The Blind Saviour:Aether Book 4

Chapter 12:Quronessa\'s Envy

The next morning as Luna awakens in the very same bed as Fafir. She misunderstood the situation as something more provocative. ”W..wait? D..did we? Silvia is gonna kill me. Oh no not againnnn. ” She frantically searched herself for her own clothes. To her own surprise she was still dressed in the brown raggedy dress Quronessa gave her.

As she was scurrying about all her little movements awoke a well rested Fafir who towered over her even while sitting. True the Beast God did work out and trained his body,from fasting,to regular exercise, his height increase couldn be so easily explained. Luna and Fafir exchanged a glance and hate only filled Lunas heart. If anything shed want to stomp his head straight through the wall. She resisted the urge and shrugged it off. Fafir put his large hands on her shoulders and gave her a soothing massage calming her down.

”Hey hey now. We
e not enemies here my sweet. Lets just enjoy the time we have now okay? You don have to hate me forever. ” Fafir said failing to reassure her. Luna sighed and slowly turned her head from Fafir jerking her shoulder away from him. She fixed the straps of her brown dress and got up from the bed to shower in peace. Luna was very hostile to Fafir and only spoke to him when she needed something say..panties and a bra. ”Fuck! Thats right when they brought me in. That hussy ripped my clothes off and even took my phone. Guess I should ask. Least he could do is beat me or say no. Freaking pervert. ” The girl said displeased. She walked back to the bedroom and was greeted with Fafir cleaning the room and making the bed.

”Well that was a quick shower dear. How do you like it hmmm? ” Fafir said gingerly. Luna scoffed at his attempts to be sweet and dismissed it,instead she softly asked for some new clothes,bras and panties. ”I..if you have some laying around. Please. ” She said embarrassed. Fafir opened a drawer with completely clean and fresh undergarments, black clothes mixed with royal blue and accessories only women would wear. ”Sense your now here with me. This is ALL yours,it was gonna be Quronessas, but she failed me once you showed your talent for intimidation hehe. That did make me quite happy. By the way. ” Fafir happily said as he handed her any clothes of her choosing. While Luna was showering up a group of scientists knocked on Fafirs door they mentioned an brand new machine needed for more testing.

”We call this the ALIAS-17,000 My lord,with this machine it shall completely change the persons personality, perspective and even erase any bad memories well..thats what were hoping. We did test this on a cockroach Numanag spat out. Lets just say what was once small is now large and reeking havoc on South Neo. ” The head scientist said. She send out some troops to kill the colossal behemoth before it creates more of its kin. Fafir snickered as something so inferior to him,yet superior to humanity itself was finally getting its well deserved revenge. The sheer thought of this one massive cockroach swatting a human with a newspaper roll was hilarious. Interuppted from his humorous thought the head scientist wanted to know what she and her colleagues should do.

”Hmm you did say you needed a human-esque creature right? ” Fafir asked. ”Why yes my liege, there are plenty of chambermaidens,prisoners and even some of the guards have volunteered. One side effect though. It does not last long, only for a year at most. ” The head scientist comfirmed. Fafir gave it some thoughts and suggested a lowly prisoner instead.

”Randomly of course, this machine still has bugs correct? ” Fafir asked. ”Correct mlord,if all goes wrong and they well..die,then the body will be cremated and the ashes swept into the trash. ” The head scientist confirmed once again. Fafirs doubt was still apparent yet he cared very little for his prisoners. To him they were getting divine judgment before Lunas father, Lord Unknown could get to them. In his mind he figured he was saving the Death God the hassle. ”Very well you have my blessing to develop the ALIAS-17,000 machine even further. I have a feeling a certain someone may want to use it eventually. Now begone with you. ” Fafir commanded waving them off.

