Chapter five.

I could hear distinct voices whispering all around me in the room. I struggled to peel my eyes open but the burning sensation of the window lights stopped me. Who **ing pulled the window curtains open?!

”Oh dear, youve had too much to drink last night, didn you? ” I could hear Abbys voice now. She walks over to my head, blocking the light rays from my face and I finally opened my eyes.

”Hey, Abby ” my voice came out bold and cracked. I slowly moved the duvet away and tried to sit up.

”Girl, your hair is a mess ” she walks over to the foot of my bunk bed.

”Good morning to you too, ”I said sleepily, searching under my pillow for my phone to check the time. 9:32 a.m. Damn, I deserved that much sleep. I remember falling into a deep sleep after arriving last night. Or morning. Id only managed to pull off my flats and hoody which was the easiest thing to do then and slumped on my bed. And…my flats and red hoody were still on the floor right where I left them. On the floor next to my bed

”Kel, Ive got a lot to tell you about last night! ”Abby giggled, jumping from one leg to another. She looked radiant enough and I knew exactly what to expect. Her skin glowed and her lips were smiling, even though thats like a constant thing for her around here. Her long vanilla blond hair is curled this time down her back and she wore her favorite type of dress. A sundress.

”I feel like Im having a hangover ” I clutched my head, burrying my face down.

”Thats because you are, ” Abby replied ”which reminds sees me, ” she sits beside me, grabbing my shoulders with both palms ”how did you end up here? I thought you were going to your apartment last night ”

”Yeah, long story short, I didn …you know….last night ”

”Wow, ” her eyes widened ”did you finally…. ”

”No! ”

She slaps my arm and eyes me ”well thats not how to cut a story short. What did you expect me to think when you end up in a motel room with your …hair looking like a birb nest and those tired eyes. So tell me what happened? And if you
e gonna cut the story short, make it a long short story. Go ”

e a whore Kelsey, just like Elizabeth!*

I shut my eyes as his words cut through me like a knife.

”Kelsey, ”Abbys hand shaking me brings me back from my surreal flashback. ”Hey ” she calls quietly ”whats wrong? ”

”I did go to see my dad last night, ”I breathe sharply ”and….we fought ”

”my God, again? ”

”Yeah, again ” I gave out a broken chuckle ”and… it was pretty huge this time, Abby. He kept calling me a whore and my mom too and I just….spoke back and then he tried to hit me and he fell…..I pushed him. And then….he asked me to leave ”

”Hey come on now, ” she strokes my back ”he might just be joking. I…. ”

”Yeah, or drunk. He messed up the apartment again and even if he didn mean it which he does, Im seriously tired of him, of that place. God, of everything ”

”Im so sorry, Kel. Listen you can move in with me. You shouldn live here, its not the nicest idea to make the strippers motel your home, Kel, cause shits really happen around here sometimes and you can live like these other low life girls here ”

e all considered low life here, Abs, so why try to change that? ”

”What matters is whats in your won heart, Kel ”

”But move in with you? Your brother…I mean ”

”Yeah I live with my brother and hes a jerk sometimes ”

”All the time ”

”Fine all the time. But so what? You can stay here ”

”Thank you. Really. All of you. Even Donovan asked me to move in with him ”

”Wait, Donovan the Donovan? ”

”Yeah, he drove me here last night ”

”Wow, ” she gave me the look ”I told you he….. ”

”No, no, no, no, no. Do not go over your love theory again. It was past 1 a.m when I left the apartment, I couldn get a cab at that hour, you were off skimping the night with some… hottie and he was the only one I could call to pick me up ”

”Ill still remind you of how he has a thing for you ”

”He doesn , Abby. God, quit saying that, hes just a friend ”

”You just don wanna admit it cause he hasn spoken up yet ”

”Okay, Don does not like me ”

”He probably wanna have sex with you too ”

”He doesn wanna do that either. God, Abby, stop already please! ”

”Okay fine. Well, Im sorry, Kel. You should stay in today and get enough rest ”

”Yeah, Don asked me to take today off. What about you? ”

”I need to be at the club since…two hours ago. Im taking that bar from Paige today, you see…..but Stephen wouldn let me leave. He demanded we visited a restaurant for breakfast before he lets me leave ”

”Whos Stephen again? ”I fold my hands across my chest.

”I thought youd never ask! ” She exclaimed, knocking one of my hands away ”Stephen Arthur is the hot guy I was with last night. Oh My God, he is a walking god, Kel. He told me his name the moment I got into his car. He took me to this hotel which belonged to his family and boy!…. ” she dug her nails into my forearm ”he is some pro in bed ”

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