The Birth of a Speed God

Problems with people

CH 6 (E)

Their new life began now, Lucas and Allison both realized that anything that they had accomplished before didn matter in the slightest.

The opportunity to become more than what they currently were was just around the corner, as was the fear of failure.

Allison stood up, turning towards Lucas. Waiting for Lucas to reach out for assistance.

”I.. I could actually use some help if you don mind. please ” said Lucas as his eyes aimlessly wandered the floor.

”Of, course ” Allisons previously neutral demeanor changed when she heard him say please.

Lucas stood up while Allison put her arm under his and over his shoulder, like a soldier helping a wounded comrade.

”Alright, lets go. Watch your step once we get to the bottom of the ramp, it might be embarrassing if I have to drag you ” Allison wasn talking about herself being embarrassed, of course, she had gotten invested in making her future partner look good in front of others.

Lucas started to drag his feet, walking to the ramp while he used Allison as a crutch. Lucas wasn subjectively tall, and neither was he short. Allison had to bend down to avoid hitting her head on the ceiling meanwhile Lucas was a few inches below it.

Descending the ramp Lucas could finally see the entirety of the hanger, the only word he could come up with to describe it was colossal. Even that didn do it justice in his eyes.

The ceiling easily reached twenty stories along with a sort of crane system mounted to the roof. He could also see that embedded in the walls a sort of beehive structure, each storing a different vehicle.

They stepped off the ramp, and Lucas was able to traverse the drop with little issue. All thanks to the exoskeleton assisting with complicated movements.

Sam was waiting for them a few feet away discussing the events that occurred on the flight with a person holding a tablet, occasionally taking notes on the encounter.

He beckoned them over to him with a wave.

”This is the girl who ultimately took them down, ” Sam said this while ruffling her hair.

The inspector looked at her with confusion, frantically looking between her and his tablet while he scribbled down notes.

”Personal space? ” Allison readjusted her hair out of her eyes.

”HAHA, personal space? You
e in the military! Also, does he not count? ” Sam gestured to Lucas who was currently in a mental battle, desperately trying to keep himself composed.

Allisons flabbergasted face quickly changed trying to come up with a quick-witted retort.

”Would I be able to get your interpretation of the encounter?!? ” the inspector asked in an excited tone.

The tense silence was broken thanks to the bystander.

”Not now, private Dudley. They just got over a grueling trip, they
e probably beat from all the action they had. ” Sam said this, cutting Dudley off before he could insight a response out of Allison.

”Oh yes, my apologies. Welcome to academy zero, I hope you enjoy your stay. ” Dudley seemed to humble himself as he briskly walked away tucking his tablet under his arm. A slight face of disappointment adorning him.

”Weird fellow, he seems to get a kick out of hearing combat stories. I can never get a read on that guy. Anyway, like he said Welcome to academy zero! ” Sam spread his arms out wide as if introducing the most important thing ever created.

To say it wasn impressive would be a lie. Lucas was still baffled by the size of the hanger along with the intricacy and almost synchronized chaos everybody was in.

He noticed that their helicopter was being lifted by the massive crane behind him. Moving to one of the many honeycombs like hangars.

”Since you guys will be closely monitored, along with every student here already being trusted. I will explain where you guys are and what we are specifically doing here in academy zero ” Sam started to walk backward as he explained how everyone ended up here.

”This project was started four years ago after the unsuccessful attack on our number one academy at the time, the attack was narrowly repelled. But because of it we learned a valuable lesson, one we probably should have known from the start. Always keep your best assets hidden while under lock and key. ” The group had made it to a little square box about the size of a porta-potty.

”As I learned from inspector Dudley the attacks today were defiantly organized, the enemy has become more and more aware of what we are doing here in Alaska. Luckily all the attacks are still a few hundred miles out, but they seem to be narrowing it down every few weeks ” Sam pressed a button on the wall of the rectangular mass of concrete.

The middle of the wall opened revealing a tube with a metal platform in the middle.

Sam stepped onto the object waiting for the new recruits to do the same. The tube could easily fit six or seven adults, but it still seemed tight.

Lucas hobbled into the device while struggling to remain standing. If Allison wasn helping him, he surely would have fallen already.

The wall closed behind them, and they once again found themselves in an elevator. This one was a lot more futuristic looking than the one at their previous school. While also being tube-shaped.

”you guys might want to hang onto the railing, this thing can be kind of unpredictable at times ” Sam pointed to the wall of the glass tube surrounded in concrete where metal rails could be seen embedded into the floor.

