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Hours later, the demigod and I were sprawled out on the floor of the room, three whole bottles of absinthe almost emptied to none remaining at all. It took us much longer to get drunk because we weren exactly humans. My brain was feeling like it was floating outside my head and I couldn keep it down. And this was only the beginning of the whole party, there were four more bottles sitting near us, staring at us like the Devil himself made these beverages. Loki was a bit taller and possessed much greater power than me so his tolerance was much higher than mine. While I leaned against the bed on the floor with my eyes barely open, Loki was sitting next to me and he was just continuously rambling. My ears couldn catch at all what he was talking about, it all just sounded like buzzing noise that came and went. The sun was slowly setting and the rays from the setting sun were hitting Lokis hair in just the right way that it was reflecting such a nice shine. In my eyes, it looked like even his hair was made out of flames.

For a while, all the thoughts for what happened back in that prison faded. In fact, my mind was incapable of remembering anything. And I didn want to force it, it was the first time in a long time that I felt at peace.

”I know Im very drunk right now… ” I slurred and Loki immediately stopped talking and looked at me with a puzzled expression. ”But thank you. ” I finally managed to express my gratitude without feeling like a complete idiot. Even Loki seemed to be caught by surprise and didn respond for a few seconds, just had his eyes locked on me. Then his lips stretched out in a small smile.

e welcome. ”

”I still don trust you fully… I don think I ever will. But its good for now. ” His expression changed into a much grimmer one. He didn seem to understand why but in all honesty, it wasn exactly his fault per se. I didn think I could lay a trust in someone again just to get betrayed again. Lokis gaze was turned away and he was clenching his jaw which made me think that maybe telling him this now wasn the best idea. He didn say anything, rather reached out for another bottle and poured it into a glass in front of him.

”You want? ” He asked, handing me the bottle, still refusing to look at me. I took the bottle and also poured it into my glass, instantly one-shotting it.

”What happened to Beelzebub? ” I asked, attempting to change the subject.

”Well, he organized the whole thing. ” He finally responded and poured another shot. ”If I didn recognize him from that one time, I don think I would have agreed to help. ” I nodded in understanding and a brand new silence set in. I could begin to feel his anger growing. I didn expect him to get that annoyed at what I said. Maybe something else was the case.

”Its not your fault. ” I said after a while as I felt my brain becoming more hazy and drunker. That was the only time I was capable of expressing a bit deeper emotions. ”The person who I trusted the most was the one who put me in prison in the first place. So… I hope you understand. ”

There was an instant shift in energy and anger subdued significantly. He finally looked at me and started cracking up at what point I was just completely puzzled.

”You trusted the Devil himself?! ”My expression went blank the moment he said that and started laughing even harder to the point he ended up laying down on the floor.

I didn know how to defend myself partly because I was fifty times dumber now and partly because it made sense the way he said it. As Loki finally stopped laughing and I continued to feel embarrassment for expressing my innermost feelings, he turned his head towards me and just stated, ”Youve got some problems, man. ”

”The story is much deeper than that. ” I mumbled but I realized too late how stupid it sounded.

”Im sure it is. ” Loki retorted sarcastically, and I threw a glare at him which made him snort one more time. ”Tell me about it. ” He said with a slight mocking smile as he turned to lay on his side and prop his head with his hand.

”I will not. ” I said knowing Id just get laughed at in return. I made a mental note as well not to share anything personal with this man ever again.

”Oh, come on! Don be boring! ” It was so odd seeing him change emotions so quickly within a matter of minutes. I preferred this side of him however. I knew that his angry self was capable of murdering anybody who stood in his way.

I thought about it for a little bit and downed a few glasses of the alcoholic liquid to make it easier to decide. Suddenly, he kicked me in the knee suggesting I should hurry up and I glared at him once again.

I let out a deep breath and continued, ”Well, long story short, we were really close before his fall from Heaven and after while he was building his empire. He was something closer than a brother to me. ” As I started talking about it, I felt the old wound opening and aching deep inside. However, I decided to just bury it where it opened and cover it with layers of hatred. I swallowed a lump in my throat, and proceeded with the story. ”Well, I believe he felt the same for a period of time. I don know at what point everything changed but either way, I can recognize him anymore. Hes just not the same. ”

Lokis mocking smile disappeared the more I was talking. That meant he could also read the room and I was grateful for it especially since it was really hard for me to talk about it. I poured another glass and gulped it down to make all the sentimental feelings drown themselves.

