The Back Man And His Touches

Before going to bed.

After a tiring 9am to 5pm working hours…

A forcibly halting car sound. Is my signal, to know, He is back! When I knew he is back, my nerves train themselves to stay strong and recalls his touches. I completed the cooking and look myself in the mirror for final touch ups.

Checks my dress, it is partially unzipped which I can make it to pull the zip up, my looks, wash my hands and rinse my mouth. But I can help with the dirty thoughts with him in my brain.

I rush, to open the door. He walks in, avoiding my presence, throws the bag on to the sofa in the living room. Just like every other day. But, after I shut the door, he grabs me by my waist. Nothing special today too. He does as I said.

Soon he pin me to the wall. Unzip my dress, completely. Licks the V shaped open, bare skin on my back. Bites the neck until I scream to let go. I try to hold my voice but I can help letting out my voice.

Just in a few seconds, I pant like crazy and he just strangle me with his hot, fierce embraces. My face turns red. He teases me about that. Finally, he let me go. Loosen his grip and let me take a breath.

As soon as I decreased my breathing rate, he lifts me up on his shoulder. Like I collect the dry clothes from drying wires, on my shoulder. I sometimes wonder, am I that light in weight?

Take me to the bed, and toss me on to the bed like a cloth. I just stare blankly in his eyes. He looks at me, as a predator looking at its prey fighting for its last breath, wanna gobble me up as whole. I then raise my arms, holding my hands out, for him to hold me.

Nevertheless, he just lift my frock up and… fingers and thurst his tongue… in my hole. I can help but put my fingers in my mouth to control my voice. Asually, he pulls away my hands from putting in mouth.

Im just immersed in moaning and letting my juices flow with the movements of his hands and tongue. Soon he take off my frock. Take glance of my body, thoroughly. I die in embarrassment, covering my face with hands.

He forcefully pulls away my hands, looks straight in my eyes and asks, ”Did you miss me? ”

Where should I start? The moment he left me at the door? Or the moment he messed me with his kisses? Or the time he tidy me up and patted my head? So I would just, nod my head, as an answer.

Then he touch my cheeks with his both hands, which became sticky, with my love juices. I can simply say, I can die because of that single touch.

He unbuckle his belt and pull down his zipper. Then he takes my hand and make me feel the hot, rapid pulse passing down his long, hard cord. He make me pull his thing out his pants. I began to stare at it.

Though it felt gross. I can take my eyes off from it. He push me on to the bed and lifts my legs up. Spread my hole. Sees it throbbing, he shove his thing deep inside with force.

After a 5 minute play round, he ram his white, thick, hot and sticky fluid in my hole. My eyes starts rolling in the eye sockets, with immense pleasure.

He took it off of the hole and I saw his thing, dripping his love juice and it felt like a stick dipped in vanilla ice cream. I want to lick that up. But can help getting up.

The hole inside me, is filled up with that hot fluid and I can help it to stay inside me anymore. Its oozing out and messing with my frock, under me, that he purposely put there. Neither I want to clean it up nor I want to let that juice flow out of my body.

Nevertheless, everything is happening opposite to my will. I, on bed, seeing him taking his shirt buttons off and and going inside the bathroom. Neither did I see him taking his shirt off nor his naked body.

I slowly amassed my energy and tried to get up. Sometimes I gets up and sometimes I just give in and sleep like a log. The time when I sleep, he will wake me up and make me eat the food with his hands. Today, I got up and went in another bathroom and had a quick shower. Changed into my regular pajamas.

He, asually, took a 10 minute bath. Wore his T-shirt and a 3/4th pant. While drying up his hair, he sits on the chair to dine.

I can help but look at him while he do that, and I won get bored at all. I place the food on the table and we both eat it together while asking about my day. But, he won tell me about his day.

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