She goes to school and learns, Kelsey! LEARN! but you don . You just go out there, living in some **ed up motel and whoring around with filthy shitty men! ”

”I do that for us, Dad! ” I finally yelled back, anger bubbling up inside me. Anger and hurt. ”I do this so we can live. I do everything I do so I can pay this rent, ” my lips trembled, breaking my voice ”even though I barely sleep in it. So I can pay for your hospital bills…. ”

”And how would you know then? Huh?! Its been two weeks, Kelsey, how would you know if my **ing meds are finished?! Because it is, damn it! ” He rummaged through the table and picked out the pharmacys plastic white bag that contained his drugs. He empties the contents of empty pills shafts all over the floor ”its all finished! Now how would you know that?! ”

He started walking to me and I stepped back till my back hit the table.

”How?! ” He screams into my face and a tear finally dropped.

My heart pounded, igniting a different pain in my chest. Was this thing called breathing supposed to hurt so much?

”What is that sweetheart? ” he spoke again ”are you crying? Oh that is all you ever do, isn it? ” His hand trailed my cheek, smudging the tears over my cheek. ”You have no idea, do you? ” He spat in my face.

”Dad…. ”

”Shut up! ” He yelled, his hand leaving my face to grab my neck. ”Shut up you filthy whore! ”

”Stop…. ” Doesn he know this hurts so much?

”I said shut the ** up! ”

His hand tightened up, knocking the air out of my lungs. If this continued he was gonna knock me unconscious, I was losing it. I tried to pull his hand away but he slapped my hand away with his free hand, the former leaving my neck to grab my chest. I seized the opportunity and pushed him away. He falls back on this bottom on the floor and I quickly tried to breathe in air. I run over to the door and pulled it open.

”You stop right there, Elizabeth! ” he roared weakly.

Kelsey. My name is Kelsey and Im not Mom. I stopped walking like I always did, rethinking, contemplating whether to go back and help him up and into bed or not. Hed probably be better in the late morning. But I knew I couldn stand here any more than I already did.

This hurt me beyond words and the tears flowed freely now. I needed to leave. Maybe for good this time but I just couldn . Hes just an addict whos sick and needs closure from his only child right now. Maybe I should go clean the room when hes sleeping like I always do. But then theres all he just said resounding in my head. No, I can . Not anymore.

I turned to the door again and attempted to step out.

”You, ”I stopped as he spoke ”if you walk out that door don bother coming back ”

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