”No use crying over spilled milk. ” Loki said and I assumed that was his attempt to cheer me up but it was absolutely terrible. I snorted at what he said and shook my head. He really was even worse than me when it came to emotions. He ended up sitting up and putting a hand on my shoulder which made me lock my gaze with his. ”Whats important is that now you know not to trust someone whos a ruler of Hell. ” He was trying his hardest to stifle his laughter and I felt a fuse blowing up in me the moment he said it.

e such an asshole! ” I yelled and picked up my glass and threw the rest of the liquid in his face. He laughed out loud once more as he was wiping his face with his hand. Well, I jotted down in my brain once again not to tell him anything. On the other hand, I was kind of glad that he was trying to turn it into something funny because I really didn want to dwell on the miserable feelings anymore. Once Loki calmed down, he grabbed a bottle of absinthe and poured each one of us a drink and handed me mine as he grabbed his.

”On a slightly more serious note, I want you to know that you can trust me. I don have any use for betraying you. So, lets raise a glass for the Devils demise and for him to go ** himself. ” He grinned and I couldn help but smile especially because of the last part. There was no reason for me to disagree so we raised our glasses and our glasses clinked against each other before both of us drank the whole glass. Despite Loki saying that I could trust him, it was going to take some time for me to be convinced of that. But until that day was over, I decided it was okay to lay my full trust on him.

”Yeah, ** the Devil. ” I said and felt a big chunk of stone falling off my heart when I said it. It felt nice to say it out loud.

”Maybe that Yahweh dude had a point. ” Loki snickered and I did the same especially because of him adding ”dude ” at the end. Nobody ever referred to him in that way.

”Im starting to think he really did. ” The Creator had many faults but antagonizing the Devil for all eternity may have been the smartest move of all times. Sure, it did antagonize me and other better demons but it was a small price to pay. Especially since everyone knew that the exile still hurt him to this day and he was still carrying serious ego issues. I wished there was a third place where we could all exile him though.

After a while, the alcohol didn allow us to think anymore. Every few seconds I felt my head falling down and I ended up struggling not to black out yet. Loki, on the other hand, didn fight it as much as me. Instead, he let himself drop down on the floor and simply started dozing off sprawled out. I chuckled lightly at the sight before letting my head fall back against the bed and letting my mind just black out. Drunken sleep was the only type of sleep where us demons wouldn receive any sort of information. But considering how long it took us to actually reach that stage, not a lot of us bothered with it. That was why I decided to appreciate this moment and not wake up unless absolutely necessary.


I fluttered my eyes open, feeling like I just woke up from being dead, not from sleep considering there were no visions or images throughout the whole experience. I noticed there was a blanket covering me and I assumed it was Loki who did that, making me even more confused. The red-haired demigod was nowhere to be found however. I slowly sat up, feeling like every muscle in my body tensing up each movement Id make. It wasn easy for demons to get hangovers but due to my already weakened state thanks to the torture sessions, I was more susceptible.

It was odd waking up and having no responsibilities whatsoever. I didn know yet if it was a good idea to get out and explore the building so I decided to just sit here until Loki returned. Now I understood how pets felt.

I took the time to process what happened in just a few days and a familiar pang sprung up in me and it kept growing in intensity. It occurred to me that a day before I met Loki for the first time was probably the last time I felt actually happy. Ever since that point on, it had just been a constant downward spiral. Probably wasn wise to blame Loki for how I felt, especially since he saved my life now. At the same time, it was also true that he was probably going to be my demise. And the saddest part was that we both knew it and we just kept going like it wasn going to happen – like we were able to avert the destiny. Or maybe we just tried to make these final days be worth something. No matter the way I looked at it, the tragedy of the situation just kept blaring in my face. I forced the thoughts away as I tried my hardest to not fall into a miserable state again.

As I noticed Loki wasn coming back any time soon, I decided to finally sit up and stretch out my legs. Slowly, I approached the door and cautiously started opening the door, just enough for a peek. What I saw outside was a long, stretching hallway with tiled golden and white floor while the walls were decorated with paintings of different places. I didn see any other rooms on this floor except for a door at the very end, on the right side of this room. I was about to close the door but my sense of curiosity sparked up and I stopped just in time before fully closing them. I knew that I was probably going to regret it by snooping around but there was still a 5% possibility that it wouldn happen.

