After taking a bath. Wears a formal dress and start to work. I do a part time. In my husbands company, as a receptionist. He works in a 10 floors building. There I stalk on him. Its not like I want to find something but to see him and to know what he is like in his work space.

I don know whether he knew about it or not. We text each other whilst whatever be the situation. He calls me in his lunch break. Asks me what I made and ate for lunch and asks me to make a dish he want for dinner.

When he talks to me, during his lunch break, he goes up to the terrace. One day I followed him, he observed someone is following him, when he about to catch me red handed, I escaped by chance, without his notice.

I heard gossips about his manly and hotness. Every woman, would speak about him. Some says he is crazy, some says, he is workaholic. Some describe him as a tough guy, some says, he is difficult to work with. Everyone calls him as ”Mr. Dornan. ”

Some times, I feel… I don know how to express or say my feeling in a single word, but, he is way different in home and office, is what I understood. Very cold and aloof. Indifferent. His eyes never wander, from the direction he sees.

In home, with me, ”You are the only one and enough for me. ” Is the expression he wears. And I believe it. Happy eyes and relaxed mind. Oozing a smile from his forcedly sealed lips. Can take his eyes off of me. Won even try not to touch me, irrespective of the situation and conditions. Nor I want to be away from him, his touch, and wispers.

Sometimes I wonder, why didn he introduced me to his friends or colleagues? He never bring up about his past in our conversations. He asks about my past self but never reveals his past to me. I never asked to share it with me though.

Meanwhile dusk arouses. Later I leave to home, earlier than him. Gets back to home and do the work and cook the meals for him. As I do part time, somedays Ill go and some days I won . Finally, the main purpose for me to work is, I want to stay with him, even if it is a very negligible time.

I will take a relaxing bath. Warm myself. Wears a frock which he bought for me, whenever he likes. I never wore B and P in home, nor I want to. So, the appearance won be much appealing, when I see myself in the big mirror, in our dressing room. But he just… Grab me, like a predator and do all unspokenable things. And in a few seconds Ill get all messy and wasted.

I will cook while remembering his touch and his body. Talk like him, imitate his body language. Touch my self like he does. Sometimes, Ill just wears his clothes and do nothing. Unexpectedly, that day he will bring take outs.

Soon he gets back, nearly by 6 to 7 pm in the evening.

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