The Asterisk War

Chapter 4 : War-Academy City part 1

The Festa was a type of battle entertainment, boasting the worlds largest fan population.

The Artificial Water City––Rikka, which floated on a huge crater-lake located in North Kanto, was the stage known as Asterisk held once a year; the students from each of the six Academies wielded weapons in extreme competition for supremacy.

Of course, this did not mean that it was a fight to the death.

Following these rules, it was stipulated in the agreement called Stella CartaStar Wars Charter, but long story short, it said that ”the person who destroys the school badge of their opponent wins ”. Although intentional cruelty was prohibited, if there was the purpose of weakening an opponents combat efficiency, attacks on any place other than the school badge were permitted, and since weapons were used, there would naturally be injured people. There were occasionally also cases when it didn end with just injuries.

Nonetheless, that young people still came from all over the world to this city because it was only here that they could hope to fulfil their wishes.

And, the opportunity for them to fight was not only in the Festa.

If hot-blooded young men and women confident in their ability gathered in the same place, quite a few troubles would be expected to occur. In such cases, private wars (personal struggles) in conformity with rules were permitted in Asterisk.

That was the duel.

Though victory or defeat was decided by destroying the school badge as in the Festa, the reinforced school badge also contained the data processing functions, performed the duel application negotiation, the combat data transfer, and so on with the host computer.

Especially in a duel between students belonging to the same Academy, given that the rank would change depending on the result (victory or defeat), there was a meaning beyond just a private battle.

Julis herself fought successfully through many duels and obtained the position of fifth-ranked.

But for Julis, the young boy in front of her –– she could not determine the ability of Amagiri Ayato at all.

”Come into bloom –– LongiflorumWhite Firebloom of the Sharp Spear! ”

When Julis swung the fine sword like a baton, spears of huge pale flames manifested along the arc. The flames which carried the shape of the trumpet lily were flying, just like that, to pierce through Ayato with the momentum of a rocket.

”Argh! ”

Though Ayato somehow parried it with the sword as a shield, the shock sent him flying wildly.

Although he barely took a defensive position, his breathing increased considerably.

”Oho, that newcomer isn bad at all. ”

”He endures the flames of that Princess well. Well, his skill is so so. ”

”Hmm, I think that hes fairly skilled. ”

”Hes not so bad. But hes not so good, either. ”

”Isn the Princess going easy on him? ”

Julis slightly frowned at the voices of such a gallery.

She was not going easy on him at all. But that didn also mean she was fighting at full strength; she was seriously fighting her opponent.

In fact, from the outside, no matter how one looked at it, Julis was the predominant fighter. On the other hand, Ayato, who was on the defence since the beginning, couldn even get decently close to her.

Since it was Juliss basic tactic to suppress her opponent with overwhelming firepower, while keeping her distance, one could only say it was all according to the plan.

This fine sword was at its bitter end for defensive counters when it came to close-range combat.

––However, Julis felt a strong sense of incongruity. She did not know what it was. She just knew that something did not feel right.

It might be a fact that she had the upper hand, but his response was somehow dull. And Ayato, even if barely, fully dodged all of Julis attacks.

For an instant, she thought that Ayato might be going easy on her, but seeing his figure, which greatly gasped for breath, she reconsidered that it did not seem to be acting.

She was feeling a sense of incongruity, and yet at the same time her interest was perked, even if only a little.

Surveying his figure again, there was still the boyish innocence left and his features looked good in his way.

Though he had a somewhat slender physique, looking at his agility, she understood that he was well trained.

Even though they were fighting, his brown eyes were calm, and Ayato wore a slightly easygoing atmosphere. One might say that he was carefree.

”Errr, Julis…-san? Will you soon forgive me? ”

While finally catching his breath and lowering his eyebrows, Ayato raised both his hands.

”Julis is fine. So, may I take that as a declaration of surrendering intentionally? ”

”Well, that is… No, to begin with, I had no intention of fighting. ”

”Well, I don mind, but in that case, do you want to be slowly and carefully roasted as a pervert by me, or do you after all want to hand it to the vigilance committee of the girls dormitory? By the way, the underwear thief who was caught by the vigilance committee the other day was hardly able to speak about the result of the Punishment, and after leaving the room also seemed to suffer from a mental condition. ”

”…I think I will do my best a bit longer. ”

Ayato set up the sword again while having a stiff smile.

Its fine like this.

At this rate, even Julis won be satisfied with this.

I must ascertain the real nature of that sense of incongruity at all costs. Making up her mind, Julis concentrated her PranaStar-Power.

The PranaStar-Power was the root of the power of the Genestella. It was something like an invisible aura, but one could raise his offensive or defensive abilities by concentrating on it. And for the Strega or Dante like Julis, it was also energy necessary for the activation of their ability.