Sucking in air, I slowly stepped out of the room. I made sure I didn hear any weird noises coming out from any side which could indicate someone was present. When I was sure there was no one, I crept down the hallway. As I reached the room at the far end, I looked behind me in case I missed something and opened the door. What I found inside was a relatively large space, almost resembling some sort of a storage. Although it could be because it looked a bit messy. There were shelves against the walls, filled with notebooks and books, not even placed in particular order. It was just very random and there were even papers all around the floor. There was a giant map of what I assumed was the Norse world on the other end of the room. In front of it stood a table with different types of trinkets and even jewelry that radiated some sort of power. One particular object grabbed my attention though and it was a snow globe. It was odd for someone like Loki to possess something like this as I didn take him as someone sentimental. I picked it up from the table and observed it carefully, taking note of a giant tree whose roots were buried deep into the ground. It looked familiar and I remember reading about it but I couldn remember what that tree represented. Unthinkingly, I started shaking it in hopes of seeing the snow fall when instead of seeing snow falling, some sort of light started radiating from it. At that moment, a hand reached out and pushed it out of my hands, letting it roll down on the floor.

”Are you stupid?! ”

I quickly looked over at the person, only to see an angry face under the red mop of hair. I immediately sighed out in relief.

”I knew you were going to go snooping around. ” Loki huffed out. ”You were about to get transported into a daily assembly of gods. ” He explained.

”Well, that doesn sound like fun. ” I commented and looked down at the globe.

”Yeah, exactly. ” He retorted. ”What is this place anyway? ” I asked, gazing around the room and walking over towards the shelves. It was odd how his room was so clean and orderly with barely anything there and this one was just brimming with so many objects. There was even a weapon rack with a single longsword in it.

”I don even know. Thats just things I collected over the years. ”

”Hoarder, I see. ” I mused.

Loki scoffed, ”Im no hoarder! ” Then he started making his way towards me and reached out his hand towards me, while holding what looked like a chain necklace with runes glistening on it every few seconds.

”Here. Its enchanted to make your presence less visible and noticeable. I had to do some serious negotiations and use my natural charm and wit to gain this item. ” I laughed at the last part and took the chain from his hand.

”Are you sure its going to work on me? ”

”Well, it should. Dwarves are the best blacksmiths. ”

”Mustve not be fun if you had to charm dwarves then. ” I snorted and put the chain over my head when I felt a slight tingling sensation in my fingertips and feet. I hoped that meant it was working.

”Well, not the worst thing I have done in my history. ”

”Oh, I know. Ive read your biography. ” I patted his shoulder, hinting at the period in his life where he transformed into a horse. And had to charm another horse. His face turned slightly pink as I mentioned it and he slightly frowned.

”Well, someone had to do it! ” He defended himself and laughed a little to ease the embarrassment he was feeling.

”Don worry, I don judge. I can point at the type of entity I didn have sex with. ” I snickered. He raised an eyebrow and crossed his arms.

”Well, apparently you have never been to the Norse world. ” I squinted at him, almost feeling like he was hinting at something.

”You guys have always kept to yourself, I just haven come across until now. Well, if it weren for you, I still wouldn have met any of you. ”

”Mhhm… Im sure thats the reason. ” He said, not fully convinced and turned around, heading towards the door.

”Are you saying Im lying?! ” I protested as I followed after him.

”You can possibly expect me to believe you had sex with so many deities or humans. ” He made a little pause before continuing,

”Well, I can believe about humans. ”

”Whatever. ” I scoffed, not about to sit and try to convince him. Although I didn know why it wasn believable. Maybe he just didn deem me as someone who was capable. Either way, he was gravely wrong. I could hear him laughing but I didn comment on it, we just made our way back to the room in silence.

”Do you think Id be able to go to the human world with this at least? ” I asked when we got back into the room.

