The Back Man And His Touches

A Night I didn\'t Sleep.

After we had dinner, we would watch TV. A movie or some show. He mostly make me watch horror movies. Im so scared that I can get down from his lap. We both argue there sometimes. I would just fall asleep in his arms, on the couch.

He plays with my hands. Draws circles on my belly. I struggle to stop those. But seeing him laugh at me, I wanna get more touched by him.

Sometimes I pretend fall sleep, he change the TV channel to news or any other comedy shows. When I hear to any comedy, I laugh out in my sleep and he grins and take me to bed and have his way on me and enjoys it to the last step.

Sometimes, we play catch. He is the one to catch me, always! I try my best to not get caught. He really sweats a lot before he could catch me. Poor him, hahaha.

Today, we watched a comedy movie and I laughed very loud that he had to kiss to stop me. Every time I laugh, he just loose his mind and dies to kiss me, to seal my lips.

Now, its time to sleep. First I would go to kitchen and check the lights. Turn off the gasoline. And other safety measures.

Then when I go to bedroom, he follows me and closes the door, infact locks the door. Then a steamy hot night and…

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