r do I had a thought to ask for help from the God nor did I tried to change it. I felt thats the life. Nothing more. Just earn money as a source to buy food. Nothing else. As food is the source to live. So I never bothered to buy clothes for myself. The remaining money is in my swamp.

Just like everyother day, after a 5am to 10pm working hours. I was going to back to my place. That was the first time I saw him.

It was dark down the alley. I was being chased by two thieves. They were holding a knife. I was running a marathon to my place to escape from them. When I realized I wasn being followed anymore, I stopped and took a breath. Then I twisted and about to fall.

A hand held my hand. Then pulled me into his embrace. The rigid chest and muscular arms. Telling me to calm down and relax. I raised my head. But unfortunately I didn get to see him due to the darkness.

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