The Back Man And His Touches

A Night I didn\'t Sleep.

good view of his father. He just showed his father, from a corner.

I didn met his father directly. He never talked about his parents. Ok, I saw his father. What about his mother? I don have parents, Im an orphan. But I didn have that clarity about him.

I asked a few times, he says, ”They are far away. ” ”We can meet them. ” ”They travel a lot. ” ”Now is not the time ” ”Im busy, may be later? ” ”Got my hands full with work, can help. ” ”Now, they are in so and so place, blah blah… ” A thousand and one reasons! He said, upto now.

When I think back, I don know anything about him. I wanna know more and more about him. I wanna touch him, with my will. I wanna kiss him, until I feel, thats enough.

We… To say about our relationship, in a single sentence, He steal kisses, when Im sleeping and I steal glances, when he is asleep.

Then I fell in very deep thoughts, thinking about my past. The day I met him…

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