After a short hug, I stood back on my legs. I tried to see face. But I was so scared that I walked away from him. But his footsteps keep ringing in my head. I thought Im imagining things. So I turned back to confirm it.

He is tailing me deliberately. The distance between us is just a 10 steps far. I stood for a second and I started to go back to my place. But he followed me carefully. Im much concentrated in running away.

”Hey! ” I heard someone shouting. I tried to ignore and closed my eyes just for a second and I was about to fall again. Again! I fell. But not. He held my hand. ”Don worry. Its safe with me. ” Im in a daze. He held me tight.

I soon realized that Im mistaken. ”Thank you. ” I said in his embrace. I don want to let go of him. I wanna stay in his embrace. Is what I felt that time when he was holding me. Did I felt like that because of the chill climate or because it is first time I was held by someother man? I never had a conclusion about that point.

He made me stand on my feet and said, ”Ill walk you, to your place. ” I didn knew then, my life will change. I just walked with him. There were no exchange of words. Nothing is different except but a loud sound coming from my chest. Is it what people call heart beat?

Soon we reached my place. My heart reached its pace. After we came to my place, I opened the door and going in, making him feel ignorant. Im so concentrated on entering in. How rude of me? But I didn knew these things at that time.

After I opened the door and saw his face for the last time. Long nose and dark eyes. Disturbed hair and red ears due to the cold. Skin is light dark in shade. Wearing a coat and looked well mannered man. I didn had any feelings at that time.

Finally, its time to close the door and sleep. I didn uttered a single word nor did he.

I closed the door. But it felt fleshy. When I saw it, he held the door from closing and staring at me, intensely. Then he said, ”Marry me. ” Displaying his sincere feelings which is in his eyes. But me, ”Its ok. ” I said. And continued with closing the door.

I said it. Because I didn knew whats the meaning of those words. I thought those are some words of foreign language. He is like, I agreed to his request. The meaning of those, it took me far more time to acknowledge. Nor did I had another thought.

He looked at me and again stopped the door from closing. Im in a daze. Why is he stopping me? Even before I realized, he came into my room and stood infront of me showing a harmless grin on his lips, right corner.

He locked the door and half kneeled infront of me. He again asked, ”Will you marry me? ” I looked back in his eyes, in my limits to faint and asked, ”What is it? ”

He smiled and came to touch my hand. My heart rate exceeded. That was the very first time, I heard that sound, inside me. In that unknown feeling, I fainted!

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