y eyes. Stares up and down. Get my buttons done, make my shirt look neat and tidy. I stand by leaning on to the wall.

While pating my head, he opens the door, by himself. He simply walks away, playing with car keys. I stand behind the door and stares his broad back with my hunger filled eyes. I never knew whether it is lust or love…

Soon he hops into the car and buckles up the seat belt. Then he looks back to me and waves his hand. Accelerate and vanishes from my sight as soon as he turned the to right.

I now left alone. All alone in this big villa. I rush back to the bed, crouched under the bed sheet and sniff his smell from the sheets like a pervert. After I had enough, I springs up and throw the bed sheets into the washing machine, for a wash.

I start doing the chores and cook the lunch. After I complete the work inside home, I water the plants and clean the garden which I made with my blood and sweat together. He also helps me on Sundays in gardening.

”Mrs. Dornan. ” The neighbors on the both sides of our villa, Mrs. Rosie Brown and Mrs. Margaret John, call me. Gets near to the backyard walls and talk with eachother. Thats a very sweet time. I like it. We talk only that time.

The most embarrassing time to me is, they complaining about our nights! My cheeks go red, is what they say, when I hear them talking about our nights.

They complain, about how their husbands, won touch them… daily. As they hear my moans… daily! I guess, its because of the silence, at night times. And when they observe a night is pleasant, they easily guess it is my period time.

They ask me to say some tips to improve their husbands sex drive. What can I say? I don know how he keeps up his energy all night longer and work in the morning.

What I cook for meals, to keep him that strong? Is a question they asked me previously. I was like, what? Whats so special about meals? Whats the relation between meals and love? I didn understood. I ignored it.

After a small talk I would rush back into the my room.

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