The Battler Swordsman

Ch-2 The Headmaster

Blue planet

A boy of about 16 year old looked out of his window at the dimming beautiful orange sunset and wondered how would tomorrows day go.

It was going to be one of the most important days in his life.

The world he lived in was normal and his family was also normal and he could be compared with all the ordinary people living in the world. There was nothing about him that stood out.

He was preparing for his last final examination which was being held tomorrow and the boy although scared and afraid of the uncertain future also looked forward to it.

After all, the future could give him a chance to break free from his normal life and perhaps give him the chance to live an extraordinary life.


Jasper woke up early the next morning and got ready for his exams. After 20 minutes he came out of his room to see his parents in the living room.

His father ,Mr. Pierce was reading the daily newspaper as usual while Mrs. Pierce was making breakfast.

By profession Jaspers father was a professor and his mother was a housewife. He lived in a very peaceful house and his parents always made up after their few quarrels.

Jaspers sister, with whom he had not been able to connect much due to their big age difference with her being 10 years older than him had already started working in another place and now a days they rarely met

At most she came twice a year to meet them, however she was very generous with her gifts.

This was Jaspers ordinary family and Jasper loved it.

After eating his breakfast with his father, Jasper immediately leaves to catch the school bus .


Jasper looked out of his window from the bus to see a school painted in white but most of the white paint had worn off with time and now it looked a mix of white and grey. There were also a few patches of blue and green here and there .

While the gates in front of the school opened they made weird noises as it was slowly opened for their bus to enter. The buses were parked in the area where later the students would gather for assembly. The grills in front of the windows of the school hade the a design similar to a plus sign and also had a few shaved of areas.

Jasper got down from the bus with about two dozen other children and walks to his classroom and finds a seat near his two friends Edward and Tony.

Edward looks towards Jasper and asks, ”How did your exam preparation go? ”

Jasper replies back, ”I have finished my preparation of the whole portion . ”

Tony then decides to join in the conversation and says sarcastically looking at Edward, ” Don worry toppers will get good marks even if they do not study , asking such questions is useless. ”

Edwards ignores Tonys comment and decides to ask Jasper, ” Have you heard about the new VR model that is breaking the headlines? ”

”Yeah ,I read about it in my phone a few days back. The DB Company just made a major breakthrough in the VR stream. They claim that the realistic effect of VR has been increased from 60% to 80%. ”

” That is a very big difference in terms of realistic effect. This might also increase the companys value and people becoming even more interested in buying VR. ”

” What do you think, Jasper? ”

Jasper takes a few seconds before replying, ” I didn know about the recent news, however the realistic effect increasing will increase the number of user using the VR gadget , since the VR is slowly becoming the second world. ”

”But the price for the VR gadgets is really exaggerated, common people like us really can afford it . ”

” Nothing we can do about that. ”

A teacher enters the room and announces, ” Please get ready for your exams and form a single line. ”

Edward, Tony and Jasper look at each and say good luck and all the best to each other before leaving.


After giving the test, Jasper comes out of his classroom with the other students. He meets Edward and Tony on the way and they start discussing the exam papers till they reach their respective buses. Jasper waves them goodbye and climbs his bus.

Jasper enters takes a seat in the bus and looks towards the school with intense eyes. Today was the last exam of his 10th standard and it also meant that it was the last time he would ever come to this school.

Many memories were attached to it and he wanted to imprint the image and feelings the school gave him for one last time. In the future he wished to reminisce the good school days with his friends and family.

The motor of the school bus roars to life and the bus starts moving.

The school bus dropped the students in a landmark near their house, so usually 4 to 5 students were dropped off at a stop. At the last stop, Jasper and 2 other children who were remaining were also dropped of and they walked to their house from there.

As Jasper was walking towards his house , he hears the roar of a truck and decides to take a step sideways.

However when he looks ahead his expression completely changes because a child whose age might be near 5 – 6 years had just tripped on a rock and was unable to move and a truck just so happened to be coming at a very fast speed towards the child and did not show any intention to stop .

From a glance , one could tell that the situation was going to get very ugly unless something changed.

From behind one could also hear a shrill scream and crying noises from the kid s mother like background music to paint the urgency of the situation.

Jasper seeing this wanted to react, but the bus speed scared him because it was really fast and if he helped his life might also be in danger. After all, the child on the road had nothing to do with him and he could just pretend that this never happened. But when he looked at the childs face filled with deep fear and dread , he made up his decision. He realized that he would not be able to live with himself if the boy died while he could have saved him.

As he kept thinking about this, the bus kept coming closer to the child and Jasper stopped thinking and acted by rushing forward with the fastest speed he could muster and jumped before the truck crashed the kid. He grabbed the kid on the jump and rolled forward uncontrollably just to avoid the truck and land safely on the other side.

Jasper panted heavily and he was very tired as if he had lost 10 years of his life. He found it unbelievable that the jump he took had been enough to save the kid. Even though he made the last moment decision to save the kid he did not have any expectation of reaching the kid in time. But luckily it seemed that he had managed to accomplish something impossible

Unknown to Jasper, the reason he could make the jump was because he had unknowingly used a different type of energy that did not belong to this world. On top of that he had used it to enhance his feet to move faster than he normally could. This was a very complicated step which he was able to do due to the stimulation of the situation.

But in the end Jasper thought that he was lucky and perhaps this was a case of adrenaline kicking in the system to achieve an inhuman feat.

