The Back Man And His Touches

A Night I didn\'t Sleep.

He dragged me to my place. We went in, together. He asked me to pack up my things. I never had a thought about, why, what and for how long? I saw around my place and thinking where to start? He also did the same.

Then he took a bag and gave it to me. Asked me to take the things I don wanna leave. I took that bag and packed somethings, which I had ever since I remember.

As I stopped packing up, he took my hand and, dragged gently to his car. He opened the door for me and made me sit with him. He drove the car and I sat beside the driver seat. Im staring out of the window, like a country bumpkin, came to city for the first time.

After traveling for an hour, he pulled the break infornt of a big villa. He held my hand and took my bag. Showed me inside of the villa. I was enjoying the villa tour, which is extravagant!

Then we both came to the living room. Sat on the sofa. He explained the works, Im going to take up. I was very worried, what if I do anything wrong? But, unexpectedly, he encouraged me do fulfill my duty well.

After all the work talk, I asked him, ”What should I call you? ” I locked my eyes with his. ”What? ” He asked weirdly. I explained.

”I addressed my Café owner, as owner, like everyone do in there. ”

”Um-hmmm. ”

”So, how should I address you? Mr. Dornan? Or else… ”

”Hmmm, I never thought about something like this, let me think. ”

I waited in anxiety to hear him more. I just keep on staring blankly at him. He, thinking and making serious and poker face. I liked them all. Infact I drooled.

”Husband. Call me Husband. ” Is what he said. ”H-Husband? ” I spelled it abruptly, making a naive face. I thought I heard that word somewhere else and began to think, where.

Then he laughed and asked me will I call him that. I said, ”Of course. But, whats there to laugh? ” I don know the meaning.

He was stupefied. Asked me again, ”Will you really call me that? ” I said, ”Yes, but what is the meaning of that? ” He simply took the glass of water and drank it up. But, didn told me the meaning. He asked me, ”What is your name? ” I said, ”Leah. ”

That was our last, abrupt conversation. Days passed. I adjusted myself in this big villa. Worked very well. Obeyed his every word. He neither disrespected me nor did he ordered or commanded me, but requests politely. He is very kind.

I was very happy with this new job. I got a new, cozy shelter, food and clothes. I lacked in education. Only knew ABCD… thats all. I took very good care of him.

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