”Well, you can try but Id say the human world is the most dangerous place to be right now. Apart from Hell obviously. ”

I groaned in annoyance and slumped on the bed. This was going to be such a terrible time if I wasn allowed to go anywhere at all. I mean technically I could go any time but probably wasn advised. Maybe if I actually went, I would be able to finally have a good eye-to-eye fight with my dear boss. Unless he ended up being a coward and sent an army of demons at me. I wouldn put it past him. It was tricky which was why I had to plan my revenge without being anywhere where they could easily find me. So staying here was still the best idea for now.

”I should get another bed… ” Loki mumbled which made me realize that we really didn have much space to sleep in. Well, apart from sleeping on the floor again but that wasn very pleasant.

”By the way, don enter that room anymore. It has many magical items, I don want you activating any of them. ” Loki said as he pushed my legs lightly to the side and sat down on the bed. Him saying that only made me even more curious about it all. The Norse realm was the only one I had barely known anything about. I felt like a baby exploring the world. I think both Loki and I were coming to a realization that bringing me here was a bad idea. But then again we didn have many options.


The days rolled into weeks and there was no sign of the Devil or any other demon whatsoever. Maybe I was wrong to assume theyd find me so easily. However, that didn mean they stopped. I could even feel the Devils rage. I was concerned about other demons in Hell right now so I was really hoping they managed to look after themselves at this time. In the meantime, I was mostly bored out of my mind. Loki tried to spend as much time as possible with me so I wouldn lose my mind. We ended up playing so many different board games to the point of them being stacked almost to the ceiling in the corner. Most of the time we spent playing monopoly because it allowed us to get into a fight with each other and let out a pent up energy from having to share a space with each other. It led to us throwing dice at each other as well as kicking and punching each other in the face. That did result in us having a black eyes, mostly me however, because I kept underestimating his strength. It was nothing compared to what they were doing to me in Hell though so I handled it. After some time, Loki even brought a sleeping bag instead of a bed but it was better than sleeping on the floor. He said it was because I was staying here temporarily but I was starting to feel more and more like I was his pet. And not even a dog, I felt like a hamster.

I was leaning against the foot of bed, my lip bleeding with my bruised face aching in every spot.I was breathing heavily as Loki had just finished another game as a loser and was glaring daggers at me.

”We should definitely get out of this room soon… ” I concluded, his face softening a bit.

”I agree, if another week goes by like this, I think one of us is going to get killed by the other. ”

I snorted and was also surprised that he actually ended up agreeing for once. I didn know how one simple human board game could drive you to the limit. It was almost therapeutic.

”Lets go to the dream world. ” I suggested and he looked over at me with a raised eyebrow. I met his gaze and grinned at him, knowing full well how treacherous the road there could be.

”Are you absolutely sure? ” He inquired carefully.

”Yes. ” I replied simply.

”We might get lost– ”

”Lets go. If we get lost, there is even less chance of the Devil and his army finding us. ” I said pointing finger guns at him like I said the wisest thing ever. He ran his fingers through his hair and let out a deep breath.

”Alright. ” He got up from the floor and I started gathering the board game pieces and placing them back into the box.

Few moments later, Loki brought me a long black cloak, even going as far as putting it on me himself. He was probably making sure that everything was put properly so I wouldn get noticed. At the end, he pulled the hood up over my face and then went a few steps back, inspecting me from afar.

”Don you think itd make me more suspicious? ” I asked.

”Yeah, but if somebody starts asking questions, I can just make something up. ” He quickly responded and I felt my stomach twisting on his words. Knowing his great creativity with lies, I could only imagine what hed think of on the spot. Nonetheless, I ended up not saying anything while he was doing final adjustments to my cape. I had no idea what was so complicated about a simple cape so I just put it in a mental box of ”another weird Norse thing I don understand ”. I didn bother asking either knowing it wouldn make sense to me either way.

Finally, Loki indicated that we could set off and he opened the door to his room. I wondered why we couldn just go using teleportation. Norse worlds had so many strange laws. Hell also had some laws but nobody really followed them apart from those that had to do with the Devil.

I was following behind Loki as we strode down the long hallway until we reached the stairs. He glanced for a second back at me to make sure I was still there and then started going downstairs. The moment we reached the bottom floor, I was met by a large room. It looked like being in some sort of hotel bar or a lounge. The only issue was that the walls were covered with big windows so anybody passing by could easily peek through. It made sense now why he told me it wasn that wise to go downstairs. I wondered why there weren any deities in here despite it being a relaxation place of sorts. Ah yes, I forgot about Lokis attempt to murder Thor. Silly me.

