Deep underground in a weapons testing facility was a man diligently typing on his computer. He had grown tired from the long days at the facility, the experiments they had been doing had only gotten more and more fantastical over the past few years.

Ever since the start of the war, numerous tests had been performed on new weapons to combat the superhumans. Yes, you heard that correctly, superhumans. The man still couldn believe the world he currently lived in therefore he instead chose to overwork himself.

He had only recently become a military scientist after he was selected for a top-secret program. Originally, he had wanted to become a pilot, but those days were far behind him now.

It all started with Russia, then China, and finally north Korea. The driving force behind these countries was the disappearance of all radioactive materials disappearing almost overnight.

With the threat of mutually assured nuclear destruction gone, they no longer had any reason to hold back. The first to fall was Ukraine, Russia had finally decided to take back all the land they lost during the fall of the Soviet Union eventually being held back by Germany.

China, seeing the success Russia was having took the chance to take back Taiwan and Vietnam. The last country in what was referred to as the Warsaw pact was North Korea, they had taken south Korea by storm and were currently fighting Japan.

This virtually took days, and with the amount of power thrown around the smaller countries didn have a chance. By the time countries aligned in NATO were able to push back, the war had already slipped into the enemys favor.

This was only the start, at the same time strange events appeared across the world. People levitating, breathing fire, or outright flying were discovered.

The first country to use this in the war was the USA, a superhuman squadron of twelve was able to take over an enemy command fortress numbering in the thousands.

Immediately after opposing forces implemented the same strategies, War fundamentally changed forever.

And thats how he got this job, instead of being cannon fodder for superhumans he was tasked with researching powered individuals and using their abilities that defied the laws of physics to make new technologies and discover the true laws of this universe.

The man stood up looking at the time as he realized he might be late for his next big experiment. Without using these powered individuals his experiments would be next to impossible.

The tests conducted by this man were borderline crimes at best. But this was the world they lived in now. If a country wanted to sustain its power, it needed to do things once cruel and inhumane.

He walked to his door grabbing his white lab coat on the way. Todays experimental goal was to create a substance known as hard-light.This was once entirely theoretical, but not anymore.

Walking down the hall he passed by various rooms with one-way ballistics glass, screams emanated from each of the rooms. Scientists hoped to uncover the secret to how the gifted powers truly worked.

Earlier this year they had made a breakthrough, discovering an organism labeled ”Radigrade ”. This small organism was found inside hosts who newly received powers. The only problem was that superhumans who have had their powers for over three years rarely hosted this organism.

On the off chance a host had more than one Radigrade in their body they would become a certain percent stronger until the organisms fought, killing the host in the process.

This led to discoveries such as the life span of Radigrades affecting the hosts overall power. The longer one was in your body the stronger you would become. The organisms life span was approximately three years, only few made it to four.

Whenever a host has more than one Radigrade in their body they would become a certain percent stronger until the organisms fought killing the host in the prosses.

The scientist kept walking, using his keycard several times to open bulkheads. He passed through what looked like a nursery full of crying infants.

His face tensed up at the noise. He knew that what he did was wrong, but testing on children? All in an attempt to make a stronger superhuman was just too far in his mind. The only reason it was being tested was because of the higher-ups orders.

As he passed by the cradles, he gave a glance at two infants in the same bed.

Twins? he understood the implication of having two test subjects with virtually the same genetic code.

They couldn resist the urge could they, The scientist felt responsible for these kids being taken from their families, and rightfully so.

He continued down the large room entering through an airlock and down another hall until he came to an area that was bustling with people.

A group of scientists huddled over a small glowing machine pieced together with metal, bolts, and ballistic glass while hoses and wires carpeted the room.

Failed experiment after failed experiment led them to a crossroads as to whether they should even continue.

On one side of the tube, a woman was strapped into a chair unconscious. Every time they tried to make the substance; they would use a superhuman with light-related powers. Attempts would cause the unwilling participant to be disintegrated by the machine. The number of tries was quickly dwindling.

This superhuman shot light rays from her hands. All the scientists needed to do was speed up the light enough for it becomes self-sustaining. This would have been impossible ten years ago.

”If my calculations are correct, and they are, the speed test should work this time, ” one of the scientists wearing a grey lab coat said with a boastful tone, pushing buttons on the tablet in his hand. ”This variant of light powers should be the best fit for the job. Let us commence test number twenty-six ”

The super strapped to the chair was injected with multiple Radigrades effectively tripling the hosts power. Sounds could be heard from a long cylindrical tube wrapped around in a circle as the machine began to accelerate.

The pain of the large needles in the womans flesh woke her up as they began to scream. Light began to emit from her torso, traveling up through her arms and into her hands. These were set up in a way that allowed them to precisely fire into the tube.

The beam shot into the cylinder as the hosts body started to bubble and distort.

Each time the object inside the tube made a full circle, the light would illuminate the room as it passed the viewing port. This continued until the light seemed to be moving so fast that the viewing port was completely engulfed in a white hue.

Finally, as if a switch was flipped the body directly adjacent to the tube disintegrated turning into light and dust.

The screens in the room then turned green signifying the confirmation of hard light being created.

”We did it, the sensors say it was a success, ” said the first scientist dropping the previous boastful tone in utter disbelief.

The room erupted in applause as the occupants hugged each other excited that their work finally paid off. Unfortunately, nobody had noticed that the light level continued to rise in intensity getting brighter at an alarming pace.

The first warning light turned on while an alarm started to resound through the control room. There was an array of gauges and alarms on a wall: This was flashing blue.

This light only flashed if the worst possible scenario happened, the particle inside the tube had gone faster than the speed of light.

”But thats not possible, how are we still seeing light from the port? ” A second scientist said in a low but shaky voice.

”I don know, just shut it down, its highly unstable! ” Yelled the first scientist.

Suddenly a blinding light shone through the viewing port causing the whole room to recoil in pain.

A scientist dove towards the kill switch as his hand slammed down on it. Luckily, they had made it on time, if they hadn the whole facility might have become just like the test subject.

The room started to shake as the kill switch was flipped. Dust flew around the room as everyone held their breath. Everybody sighed as the machine slowed to a manageable speed: Nobody knew if they were sighing in disappointment or relief.

The room deflated into a discussion about what went wrong.

The original scientist was disappointed, realizing they would need another sacrifice.

”Aww come on guys, it was a success… rejoice! ” Announced the first scientist. ”I just need to change a few variables. It will work next time. ”

This was supposed to be a joyous occasion, they had both made hard light and broke the eternal speed barrier. Everybody was just disappointed they had to do it again.

The variable that had caused this event was never found; the unknown particle had managed to speed away, riding the blinding light like a wave. The once theoretical particle had been eaten by one of the Radigrades feeding off the machines active radiation.

This particle was a tachyon.

The Radigrade that had accidentally eaten the tachyon implanted itself within one of the babies in a separate room. This kid was one of the very unsuspecting twins.

His name, Lucas.

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