I opened my eyes in my bed, thinking I had a very bad and long night mare. Sat up, in the bed. Looked straight. Then I saw him again. I rubbed my eyes and took a clear view. I clearly saw him sitting infront of me!

He cleaned my room and put me to bed, after I fainted. Now he is intensely staring at me. Gasp! ”Who are you? ” I asked him. He just smiled and left my place, after closing the door.

Its morning already, I wondered where he slept. When I looked my surroundings, I realized we slept together. I fell back on the bed. Tried to recall what happened. And I didn make it. I can smell his scent in my bedsheets. I realized, Ive been Sniffing his scent for a while and threw that bedsheet in, to be cleaning clothes basket.

I took it as some misdemeanor and moved to next thing on my schedule.

Took a break for breakfast. After a while, I saw him again! I saw him in the Café, chatting with Café owner. They laughing and shaking hands. I didn understood what they were talking about and doing.

I was staring at them very intensely, that some customers had to give me a weird looks. He saw me too. I hurried back into, the staff only room. I don why I hid at that time. But I felt pathetic for the first time. My heart beat went up again!

Later, my owner called me. I went to him. He is a middle aged man. His wrinkles on forehead are scary. Im so scared of him. But he is not that scary. I went near him, in a dilemma, whether I did anything wrong.

The Café owner said, ”I had a new job for you. ” I was dumbfounded. I didn understood why he recommended another job to me.

My owner called him, the man who rescued me last night and caused some disturbances in my body and life. I was about to run away, but my owner introduced him to me.

”Mr. Dornan, he wants to hire you as his maid, a full-time, permanent maid. I hope you won embarras me for recommending you. ” Are his words. Gave my hand to him and said, ”Be good and careful. ” The very last words that ringed in my ears until I reached my place.

After the explanation by my owner about this new job, I collected my things and came out of the Café. He was waiting for me. He said, ”Follow me. ” and turned his back to me and took a few steps ahead.

I stood infront of the Café and recalled my 2 years memories in that Cafe. As soon as he noticed I wasn following him, he came back to me, held my hand and said, ”Don faint this time. ” I was so embarrassed and felt my heart beat again.

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