Suddenly, while Loki was going through the place checking if there was anybody that could end up following us, I noticed the same longsword from the storage room behind his coat. He mustve got it when he was bringing me this cloak. I frowned slightly and hoped he wasn going to bury me in the dream world. When he finished the search, he motioned to get going and we finally left the building, an unusual type of energy striking me in the left shoulder, making me stagger back. I yelped silently, making Loki turn around instantly.

”This entire place is brewing with so much power, ” I said as silently as I could.

”Yeah, welcome to the realm of gods. ” He replied before quickly going back to walking. Only then did it occur to me how much more powerful these old gods were. It kind of made me feel small in comparison to them.

While we were passing, there were so many different buildings, their roofs reaching the clouds. The road was paved stone and there was nothing that was out of place. Even the grass was growing evenly and the light breeze in the air was blowing in such a non-disruptive way. Loki was extremely lucky to wind up in such a place. I wondered why he was so eager for an apocalypse. Eventually we started distancing ourselves from the town and there was far more nature in that area. The pathway still didn disappear however. There was an occasional rabbit or a deer on the way too and they didn even wince upon seeing us. It almost reminded me of Heaven yet somehow much purer. Probably because I didn know much about it and its residents yet.

Soon, we started approaching what looked like a river. Its needless to say that the water was also so clear and blue that I could see myself in it. Not even human rivers provided such clearness. There was a boat standing next to the shore. Near it was an old man with a very long white beard wearing a black robe. I didn say anything in fear of the stranger hearing me. I didn know how good or bad his hearing was. In this case, it was better to be safe than sorry.

”To Álfheim, ” Loki said as he reached down in his pocket and dropped 3 gold coins into the mans hand. The stranger grunted in response and then he looked up at me, his gaze striking.

I tried to remain calm as Loki was stepping into the boat. I was about to step into it as well when suddenly the man grabbed me by the upper arm and pulled me back. Loki was staring at us worriedly while I was standing completely still, waiting for the ferryman to finish his very up close inspection. Suddenly, it sounded like he snorted before quickly regaining his composure and pretending like he was clearing his throat.

”Welcome abroad, ” he said with a hoarse voice, stretching out his arm towards the boat. I looked at him confused but still remained silent and slowly climbed into the boat, taking a seat next to Loki. The ferryman followed after us and he went to sit in the front, grabbing the paddles on each side before starting to row. The sound of water was starting to calm me down along with the slight rocking of the boat. I was about to completely relax myself but alas, that relaxation was short-lasting.

”I haven seen you before, ” the man suddenly said, obviously talking about me. ”What have you gotten yourself into now, Loki? ” I was starting to get nervous, not knowing which direction this was going to go. However, I decided to put my trust in the greatest trickster demigod. If he couldn pull this off, no one could.

”Hes just someone I befriended. ” Loki said confidently although I could feel that he was also starting to get a bit anxious. The man in the front snickered a bit at his words.

”One of those, huh? ” As soon as I heard what he asked, I looked over at Loki with a look that carried a lot of questions.

”Yup, ” was all Loki replied with and I got even more worried and confused. What the hell was this about?! It didn sound good though. Especially because Loki was refusing to look at me.

”Whatever you say, ” replied the ferryman and continued rowing the boat in silence for which I was grateful. I couldn wait until we were on the land again to ask Loki a couple of questions. At the very least, no more questions were being asked.

The trip was long and tedious, it felt like we weren going anywhere for what seemed like hours. This was the longest I went without talking and I felt like my jaw was hurting for being shut for so long. Suddenly, we got to the point where we kept going through twists and turns every five seconds. Few times I even had to hold onto Loki so as not to fall into the water. It was hurting me even more that I couldn complain. I had to go through this without saying anything and blaming Loki for everything that had happened to me. The land around us was starting to show a lot more trees and there wasn that much of ”civilization ” if any. The river was also becoming much narrower and we started bumping into a few stones here and there which also almost sent me flying off the boat. But the worst was yet to come.

”Hold tight! ” Loki suddenly exclaimed and my eyes widened in shock as I saw a river going downwards meaning we were about to go through a waterfall.

