He fell asleep. Im staring at him in the dark. He made me turn and cuddled me from behind. I hear his heart beat, that make me feel Im alive. His hot breaths on my neck and ears make me stay awake and feel his warmth.

I fell in deep thoughts. We are married. Its been a 10 and half months. There are some doubts, deep inside my heart. I don know how to ask him and I restrain, myself from asking, thinking that he won tell me and what if he gets angry at me?

Though, I never saw him get angry at me, in this whole time. He only loves me, though he never said, ”I love you, to moon and back. ” Like in those romantic movies I saw when he wasn around.

Why won he let me touch him, with my will? Why won he talk about anyother thing except lovely dovey sweet words? Why won he share his work talks with me?

His parents, friends, colleagues and others. I never saw any of them. Oh, I saw his father, on our wedding day. I didn have a good view of his father. He just showed his father, from a corner.

I didn met his father directly. He never talked about his parents. Ok, I saw his father. What about his mother? I don have parents, Im an orphan. But I didn have that clarity about him.

I asked a few times, he says, ”They are far away. ” ”We can meet them. ” ”They travel a lot. ” ”Now is not the time ” ”Im busy, may be later? ” ”Got my hands full with work, can help. ” ”Now, they are in so and so place, blah blah… ” A thousand and one reasons! He said, upto now.

When I think back, I don know anything about him. I wanna know more and more about him. I wanna touch him, with my will. I wanna kiss him, until I feel, thats enough.

We… To say about our relationship, in a single sentence, He steal kisses, when Im sleeping and I steal glances, when he is asleep.

Then I fell in very deep thoughts, thinking about my past. The day I met him…

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