The Blind Saviour:Aether Book 4

Chapter 1: The Arrival of Galastrom The Mighty

”Alright everyone. Deities that is. Skyra, Zuma,Elena,Umi,Haze and even you Psion we all agree to summon her right? ” Said Nea. The other deities simply nod. I just cross my arms and hold Gala tight in my arms. She sits on my lap crushing my legs with her heavy rear, but I bare it for her. How could someone thats only four foot five be so..mmm..heavy. Its like shes compact. Then again she is about one hundred forty pounds now. She ain that mere ninety pounds anymore,plus her..assets in the T&A department definitely added to that factor. Girl has the body of a supermodel. Just with a slight pudginess to her. Anywho the other girls all go in the palace while I see the deities speak in a language I never heard before,they seem comfortable as can be while sitting on a smooth hard floor.

Silvia comes out the back door with some pink lemonade and hands it to me and Gala. Gala being as small as she is automatically drinks the cup with two hands instead of one. Sooo cute. I remember Psion and her were supposed to go on a date,but godly business took a front seat and now I have a daughter whos sorta miffed at the idea of summoning her dead ancient birth mother.

”Don worry gray bean. They should be done soon hehe. Just don get into any trouble okay? Besides don ya wanna see your Momma? ” I asked Gala. She was happy and nodded her head furiously and giggled. Still crushing my legs with her weight I pick her up slightly and readjust the position Im in. The deities were now sitting in a circle and behold an green pillar of light formed lighting up the whole white void that was the Hidden Realm.

” Those gods are certainly something else eh Luna? Amazing that the God of Life and Death are coinciding to this one thing. Almost metaphorical in a way right? ” Ember asked as she was walking outside with the other girls. In fact we all stood a safe distance and watched the green pillar shrink in width and grow in height. The power shook the very void and imploded leaving all of us stunned for a mere twenty seconds. ”Danggit Nea!! We shouldve listened to Luna. Plus maybe if my shaman friend ASheleki was here this would have been done in a blink of an eye but noooo,you wanted to rush instead. ” Momma said.

Papa pitched in the conversation and added ”I agree,besides we only know what our parents and foreparents have taught us of Galastrom, do we even have the technology to bring back such a being? ” He pondered. Nea argued that its for the best of all of Neotic Kind that this ancient heroine be summoned at once. The other deities said nothing and remained neutral. Azou hugged me from behind almost as if her older sister instinct kicked in. I think she has a knack for sensing danger.

”Stay close Gala Bean, Mommy doesn want you to get hurt, a battle of gods or goddesses is highly dangerous and often unpredictable. Well according to your Grandpa Zuma hehe. But still EVERYONE should stay behind me. ” I also add. The other girls stand strong and valiant awaiting any horror after the second attempt of summoning Galastrom. No luck this time it was just green fog and egg smelling smoke.

I hate eggs wholeheartedly and want nothing to do with them. The smell was so bad that only Grandpa Hrotha was unfazed he wobbled on over to me and patted my head with his strong sausage fingers. Though he was old in age Papa and him would always protect me and Azou no matter what. I saw in his one good eye an beautiful shade of emerald green. His purple skin was darker than Mommas but that same feistiness and vigor course through his veins. Grandma Hrotha stood in front of me and I never realized just how much I look just like her.

Minus the few grey long strands of hair and a not so slender figure and being five foot eleven. She took out a large sword and helt it firmly protecting me at all cost. ”My grandparents are sooo cool. Im not just saying that for Grandma Umi or Elena,but for Great Granny Willow and Grandma and Grandpa Hrotha. ” I said with childish enthusiasm. Speaking of Great Granny Willow. She was still fit for a woman of sixty-five years. She took such good care of herself she looks at least thirty years old. I can see were my Granny Elena gets her looks from now. Great Granny Willow simply flew with her massive white wings and gracefully descended in front of Azou and the other girls protecting her from the oncoming visitor.

”Wow..well Skyra and the other deities are setting up for one more try but this time. WE CANNOT FAIL, IF WE FAIL NOW FAFIR IS GONNA USE US AS DOOR MATS!! T..That monster is nothing but a mindless, cynical, evil, horrendous brute who only wants women and our world for himself!! As painful as the truth may be I now realize he never wanted me…he just wanted to add another woman to his body count! ” Nea says angrily. Momma hugs her closely and so does Psion. Her one and only son. I float off my feet and go to comfort Nea but Grandpa Hrotha stops me. ”Though you may relate to the Queen of the Gods. Now is not the time to aid her. Let her grieve and mourn in peace. ” He says. He never talks as long as I known him,but him and Papa always knows whats right from wrong. Speaking of Papa. He floated towards me and hugged me with all his might squeezing me and Azou who wrapped both of us up in her furry,long, elastic tentacles. Not weird to me but to Ember she freaked out when she saw that Azou just nonchalantly pierced the skin of her back just for those tentacles to emerge.

”Okay..okay..gaaah..your crushing us Azou down please. ” I grunted. She loosened her mighty grip and carried me on her tentacles like Im weightless. ”When she get so strong? ” I wondered such power from one Ojoo creature,let alone the FIRST OJOO creature is amazing. Papa went back to the circle and the deities had us stand back. This time further than before. They spoke in that ancient language that only few should know such as: Primordial gods, Nea, The mysterious Beyonders and Fafir himself. I read in this years version of the Neotic God Book that the Beyonders were being on the very scale of gods and something an bit more than that.

In fact they were rumored to coincide with Nea the Aether Prophecy or so I heard from Chelsea who is a Neotic God Book lore nerd. I scratched my head and shake it off for now. Luna brain not so good. Hehe. A minute later and the green pillar is back. Engulfing all the Hidden Realm once again and the egg-smelling smoke emerge,than the pillar imploded and followed a loud boom. That knocked all of us to the ground. An silence soon emerged. I slowly awaken to a green swirling steady portal it just..floated in mid air. The deities were even shock and curious.

”Everyone stay calm and make room. We don know what could be on the other side of this portal,so make haste if need be. ” Nea commanded. We all immediately fell in line and just awaited anxiously what or whom would come out of that looming portal. Fortunately we didn wait to long. Only three hours. We

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