Sixteen years later.

2082, Approximate location-Nevada USA.

What did it truly mean to be human?

Was it the anatomy, the social standing one accumulated? Or was it a deeper more ethereal meaning, related to the humanity that we sought to find in every human soul?

For Lucas, no matter what it was. He was missing it.

Lucas sat in his wheelchair; his blue eyes absently stared at the ceiling through his long black hair. His legs, devoid of muscle occupied the leg rests.

Constant thoughts provoked his mind, he repeatedly asked himself questions about why his life ended up this way.


The warm golden sun loomed overhead as a family enjoyed the fleeting rays of sunlight below. The parents laughed on the back deck while the two kids competed in a game of mini golf below.

”Thats my win! ” Nate said as he put the golf ball into the hole.

Perfect again, just like always Lucas was defeated for the tenth time that night.

Lucas to his brother was like a peasant to a king, there was no way that Lucas could be as mighty or perfect as Nate.

He constantly felt like he would be lesser when standing next to his brother. Being identical twins, it was impossible not to compare.

From grades to combat performance tests at pre-military school, everything was perfect. Nate would always get picked for the most likely to succeed or op performer in class.

It always gave Lucas an itching feeling of wanting to belong. This led to conflict and purely because his brother was good, Lucas had to be bad.

This wasn a need, but the reasoning of a child trying desperately to get attention.

Constant belittlement from his parents and teachers alike left Lucas in a pit of loneliness. Lucas understood why everyone was nicer to his brother and not him. Lucas knew that in this world prosperity was given to those who were strong.

”Lets stop… I don want to play anymore ” Lucas raised his childish voice to Nate. He felt utterly defeated, he wanted to give up or lash out, but Lucas knew it would all be in vain.

Nate looked up at him with disdain,

Nate thought about how living as a single child would be nice and eventually decided against muddying his perfect image by defying his parents wishes.

Unbeknownst to him, his parents had already thought of such a situation and only decided against it because of how well the two interacted together.

”Tsk, ” what Nate did do was click his tongue in disappointment.

Lucas was fuming as he stared Nate directly in the eyes as if begging him to attack first. The subtle demining gesture was nearly the last straw for him.

It was a stalemate neither one wanted to throw the first fist. Lucas closed his eyes to compose himself as he turned around to go inside.

”Thats what I thought leech ” Although it was barely audible, not even loud enough for his parents to hear, it reached Lucass ears.

This sent him over the edge as his eyes glazed over and his vision went blurry.

The amount of rage he was feeling was highly abnormal, even for him. His body felt tingly as his eyes glazed over, his mind was at the mercy of his emotions.

Not even realizing how he did it or what even happened Lucas was already in front of Nate, his leg swept through the air.

Thats when everything changed, Lucas didn even see his leg follow through before it returned below to its original position.

Instantaneously, it was over, Lucas felt a warm sensation on his legs as he looked at his brother sprawled out on the grass.

Blood flooded from where his legs should be, his entire lower half just gone, plastered all over the fence to Lucass left.

Dumbfounded, Lucas just stood there as his brother writhed in pain, frantically screaming into the air as blood quickly blanketed the grass.

”How? ” Nates final breath was spent asking the universe what he had done to deserve the fate he had been given.

They say a human has around 1.5 gallons of blood in them, as Lucas looked at his legs, he could surmise that at least a quarter of Nates was covering his pants.

A shrill scream pierced Lucass ear.

His mother rushed to Nates side from the porch. Desperately trying to save her child but to no avail. Both parents had always played favorites and now it was more apparent than ever.

As she stared at Lucas, seething hatred in her eyes. Her beloved child was bleeding out on the ground.

Nate died in his mothers arms as she cried, making promises she couldn keep. Lucas still stood frozen and hadn moved an inch from his original position. Hoping that this was all a nightmare fabricated by a child trying to remind himself that he still did love his brother.

It wasn , the feeling of dread and remorse washed over him in waves, overwhelming his conscious, as tears streamed down his face.

Lucass legs gave out, his subconscious had already given him punishment for his actions. His mind purged all functions related to his legs; his mentally induced disability cursed him to never truly heal.

Ever since that day he swore to never let his emotions take hold of him again.


The memory played on repeat in his dreams, a sick reminder of his actions. It had taken three and a half years to stand again, walking was entirely out of the picture.

After nearly four years of neglect, his legs had started to become atrophied. Lucas was heavily bullied because of the disappearance of his brother along with his sudden inability to walk.

His classmates at pre-military school never truly got the reason why he had to be in a wheelchair and linked it with his previous bouts for attention.

After the incident his family left him, swearing that if they ever saw him again, theyd kill him. His mother and father took the only surviving child of the family, Lucass ten-year-old sister, and fled a few months later.

This left Lucas to the mercy of the government who had him live on campus until he turned sixteen. Since the world was at war every sixteen-year-old would be required to attend one of the eight military academies.

Later in life, Lucas obtained information from the military, stating that he and his brother were experimented on in compliance with his parents from the ages of one to four.

They never told him just what they were doing to him and his brother, all Lucas knew was that he was one of the failed experiments. Bridging the gap as to why his parents liked his brother so much more.

From the age of four to sixteen, they were supposed to spend time with their family. That time was cut short.

The government knew he was gifted but they did not know the extent of his powers. Due to this fact he was let off being charged with murder and instead forced to join the military. Tasked with defending his country after he graduated from the academy just like every other kid his age.

Lucas checked the clock,

He sighed as he reached over to his desk and slid on his grey and black urban camo uniform. Struggling to pull up his pants.

”Every god damn time, ” He spoke to himself reveling in his own self-pity.

”Its like they are biased against disabled people, ” he said chuckling to himself. After everything happened his attitude surrounding himself changed in the hopes of improving his mental condition.

As per instructed by the on-base shrink, but who needed to know that?

He wheeled over to the door preparing himself for the day, today was the last day of pre-military school.

Everyone was excited to be transferred to their respective military academies. Which academy they would go to, no one knew. It was classified for obvious reasons.

Lucas shut the door behind him as he began to wheel his way down the hall. He heard the auto-locking door engage behind him as he left.

”I need to get into base one, my dad said its only for the best of the best, ” said a short kid with brown hair.

”The numbers have no real meaning if they did then each student would already more or less know where they would be sent based on grades…. but… ” said the kids friend. The argument between the two quickly became heated.

They were close enough to Lucas and taking up so much of the hall that he had to slow down behind them.

Luckily managing to pass the kids who were quickly getting physical for no logical reason.

Thank god todays the last day, I don know what I would do if I had to stick around with these kinds of kids any longer Lucas thought as he left the dormitory through the front doors and wheeled down to the main building.

Lucas knew that they wouldn select a wheelchair-ridden kid into a military academy. He would have to stand for the selection ceremony. Although he was of course, somewhat of a special case in most eyes.

Even if a persons powers didn require standing, they wouldn usually be able to maintain their position if they didn show progress. Lucas had improved his mobility enough to stand, managing to stay under the radar.

Today each student would get their ability scores to determine where they would end up via AHG testing. Ability Harnessing Genes were what determined a persons ability aptitude and overall strength.

Lucas was special when it came to superpowers, not in a good way. He had only ever used it once and the result was a dead brother. He had no idea how to control it, and he never truly wanted to try.

Lets see how this goes and just hope for the best I guess Lucas was filled with anxiety. Optimism strangely made an appearance in his mind.

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