A rough and big hand, placed on my waist, on the right side, there wasn any cloth. I was sleeping and woke suddenly by that hand. The bare, big hand is surprisingly smooth. My bare skin stood up by naming itself as goosebumps. My heart skipped a beat.

I turned my head, I saw… a dark silhouette of a man! Hot and heavy breathes, flowing on my neck. Completely wrapped by that big muscular body from the back. I took a clear look and I confirmed that, that man is my husband and Im not dreaming.

I turned my head completely. ”Did I woke you? ” He wispered in my right ear while caressing my belly. ”Mmm-hmm ” I relaxed and said, ”Scared, I was scared. By your sudden touch. When did you came back? ”

He then placed his left arm under my neck and cuddled me from back. Like he usually does. He only hugs me from back. Kiss me from back. Touch me from back. Lick my back. Bite my shoulders from back. Finally, he is a Back man.

He usually place his left arm under neck and wrap me with that fore arm. Held my shoulder with his hand and cares my arm. The right hand,under the clothes, will be playing with my belly, moving up and down, caresing below the belly button, fingering my navel. He neither take off my clothes nor let me do it, just enjoys the teasing and helping himself by pulling my pants and panties and… all!

Just like that, he usually does. Me…? I let him have his way. Move along with his movements. Panting and moaning. Scratching his arms when I feel pain and teasing reaches the limit, as he won allo

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