In fact, due to the nature of their ability, Strega or Dante must use their PranaStar-Power in their ability, the ratio of the PranaStar-Power to invest in defence, by all means, would lower, and in hand-to-hand combat, that also tended to become a weak point and thus disadvantageous.

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But, such a thing, unless one got closer, was a resolved problem.

”Come into bloom–– AmaryllisSix-Petal Burst Firebloom! ”

I won miss this time.

As a huge fireball appeared before Julis, the gallery stirred.

It was the same technique she used to kick out Ayato from her room, but it was twice as big this time.

”Thats not good! Its her best move! ”

”Wai––, its not a joke! ”

”Retreat, retreat! ”

Even if one was caught and injured, it would be of course at their own risk. The gallery hastily retreated further.

Julis, without looking at such curious onlookers, instantly calculated the most optimal trajectory and released the fireball. Though Ayato bent his waist and stood ready, just before he dodged, Julis tightly clenched her fist.

”Explode! ”

”…! ”

Upon command, the fireball exploded in front of Ayatos eyes.

Even if it was difficult to make it hit directly, it would be impossible to completely dodge it if the explosion occurred at this distance. If caught in this explosion at point-blank range, Genestella or not, he would not be able to move for a while.

The visibility was lost due to the raging flames. While protecting her face from the thunderous blast, Julis was convinced of her victory.


”Amagiri Dragon Arts First Sword Fighting Skill –– Twin Water Dragons! ”

As what one would think looked like a sword slash flashed, the flame petals were torn up crosswise.

”Wha–… don tell me, the Meteor ArtsFalling Stars Arts? ”

The Meteor ArtsFalling Stars Arts was a skill that temporarily raised the output of the LuxShining Type Armament by pouring the PranaStar-Power into the Mana Dite.

It was officially known as the ”over-excitation total response phenomenon ”, but it was not something that could be learned in a day.

A suitable training, and above all thorough adjustments of the LuxShining Type Armament were required.

If it was pulled off with just a borrowed LuxShining Type Armament––

The next moment when Julis felt something close to a shiver, a black shadow that appeared from the break of the flame closed the distance in one breath.

Once she recognized that the shadow was Ayato, he had already jumped into her bosom.

It was an incredible speed. It was in another league compared to his movements up to now.

––For an instant, Ayato had a feeling that something like a spark of light was scattered around him, but he could not be concerned with that.

”Y-You! ”

Julis who reflexively tried to attack was struck by Ayatos sharp voice.

”Get down! ”

Before Julis understood what was going on, she was pushed down.

Ayatos face was within a hairs breadth and her heart leapt.

The light that dwelt in those eyes was earnest as if it was a different person.

”Y-You, what are you…! ”

Still, raising her voice in protest –– she unintentionally opened her eyes wide.

There was a shining arrow stuck in the ground where Julis had been standing until now.

It was not a physical item. It was something created by a LuxShining Type Armament.

The LuxShining Type Armament temporarily concentrated Mana and generated a blade or a bullet. The maintained weapon did not have any problem keeping its shape within the activation tool, like a sword; however, a ranged weapon could not maintain its form for long once fired. They became particles of light and faded away before her eyes.

”What are you doing? ”

It was obviously an attack aimed at Julis.

It was probably a planned surprise attack under the cover of the explosion. In fact, whatever had been shooting from wherever, it must not have been noticed by anyone at the time. Though extremely reluctant to admit this, if Ayato hadn saved her, it would have completely succeeded.

”What am I doing?… I don want to hear that from the person who was shooting fire and flames at me. ”

Ayato answered, just as troubled.

”Not that! What exactly with my–– ”

As she spoke up to that point, realization struck.

Someones hand had grabbed Julis developing bulges with all his might.

It was not just anyone.

Since at this point, it could not just be anyone, but Ayato who bent over as he tightly hugged Julis, he would inevitably be the owner of that hand.

As soon as she realized it, Juliss face dimly dyed red.

”…Ah. ”

Ayato who then also realized hurriedly jumped back and lowered his head.

”So-Sorry! No, errr, I didn have such an intention at all! ”

It was a deja vu.

”Oh! What that bastard, he pushed down the princess! ”

”Hugh! He has guts! ”

”Its a passionate approach. ”

The gallery came back without anyone noticing and got excited at its convenience.

That again inflamed Julis anger.

”Y-Y-Y-You…! ”

In response to Julis anger, flame flowed around her.

She could not control her PranaStar-Power because of excessive anger.

Ayato without being able to voice his defence was only able to frantically shake his head.


”Yes, yes, we will leave it at that. ”

Together with a calm, profound voice, a dry slap rang out.

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