”Oh for **s sake! ” I yelled out not caring anymore when our boat rapidly started going down, both of us screaming while the ferryman remained as calm as ever. He had probably gone through this plenty of times. It felt like we were falling forever and then suddenly we crashed against the water, the boat slightly rocking to the side as we landed. Was this how roller coasters felt to humans? Either way, I cursed the day I asked Loki to leave the room.

I didn really notice the rest of the trip as I felt my head spinning throughout the entire thing. All I knew was that at one point, the boat stopped moving and I got out of it as soon as possible as vomit just started coming out of my mouth. It wasn a common thing for a demon to throw up but apparently this wasn in a rulebook of what a demon should do. Even the vomit was just some green acid.

I slowly rose up to my feet only to see Loki just standing behind me and the ferryman gone. ”You good? ” asked Loki and I briefly nodded as I looked up and down the river.

”Where did he go? ”

”Well, remember what I told you. What brought you here isn what will bring you back. ”

”Oh, great. ” I grumbled, pushing my hands into the pockets of the cloak.

We were mainly surrounded by trees at first and it was dead silence apart from us making noise by walking. The trees were growing so close to each other that it was hard to make up anything.

”We should probably make camp first. ” Loki said.

”Sounds good, Im still a bit dizzy from that boat ride. ” The greenery around me didn help the situation either. ”I need to be stationary for a bit. ”

Soon we got to a bit of a clearing where a cave resided and Loki quickly picked up a few wooden sticks. We sat down near the mouth of the cave and he made fire with just one swing of a hand. He then explained that the fire would repel any unwanted beings that might approach us while we relax. Especially the fire that was made by him. Not a lot of beings were apparently happy to interact with the likes of him. I mustve been insane then.

”What did that man mean when he said that Im one of those? ” I asked when we finally settled down. Loki cleared his throat and looked away, staring at something in the distance.

”It doesn matter. ” He mumbled.

”Hm… ” I squinted my eyes at him, once again he was behaving suspiciously. I decided not to press the subject and just let it drop.

”That ferrymans name is Harbard by the way. He sometimes reminds me of Odin with his remarks. ”

”Maybe it is Odin? ” I pondered and he looked at me like I said the most ridiculous thing ever.

”Theres no way. ” He laughed lightly and then spaced off, staring at the fire in front of him. He was going through one of his moody motions again but this time I didn know what was the reason. He didn even seem mad, more like sad.

”Whats the matter? ” I decided to ask in the end, thinking that maybe he wanted to talk about it after all.

”Just reminded of old days, its stupid. ” He made a little pause and I was about to say something but he was quicker, ”I used to come here in my youth during my training. Sometimes I miss how things were. ”

”Couldn agree more. ” If there was anyone who knew what that was like, it was me. And honestly I was surprised he managed to articulate his feelings properly. Loki smiled a little before leaning back against the cave entrance and closing his eyes.

”Ill go for a nap for a bit, wake me up when you feel like you can walk again. ” He mumbled and it didn take long before he dozed off completely. It was almost admirable how quickly he could just fall asleep. Eventually, he even started snoring, making me go a little bit mad due to the frequency of it. It sounded like a giant was snoring, not Loki.

Due to still feeling a bit dizzy, I started to think that maybe it wasn the boat ride that made me feel like this. It was the place itself. I had never been here before and the sole density of the power at the realm was so immense that it was hard for me to adjust. Lokis room probably had wards up or something like that which was why I didn feel it that much back there. Although it was true that the boat ride didn help much. In the end, I attempted to close my eyes for a bit, hoping that itd help with adjustment. Needless to say, I was wrong. All the visuals that appeared in my mind were some weird fever dreams almost. None of it made sense. It felt like I had trouble connecting to the human world or Hell for that matter. At once in my minds eye I saw the Devils face, looking like he was staring deep into my soul and knew exactly where I had been. And that message was crystal clear – he said: ”You can run all you want, but you know you can hide from me. Just the fact that you received this message tells me you
e somewhere near. However, I will give you a proposal – either give yourself up to me now and nothing will happen or I will kill every single friend you hold dear. Including the one with you right now. I know everything. ”

I shot my eyes open, sitting up and gasping for air as soon as the message was delivered. I quickly looked over at Loki who was still peacefully sleeping, snoring as loud as ever. My heart could rip out of my chest as it was dawning on me how doomed I was – how doomed we both were.


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