The kids leaned up against the railings as they both let go of each other and grabbed ahold of the metal.

The elevator jolted as it started to move down at a reasonable speed. The platform then stopped after they had descended tens of feet. Lucas could then feel the elevator jolt once again but this time they were moving laterally.

He could feel the speed gradually increase while the concrete on the other side of the glass sped past them.

”I guess while we wait, I will continue to explain. This facility was built using supers from across the country, anything that could help speed up production was brought on site. Everybody you see here was involved in the creation of academy zero ” Sam still facing the kids readjusted his grip on the railing as they appeared to round a corner.

”This entire mountain was artificially made, and it only took us three days. ”

”Three days, for all of this!? And nobody noticed? ” Allison knew that it was theoretically possible to build an entire mountain using ability users, but the sheer amount of personnel and assets needed should have alerted the enemy of their positions, right?

”Wait until you see the rest of the facilities ” Sam wanted to remind them that they had yet to grasp the entirety of the base.

”This place closely resembles an ant hill, not as many entrances though. They are replaced by strategical gunman positions and what not. ” Sam corrected himself mid-sentence, addressing the potential strategic fault.

”Also, on the how they didn discover us part thats where I came in. ” Sam pointed his free hands thumb at his chest clearly proud of the work he had done.

”If it wasn for me, they would have easily seen us with their spy satellites and drones. I let them research and experiment on my powers and the scientists involved with the project were able to build a device that can alter the image of passing aircraft or satellites. ” The only reason that Sam was even let into the program was because of his abilities and potential applications.

But of course, he wouldn tell his new students that.

Sams ability was part of the active group but could be further placed into a branch called support abilities. Most instructors and mentors at the academy had an offensive ability, Sam was lucky to even be here.

”So, what your saying is that if it wasn for you, none of this would have been able to come to fruition, ” Lucas said sarcastically letting Sam know how narcissistic he sounded.

”. Well. not really. ” Sam almost mumbled this, looking at the ground to avoid the kids gazes.

”Anyway, the device was one of the reasons that we were able to successfully build this place. Its been fully operational for the past three years ” Sam said while still avoiding eye contact.

The elevator started to skid to a stop. The occupants desperately held onto the railing in fear of slamming into the glass.

The elevator had come to a stop. The doors opened as did the concrete on the other side. Revealing a long hallway with various doors on the right side.

One factor that the students didn expect was the presence of sunlight lighting up the hallway ahead of them. They walked down the hall looking through the windows lining the ceiling and wall.

”Nice isn it? youd expect the inside of this place to be as dark as a cave but thankfully they installed these ballistic windows a year after people started to complain. Their a few feet thick so there is no worry about structural integrity. Also, on the other side, its built into the landscape with one-way glass. ” Sam walked up to one of the windows and looked through it tracing the shape of a rock with his finger.

”Alright lets continue, I will take you to your room ”

They had continued walking for what felt like forever to Lucas, in reality, it was just a few minutes. The exoskeleton along with using Allison as a crutch was nice and it acclimated him to his legs, but it was still difficult.

They arrived at a door as Sam swiped a keycard in the wall. The bulkhead opened as a luxurious room presented itself to them.

”Wow! The rooms are huge! ” Allison had only ever lived at the academy occasionally going on vacations with her family and this room was equivalent to some of the nicer hotels they had booked.

This room is pretty nice; I wonder if mine will be similar? Lucas thought.

”I have something for you both, if you could show me both the ids you received before we left. ” Sam pulled out the card he had been using and tapped each of their cards.

”Alright, you are all set up, if you navigate through the id, it will show you a map of the academy and the classes you are attending. I have other matters to attend to, classes start tomorrow so use today to familiarize yourself with this absolute maze. ” Sam started to walk away when he was interrupted.

”Wait, where is my room? ” Lucas felt like an afterthought.

Sam sighed clearly not wanting to talk about it ”Well, ” he scratched his head ”there is only one room for the both of you. ”

Lucass jaw dropped.

”Unlike regular academies, we don have the space to give every school more than one room. Keep in mind I was supposed to only take one student with me ” Sam was embarrassed to take in two students, but many of the mentors were doing the same thing this year because of what the boss said.

”So, we have to share a room ” Allison seemed the most nonchalant about it and didn seem to care.

”There are approximately five hundred students attending this academy, any more than five hundred rooms is a waste of space, ” Sam said ”there are two beds anyway, and a bathroom with a locking door, youll be fine ”

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