Ch 5 (E)

Lucas could see the world around him moving at a snails pace. He tried to move in this state, but it was like trying to swim through sand. Nobody else seemed to notice the change in time perception proving that Lucas was the only one affected.

Lucas was dumbfounded at the situation. His mind started to get fuzzy, and his body felt like he hadn slept in weeks.

Losing focus, time sped up to its normal pace.

”BOOM ” the sound of the exploding rocket startled him.

Lucas struggled to remain continuous as waves of fatigue bombarded him.

The helicopter jolted violently; the proximity of the explosion was close enough to shake the entire helicopter but not seriously damage it.

Supplies and various objects were ejected from the back of the chinook causing Sam and Allison to dodge the incoming objects. Included in the pile of supplies was Lucass wheelchair. He stared at the chair flipping in the wind as it fell to the vast ocean below.

”Shit! ” Lucas yelled as he watched his wheelchair slowly fade. Along with the smoking enemy jet.

A smile spread across Sams face as he lay on the ground after dodging a pile of rations.

”We aren gods, there are limits to what we are capable of, ” Sam retorted. He knew what Lucas was mad about.

”Its fine anyways, by this time tomorrow youll already be accustomed to your new pair of legs ” he pointed to a box still secured on the wall labeled ”exoskeleton mark 45 ”.

Lucas looked at the wall thinking about how an exoskeleton could decrease the weight on his legs along with stabilizing any inevitable shaking. They are giving me too much special treatment. Did they conclude that the experiments on me worked?

Lucas knew he wasn important enough in the militarys eyes to garner the use of this many resources. he pushed this to the back of his mind, planning to look into it later.

Lucas was still oblivious to how powerful his ability was, the government had also reopened his file regarding the failed experiments.

The recruits along with Sam all thought over what just happened. Mildly happy with the outcome, considering the circumstances.

”We are getting close to the academy. I hope they haven found us out already ” said Sam as he walked back to the pilots seat, clicking a button on the wall causing the back ramp to close.

Lucas didn know what to think. On one hand, the super-secret military academy could have been compromised and they could be flying into an active war zone. But on the other hand, the enemy they had just encountered could have just been a stray or scout.

Lucas tired beyond belief. Between the stressful experience and the weird events that occurred, his body felt like it had gone through a war. He couldn stop thinking about what he saw, could this be my power? not once had someone capable of such a power existed in this world.

At least, Lucas had never heard or seen anything remotely close. This could also be one of the governments secret experiments, he highly doubted that though. They seemed to undoubtedly believe that he was a failure.

The rest of the flight was fortunately uneventful and the group of three was ready to get back on the ground.

Lucas was able to sleep off the immense tiredness, although it was still slightly present. The helicopter slowed as they neared the base.

Lucas noticed that they were in what most people would call the ”middle of nowhere ”. There was virtually no sign of any military presence.

Sam spoke into the mic ”inspections and finding an open hangar might take a few minutes.

”Allison, help him get into that ” Sam pointed through the doorway at the box with the suit inside. she understood what he meant.

Allison opened the box to find a slender black state-of-the-art exoskeleton. It looked so perfect that if it was worn underneath the users pants it could easily go unnoticed. She pulled it out only to realize that it weighed more than it looked, easily reaching 80 pounds.

”What is this thing made of?! ” she exclaimed as she struggled to drag it over to Lucas.

Lucas watched her as she leant the legs up against the chair next to him. Hanging onto straps in the ceiling so as to not fall over from the turbulence.

She unlatched a lever on the front of the leg, splitting it right down the side separating the legs into a back section and a front.

”Can you stand up really quick, it will only take a second, ” Allison said as she made a face of condolence.

In the few interactions she had with Lucas she would always try to disregard the fact he was in a wheelchair. Having to state something about his disposition made her feel insensitive.

Lucas sharply inhaled as he stood, using the back of the chair and the roof to support himself.

”Here let me try something ” Allison said as she started to use her powers, it was extremely difficult for her, but she managed to move one of the separate halves behind Lucas as it fit snugly against him.

Moving the entire eighty-pound object would have been next to impossible for her, the separated pieces not so much.

The front piece pushed up against his thighs as his pants tightened as If he was wearing a harness.

Currently it was relatively uncomfortable, but Lucas could see how it would be snug when he put it under his pants.

Lucas felt for the lever that he saw Allison pull earlier, Pushing the lever latching it back into place. Locking the exoskeleton onto him.

He wanted to try them out but the space they were in was too tight to do anything.

Both Allison and Lucas sat down, now side by side instead of across the aisle.

The awkward silence between them lasted minutes.

”…Thank you. ” Lucass statement felt weighted. As if he just remembered and didn want to say it.

Not going unnoticed by Allison.

”Is it so hard for you to talk to people! ” Allison lost her composure.

She had been trying to start a conversation for the past four hours, but in the end, she got so sleepy she gave up. She couldn stand how quiet Lucas was, she needed to befriend him fast, or else they wouldn ever become a good team.

Allison had always tried to be the best, when it came to grades or how powerful she was compared to others, she needed to be on top. But now, with the introduction of Lucas, it felt like the feat would be impossible if they were to end up on a team. And with how things worked at the academy that was inevitable.

What the hell is her problem! Lucas had never made it his goal to make friends, they usually just came with time. So, when Allison was so openly trying to start a conversation with him earlier, he would just look out the window avoiding eye contact.

It wasn very nice, but he usually tried to avoid unnecessary chit-chat.

”Fine… ” Lucas steeled his resolve. He realized that he would most likely be working with her for the next few years at least and at most decades. He would try to speak with her more.

”Ill… try to be more talkative-OPEN! I meant open. ” as if sensing the mood souring, he blurted out the word he knew she wanted to hear.

On the outside, he was fine but inside he was grieving. Hed really done it now, getting himself into something he wanted absolutely NO part of.

”Thank. you! See, wasn so hard was it, now we a build a good relationship ”

”Yea, sure ” Lucas agreed nonchalantly. Stating the obvious, they did need to become a sort of well-oiled machine by the end of the military academy to successfully carry out their duty to their country as well as graduate.

Lucas had never openly praised the government, but he did appreciate them for what they did for him to help. Originally when he started attending the academy, he half expected them to throw him to the streets or surmise a way to get him legally discharged.

They did no such thing, aside from the bullies the staff at the academy always sympathized with him, either because he failed the experiments when he was younger or because of Lucass situation, he may never know.

Lucas, looking out the window, seeing the side of the mountain they were near start to rumble, Sliding open into massive ruts.

”WoW! ” Allyson exclaimed as she looked through the same window Lucas was.

They both felt the helicopter start to change course from its usual drone as it pointed toward the mountain, preventing Lucas and Allison from seeing it anymore.

As they passed through the massive, camouflaged gates the inside of the hanger lit up with activity as people ran around moving carts filled with unknown contents.

The helicopter touched down with a slight jolt as the engines powered down.

Sam quickly entered the view through the door to the cockpit.

”Prepared for hell? ” he asked with an exaggerated smile.

The two kids looked at him like he was insane.

”Hehe. ” Sam chuckled under his breath.

The sound of the rumbling gate closing overwhelmed his snicker as he walked past the two, heading towards the now open ramp.

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