The kids mother reached who had been screaming had witnessed everything that happened and burst into tears while hugging her kid very tightly afraid to lose him the next second.

Then she looked towards Jasper and said, ”Thank you, son .I would have probably lost my boy if not for you being there in the right time. For me and Rufus you are a hero. I do not even know how to thank you. But if there is anything you want from me then please tell me. ”

Jasper looked at the mother and son pair and said, ” Actually there is something I want from you Maam. ”

The mother seemed delighted to hear this, ” Tell me what can I do? ”

Jasper was surprised by the eager look of the mature mother beside him but did not think much about it, ” Uhmm, I would like it if this matter is never reported to my parents. Knowing what I did would worry them a lot and I would like to avoid that. ”

Rufuss mother frowned, ” Alright I will adhere to your request but are you sure about this. If you want I can give you some cash? ”

Jasper expression changes for a slight second but in the head shakes his, ” No its fine, anyways I need to get going otherwise my parents will start worrying about me. ”

The mother nodded in understanding and said , ”Ok, but you should take care of your wounds and please exchange numbers with me. You can contact me anytime you want and I would like Rufus to meet his savior and hero again. ”

Jasper nods and they exchange their number with the mother and son pair leaving . Jasper was about to leave but he suddenly looks up to see a traffic camera above him. Jasper got a little worried that the police would inform his parents about the incident.

But he then stops thinking about the matter since thinking about it would not make any difference and starts walking home. Instead ,he had to worry about the growing tiredness that was kicking in .He was feeling very weak as if he had lost all the energy in his body but he had to reach home so he kept dragging himself forward.

The reason to this was obvious but Jasper did not know about it, he had never used magic or mana so all the nutrients present in his body had been mobilized to provide energy for mana consumption. It could be considered a wonder that his body had not shriveled up immediately. It would definitely take a some o time for him to recover.


In Arcane World

The Arcane Observation Department was a body made to observe supernatural activities in the Blue World. Vick , one of the main member of this department was seeing about 100 videos at the same time. Surprisingly, his eyes were able to follow the 100 videos simultaneously without missing any details.

This was humanly not possible as our eyes cannot cover such a large distance and process such large information immediately. This was possible due to Vick using another kind of energy which was available in the Arcane World called mana. For Vick to be able to see 100 videos spontaneously, his skills had reached Tier 3 and he was using his skills to follow the video and understand them.

While going through these videos, he found a rather interesting incident .This incident happened to be what had just transpired with Jasper. At first there was nothing odd about the incident because to Vick whose job was to monitor supernatural activities occurring in the Blue World and a proud resident of the Arcane World a jump that had seemed impossible to Jasper was like childs play.

However since Jasper had unknowingly used mana to execute his jump there was mana energies around him. Jasper or for that matter common people could not see it but Vick who used this energy everyday could easily perceived it.

Vick immediately realized that Jasper had unconsciously awakened mana in his body.

Although suddenly awakening mana in the Arcane World was not that rare of a sight, it was rare for it to take place in the Blue Planet.

After all the Blue World did not have any mana in it. This fact was tested and proved. For someone to be able to awaken mana without ever coming in contact to it meant that they had innate talent for mana.

He immediately informs this to the Magic Council who take care of this matter


The name Jennifer Pierce had become a legend in Dragon Rainbow Academy. She was a very hardworking, talented ,beautiful young women and many men wanted to be with her.

She had won the past two World tournaments for their academy and was considered one of the seven Dragons of Dragon Rainbow.

Today, Jennifer was happy because after a arduous, excruciating and painful 3 months spent on completing a mission. She was finally returning to the academy where she could freshen up, meet her friends and enjoy her time.

However she was most excited for her trip back home to the Blue Planet where she got to meet her parents and little brother. She missed them a lot and wished to see them everyday. At last her wish would come true.

After reaching Dragon Rainbow academy campus, she quietly sneaks into the campus through the secret pathways, known to a select few in the academy. With her nearing her completion of fifth year and her past accomplishments in the academy she had managed to secure a high position in the academy .

After returning to the academy, she goes to her dorm room and after entering it she is greeted by the sight of a blue haired beauty sitting on the dorms couch. The blue haired beauty looked up at once when she realized that someone had barged into her room.

”Ah, Jennifer you are finally back. ” She excitedly jumped towards Jennifer and gave her a long hug before releasing Jennifer.

”Yeah, Emma the mission unfortunately lasted longer than the expected duration so it couldn be helped. I really missed you during the mission. ”

”Well mission have always been like this unpredictable and twisted but the mere fact that you were able to come back alive is enough reason for us to celebrate and cherish. ”

Jennifer says in mock anger, ” You mean you do not trust me to come back alive ,haaa!!! ”

Emmas expression became flustered worried that she had somehow displeased Jennifer and her eyes started darting around trying to come up with away to solve the situation. Of course Jennifer was only joking with Emma and she also enjoyed the flustered expression on her face.

Emma was a strong warrior herself but her personality made her unable to see anybody sad or displeased. Perhaps this had something to do with her past but it had shaped the person she was. She was the most caring person Jennifer had ever met and it was also one of the important traits she liked about Emma.

”Its fine anyways where are the rest of the gang? ”

”They are busy with some important work but I have already notified them about your arrival . Also at night we have planned to throw a party for you. ”

”Nice ,okay I will now be going to report about the mission to the headmaster. ”

Emma nods her head , ” Yeah you should do that otherwise the headmaster would be pissed off but you must tell me about all the adventures you had during this mission. ”

”Definitely ”

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