Ch4 (E)

A mechanical sound could be heard as the elevator stopped at the roof and the doors slip open for the last time. The sound of a running helicopter was overwhelming and made it difficult to hear.

Different military personnel were running around and loading supplies into the back of what looked like an old Chinook but with copious amounts of upgrades.

Each student had studied military technology throughout history, this vehicle was nothing new to them.

”Just started her up, shes ready for flight! ” Yelled one of the men in a similar uniform to Sam standing by the elevator.

”Good private, right on time! ” Sam struggled to be heard over the sound of the engines.

The three then ran/wheeled onto the back of the chinooks ramp while the students were instructed to sit right by the door.

Sam continued to the cockpit to fly simultaneously putting on a helicopter pilot helmet with a state-of-the-art heads-up display. He then grabbed two headphones with integrated comms systems and tossed them to Allison and Lucas.

Lucas sat in one of the uncomfortable fold-down seats attached to the side wall, folding his wheelchair, lying it on its side next to him and strapping himself in.

A few seconds past with traded nervous looks between the young adults. The back main door began to close, and the sound of the engines tapered off a little. They put on their headphones and the noise was completely silenced.

They could hear static then it cut out ”This is going to be kind of a long flight so get comfortable ” Sams voice could be heard through the headset. The helicopter lifted off and the landing gear accented into the belly of the beast.

They took off from the roof as Lucas looked out the window behind him marveling at just how big and secured the pre-academy was. If the low-level schools are this guarded then how guarded is academy zero this thought crossed his mind as they ascended into the sky, the buildings getting smaller as time passed.

It had approximately been three hours since they first began their flight and Sam had said that the flight would take at least 6 hours. They were still moving at incredible speeds for a helicopter, and it showed that the landscape below them had started to get greener and more mountainous eventually ending up over a vast ocean.

The comms system cracked ”They don pay me enough for this shit… brace yourselves we got an enemy in the vicinity ” Sams calm voice was overshadowed by his words. His voice was heard over the comms waking Allison and Lucas from their half slumber.

Hydraulic vibrations could be felt as the back ramp opened revealing blue sky and the dark blue water thousands of feet below. A blue dot was on the horizon behind them and was visibly getting closer.

”What the hell is that!? ” Lucas yelled into the microphone.

”Russian jet. I don know how long they have been following us, but I just noticed them with my powers. Anything lower class and it would be a cakewalk. But this. Its built to withstand supers. ” Sam let out a small sigh as if he would have to genuinely try.

This is a perfect learning opportunity Sam was internally giddy, had already had a rough plan for such a scenario but it was so unlikely to happen that he hadn fully fleshed it out.

The door to the cockpit opened and Sam walked out ”hes only about a quarter of a mile out, looks like a Russian Zu-56 ” Sam exclaimed, ”I can only do something if he fires his missiles at us, your time to shine, do you think you can try to mess up the internals? ” Sam looked at Allison.

She couldn believe the scenario he enemy is right on our tail and the only adult can do anything? Allison wanted to scream this, but she knew better.

”Sir! hes thousands of feet away I can affect anything past 100 feet and even if I could it would be so minuscule that it wouldn do anything! ” Allison was trying to reason with the Agent.

During this excursion, Lucas was just sitting idly as he watched the jet get closer by the second. We are going to die here aren we, I might finally be able to forgive myself Lucas had thought about killing himself but never had the guts to go through with it, unlike many students with tragic stories much like his.

”Come on, its a straight shot and its the only other metal object in the sky besides us! ” Sam was encouraging her to try. The look on Allisons face was full of dread when she realized that their supervisor couldn do anything in this situation.

She stood up outstretching her hands and pointing them towards the object which had gotten considerably closer, only about 900 feet out at this point.

”Here, my powers can affect electromagnetic waves, I could release an EMP, but it would knock us out too, so only to the extent of radar jamming. but if worse comes to worse I can stop the missile from hitting us and Ill try to buff your abilities with my electro-magnetism. combined with your ability… it should affect the range ” Sam placed his hand on her shoulder as she started to concentrate, confiding trust in these kids to keep his powers relatively secret.

She strained her powers to the absolute limit. Smoke started to billow out of the back of the jet. She had likely crushed a vital valve inside the machine. The engines stopped producing thrust and caught fire.

”Good Job! ” Sam rejoiced at the sight of the plane slowing. His face then turned serious ”…they locked onto us, I can feel it ”

A rocket from the underbelly of the jet was released as it sped toward them. Sam released his grip from Allisons shoulder as the missile closed in.

”Brace yourselves, it will blow up as soon as it gets close ” Sam yelled as he looked at Lucas who was in his seat holding on for dear life. Still refusing to show a face of major fear all he could do was hope.

Lucas closed his eyes wishing that he could go back in time to prevent himself from ever ending up in this situation.

Lucas felt something from deep inside him as if a switch was flipped in his brain.

One, two, three, four, five, six… it couldn have missed, Lucas thought to himself, the vibration of the rotary helicopter engines slowed as Lucas imagined them falling out of the sky because of the decrease in speed.

Have I already died? Lucas couldn believe it. he had to be dead. But what is this feeling?. Lucas felt as if he was floating, everything felt tingly but cozy at the same time.

What is power? If someone were asked to describe the feeling it could be labeled as exhilarating, scary some even felt as if it belonged to them. Not Lucas, he could actively feel it. Coursing through his veins and making him feel, warm, hot even.

Half a minute went by before the feeling started to fade. Lucas didn know what was going on, his eyes were still closed shut.

Lucas steeled himself to open them.

He did, and what he saw was Sam holding out his hands as he tried to alter the direction of the missile. Except it wasn happening as fast as it should, nothing was, he looked over at Allison while her hair slowly waved in the wind as if a light breeze was caressing her. Thats when Lucas realized, everything was moving slower.

Thirty seconds had passed for him, he counted them. But for the world around him, it seemed like only a couple.

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