Chapter seven.

The echoing sounds of hands clapping from behind me stops me and we both turned to see Blaire walking in, a sadistic smile on her lips like shed caught her prey.

”What the hell, Blaire! Seriously?! ” Abby roared at her ”eavesdropping? What, is that your thing now? ”

”Calm down, Abigail ” she said, her lips smirking my way ”now isn this an interesting piece of news? Kelsey the stripper is indeed a virgin, ” she air quotes her fingers ”you see Ive always known there was something peculiar about you but now it turns out to be something even way more interesting. ”You maniac, ”she laughs sinisterly ”do you know how much one of those men would be willing to pay just to sleep with you. God, I bet Francisca would put you out for bidding and make a lot of money for just one night! ”

Abby and I exchanged a look which said it all. Blaire was out of her mind and it was a big mistake she heard this.

”Or why don I make this a little more interesting hmm?, ” She brings up her phone ”why don I just call our boss, Francisca and tell her this great news? ”

We watched wide-eyed as she punched on her phone and dialed.

My fingers itched, adrenaline pumping inside me and before I knew what I was doing, I was slapping the phone away from her hand. I saw and heard it fall off and hit the floor before I realized what I just did.

The moment I looked up and met with Blaires raging eyes, I knew this was it for me. But I never expected what she did next.

The next thing I heard was the resounding pain on my cheek, the sound of her hand slapping across my face really hard and the intensity with which my face stung.

”Blaire! ”Abby screamed but the sound was too sharp in my ear as I cradled my burning cheek with my palm.

”Why did you hit me? ” Was all I could say as tears threatened to spill from my blurring eyes.

She doesn reply and instead continued to glare at me. I felt Abbys hands reach over my shoulder consolingly.

”Are you so jealous, Blaire? ” I continued. I didn know where this confidence was coming from but I was suddenly filled with so much energy, so much words to say to her ”did my virginity spike up some regret in you? ”

”Regret? ” She chuckles ”you think you
e so great but you
e just pathetic! ”

”Then what the hell is your problem with me? ” I felt a tear roll down my eye. Shit,Im doing it again. I decided then that I wasn gonna be a pushover anymore, I wasn gonna take whatever she threw at me just because I didn know what to say back.

I tried to pull back the tears and continued ”you torment my every living here when you barely know me! You say the most inhumane things to me. You hit my nerves deeper than anyone ever did when you
e no different from everyone here, when you
e just as pathetic as every other person here! You
e just a pathetic wannabe hiding under the shadows of these walls you and I stand in! Pretending to be this amazing,killer person when you
e nothing but a piece of shit just like the rest of us. You walk on high horses like your father built this place. If your father was that well off, maybe he even own a couple of companies around the world then what the hell are you doing here?! But no, you
e just as much a low life as the rest of us here, trying to make a living. All these acts? Are all bullshit. They
e just camouflage so people don know who you truly are! So people don know your story! You
e just here to sleep with every man that comes into this club just to get paid too!! So I get it, I get that it must really hurt so **ing much! ”

Whack! She slaps me again, the glare on her eyes magnified. She slap turned my face around, stinging hard. But instead of cradling my cheek, I slapped her back. Her face is spinning backwards from the impact, her black hair sprawling all over her face.

She stumbles back again,looks me in the eye, anger contorting every inch of her face and her hands grabbed my hair, jerking me closer to her. I yelped in pain,tried to reach for her hair too since she was taller than me. When I grabbed hold of her hair, I yanked her head down, causing her to scream in pain. I could hear Abbys voice on the background as we continued to fight, telling us to stop but that was not gonna happen today.

”Hey,stop that! ” Sean interveins, pulling us apart.

All I could hear was the fast beating of my heart as I watched Blaire with so much hate. I wanted to spit on her face!

”What were you girls thinking?! ” Sean screams, his hands still spread between us to keep us apart.

”She started it so don you **ing yell at me! ”She barked.

I stood breathing heavily until I knew I had enough of this. I picked up my bag from the floor and stormed out, towards the bar. Then I heard Abbys feet as she ran up behind me. ”Kel, are you okay? ” She catches hold of me at the front bar, her hand running up my face in an inspective manner. ”Oh your face is red ”

”Im fine,Abby ”

I felt truly fine because I finally stood up to Blaire and obviously put her in her place.

”Come on, lets go ” she grabs ahold of my wrist. I didn know where we were going but I let her drag me out of the club.

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