Chapter Six.

My eyes went wide after she said that. I didn know why I found this strange cause….leave it to Abby to say all the most embarrassing things aloud.

”In the morning he told me that Im amazing and that he thinks we should meet again. We ate at a freaking restaurant, Kel! And he insisted on driving me home personally ”

”Oh my God! ”

”And….. ” she picks her bag and presented a call card from it to me ”…he gave me his phone number ”

”Wow ”

”And quote his number ”

”Well he sure didn look like a one-nighter ”

”No, he doesn . Im looking forward to another night with him. I just have everything from last night in my head, men! ”

”Okay, take things easy okay? You know how these club men are ”

e right but…..I don know about this one babe ”

”Alright, ”I raise my hand in surrender ”Im starving ”

”I figured that out already. That is why.. ” she dumps a white plastic bag on my arms ” I bought you Quinns chicken and the morning yogurt ”

”Aw thank you so much. You
e the best! ”

”I know girl ” I stepped down from the bed.

”God! ” Abby groans as she falls back on my bed ” I don wanna go to that club today ”

”Im thinking of going, ”I told her, setting the chicken down on a table ”this place is boring, especially when you all are out ” I pointed out to the other empty bunk beds. ” I even miss Blaire even though shes in the fifth room after mine. So Ill just take a quick shower, get dressed, and tag along to the club ”

”If you
e up for it then okay ”

I laughed shortly before searching for my toothbrush and running into the bathroom.

✓✓✓ The following night ✓✓✓

The club seemed a bit empty in the day except for a few men who sat at tables, drinking and flirting with the day-call girls. Abby and I walked in towards the front bar and were greeted by the chatters of Paige, who stood behind the bar table, Blaire, Ena, and Amy who occupied the bar stools at the front. I looked at my right-hand side to see Donovan walking up with a paper board in his hand. He stops to talk to one of the clubs attendants before looking up to see me. I quickly waved a hand at him before stopping in front of the bar with Abby. Don pats the guys shoulder before walking to us.

”Hi, Don! ”Abby exclaimed, calling everyones attention ”Im so sorry for coming late, let me explain! ”

”Kelsey, ”Don calls, ignoring Abbys plea ”what are you doing here? I told you to stay home ”

”Why? ”Blaire asks, joining the conversation as she turned on her stool to look at Don. ”What, shes sick again? ” Don and I glanced at her. Ignoring her, we looked back from her again.

”Im fine now, Don, ”I replied ”I was getting bored back at the motel so I decided to come ”

”Isn this rather interesting? ” Blaire said again, her eyes glancing from Don to me, a smile on her lips ”the clubs manager giving Kelsey a break that she doesn need, which is very much against the rules here ”

”Stay out of this, Blaire ”Don warned her.

”Whats the matter, Kelsey? ” she gave me a suspicious look ”pregnant? ”

I just continued to stare at her, words unwilling to leave my mouth, hating every second I spent just standing there and watching her.

”Why don you just mind your own business? ”Abby shot back.

”Its a shame, ” Blare said nonetheless, tsking her teeth as she watched me ”how you
e always letting other people stand up for you. I don know, Kelsey, Is it that you
e just dumb or stupid? ”

I forced my gaze down as her words ate through me, my hands clutching tightly on my shoulder bag. I imagined myself slapping the tooth out of her loud mouth but that was just it. All I ever do is imagine what Ill say or do to people without actually doing it.

Before she said anymore, I turned and hurried towards the bathroom, slamming the door behind me, chin straight up to hold back the tears. Im such a cry baby. Slowly, I pushed myself towards the sink mirror, staring back at myself, wondering why I had to be such a pushover every damn time. But Blaire wasn wrong about all she said, maybe I was dumb after all.

The door pushed open and I saw through the mirror as Abby walked in.

”Kelsey ”

”Im okay. Really ” I quickly dab out my tears.

e not gonna let Blaire get to you right? And you know better than anyone else that everythings gonna be alright ” she places a hand over my arm.

”I don know,Abby. Its so hard to believe that anymore ”

”Hey,hey, ”she moves over to the sink to face me ”nothing bad is gonna happen to you here. We both know Blaire is just a stupid wannabe. Shes desperate,Kel ”

”Shes kinda right,Abby. I mean,Im always this….. pathetic and dependent girl. Me being here,its like Im letting Don take care of me , I can even speak for myself and… ”

”Kel, its okay to be taken care of. We all can be on our own sometimes. Don feel bad about that, thats just Blaire in your head ”

My fathers voice of abusive words rang through my head and I shut my eyes tight. When I opened them I felt a strange feeling of depression enfold me. ”I don know, Abby. I just feel like Ive let Don do too much for me. First, letting him protect my virginity while working as a stripper and now this…. ”

”Kelsey,no one is protecting you here. Not your virginity or anything. It is your choice to keep it and as far as I know,it hasn been a bad idea so far ”

”Don you see,Abby? Its getting harder and harder everyday to pretend to be what Im not and…. ”

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