. A smile that looked nothing like a smile was playing at the corner of her fine nude lips. Her long one-sided bang covered the left side of her face, concealing half of the black and gold mask she was wearing.

In front of the dais, there were ten men and women sanding with their heads bowed. one of them looked nervous as he tried to fit in and adjust to the suffocating aura permitting the dark hall. The nervous boy was the only one wearing a different uniform from the rest.

The others were in black uniforms, embroidered with silver threads to make distinct designs on the shoulders and one side of the uniforms. l

A middle aged man with his hair messily done, stepped forward and bowed before the steps of the dais– where the masters throne was placed.

”Master, the mission has been completed, the reward has been sent to the treasury. Here is the account book for the month. ” The accountant reported while handing over the account book to the young man that walked over to receive the book.

The lady on the throne nodded to the accountant while receiving the account book from her right-hand man– Ah Yue Cheng.

After flipping through the book and making comparison with what she had in mind, she put the book aside and shifted her gaze to the nervous looking young boy wearing a different uniform.

Seeing that he was being stared at, the young boy wearing a sleeved shirt, tied with brown ropes, with a lapel laced with yellow, tucked into a pleated skirt with a yellow belt left flowing on both sides of the skirt, stepped forward in an awkward manner and bowed.

”M– master, the fifth young master Xie, from the Xie family in the capital, placed a request with us– the Bai house to assassinate the third young master of the Qin family. The request is still pending approval. ” The boy reported, but the lady on the throne was still staring at him with those emotionless eyes without saying anything.

The young boy suddenly started to feel his back dripping with sweat. He didn think he had done anything wrong, so why was the master still staring at him?. What else should I say at this junction, somebody, please help me! He begged in his heart.

This is the first time the young man was coming to report a mission on behalf of his leader for their house– the Bai house.

The sword of death assassin guild has numerous units called houses. Each house was categorized depending on their strength.

The top fifty assassins of the sword of death assassin guild as they are called, bears the middle name Yue. The Yue house has only fifty members.

Following the Yue house, comes the Yulan house. The Yulan house has hundred members.

The third being the Bai house which has five hundred members, and so on.

Each house is differentiated with their uniforms, their personalized skills, and the way they carry themselves, plus their talents.

Aside from the top fifty assassins, only the leaders, and the most outstanding students from the other houses get to see their master, which is the reason why the young man from the Bai house didn know how to interact with his master. This is his first time of having to stand in front of the master. If not that the Bai houses leader went on a mission, he wouldn have dared to come here even though he was given thousand lives.

Seeing that the junior was stuck and couldn continue, Ah Yue Cheng decided to step in and help the junior out. ”What is the dispute between both young masters? why is one seeking to kill the other? ”

Before the sword of death assassin guild takes a mission, they must know the reason why the target has to die. If the one who issued the mission was at fault, his request will not be accepted nor will it be denied, making the person wait forever, unless they take the mission somewhere else.

Oh, so that was it? the young boy thought before he coughed. He was about to start giving a detailed report when Ah Yue Cheng cut him off.

”Cut to the chase, what are they fighting for and who owns it? ”

”The young master of the Qin family owns the bride, ” He reported.

Ah Yue Cheng glanced at the lady sitting lazily on her throne, waiting for her to give her verdict.

She picked up a brush from the table in front of her and wrote on a paper, ”Pending! ”

Ah Yue Cheng turned to look at the boy and repeated. ”Tell your leader when he returns that the master will not accept the mission, nor rejecting it. You may leave. ”

”Thank you, master! ” The boy bowed and hurried out of the hall. He didn want anything more than what he had just been given– amnesty from the suffocating atmosphere in the hall.

The master, although didn say a single word all through, she exuded a deadly aura that rings all the alarms on a persons head, warning them to not provoke her.

After the boy left, the remaining nine subordinates still had something to report, but the lady on the throne raised her hand, stopping the next person from stepping forward.

She picked up a brush and wrote on a piece of paper for a while before Ah Yue Cheng picked it up to read aloud.

”Ah Yue Rong, you shall be going to meet with Ah Yue Jin in prime minister Su Tians manor, in the capital. Come to my chambers tonight to retrieve his next assignment. ”

With that said, the lady postponed the meeting and headed out with Ah Yue Cheng and a young boy of about fifteen years old walking behind her.

At night,

In a dimly lit bedroom, the lady earlier could be seen lying on a bed. She tossed and turned with sweat forming on her furrowed brows. It appeared like she was having a nightmare.

”Yueer, listen to your father and go with your brother Bai Lu. He will take you to see lots of flowers and buy new silk clothes. Don you like them the most? ”

The little girl of five years old was a little reluctant but when she heard Bai Lu, silk and flowers, she immediately smiled broadly and nodded. ”I will go with brother Bai Lu. ”

The girl was carried into an inconspicuous carriage with a small boy in it. Both were wearing low quality materials and looked nothing like nobles.

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