Grateful they were. The ten scientists that loyally worked for Fafir were ecstatic and selected one random woman with olive skin. She was safely carried into the elevator and then met her fate with the grand machine in its beta stage. ”W..what the heck is this thing? No..l..let me go. The Blind Saviour will avenge me!!! ” The woman yelled and scurried about kicking the guards and nearby scientists. She was injected with some sleeping medication and then gently strapped into the monstrous machine. All the way from the top floor the sounds of this machine could be heard.

Its slow charge,then followed a slow pitch and finally a strange whirling sound similar to that of a toilet flushing. Speaking of, Fafir recalled Luna was in the shower for quite a while. He gently approached the door and was about to knock when it opened. There he saw the most beautiful woman to even grace his presence. Standing at five feet and two inches tall. Well without shoes. Luna was wearing a sleeveless black dress that fully exposed her hips and the back was also fully open.

Her cleavage was partially revealed and her hair was sopping wet. The first time ever Luna wore black lipstick and eye shadow. It too was black. ”Well whaddya think. Too gothic huh? Yeah its not my cup of tea but hey its all I had to work with. ” Luna smiled. She felt a bit proud and Fafir placed a red scarf on her small frame covering her cleavage and shoulders. ”Don want anyone else to catch eyes for you. Remember sense you agreed to be on the right side. I now consider you as my.. ” Before he could finshed talking Luna interuppted. ”Don tell me your QUEEN? We
e not even married yet and as far as Im concerned. You are gonna have to work your ass off if you dare wanna. Dare I say,couple up with me. ” Luna says brushing Fafirs beard. In truth she already forgave Fafir of the **** thing months ago. The girl was now just horny and a little peeved that she ultimately may have to kill Fafir and put him down for good.

”Ya know..yes your a asshole,a piece of dogshit and a literal horrible deity. I still forgive you,however you try anything and that little friend of yours is coming off and being placed in a jar. ” Luna threaten. Fafir was turned on and held Luna close. The two exchanged a longing glare at one another that seemed like forever. This rather cute moment was interuppted by the scientist with results of the ALIAS-17,000.

”M..My lord please come quickly we have news as for your lady friend,If you so desire she may come as well. ” The young scientist said. He went to the elevator and Fafir grabbed Luna teleporting to the basement. ”Wow pretty large basement ya got here Faf. Like a whole new world down here. Is that Numanag over there? Its all burned up. ” Luna noticed. ”Yes some blinding light seemed to have done most of the damage,but what followed was some darker grey skin girl similar to Galastrom. She carried her away and now I have no clue who that even was. ” Fafir said disappointed and a little angry. Luna kept her mouth shut and changed the subject.

”Soo..uh goth girls huh? I see you do have a type hehehe. As for this dress. My hips never felt so free before. Well I don wear dresses often mainly jeans. These heels are comfy though. You must really like me huh? ” Luna said nudging and annoying Fafir. He picked her up as youd pick up a small child with ease and just couldn resist her cute pudgy face. ”Whatever..look your going to soon find out what you are to me. Lets just observe for now. ” Fafir said desperately trying to aviod blushing. The two walked in front of the machine and they stood in awe its sheer height made Luna a dwarf in comparison. About thirteen feet tall and weighing fifteen tons. It was a beauty. Three spherical lights symmetrically aligned in vertical order were all the machine really featured. Well beside the beautiful carvings and craftsmanship.

This cylindrical marvel held a random woman prisoner. Steam began to burst from the open seams of the two doors,the three lights glowed red for ten minutes, blue for three seconds and finally ended with pink. ” the person in there dead? ” Luna said bluntly. This made the scientists laugh. Fafir struggled to hold in his laughter. Lunas genuine remark yet clueless expression was the icing of the cake.

”Commencing door opening. Do not stand behind revolving door as they are air pressured and will result in heavy injuries. ” The machine warned. Everyone within the vicinity stood far enough to give it some space. The two symmetrical doors opened gradually and an olive skinned woman was sound asleep. She was bound by three large horizontal straps. A red button was pressed and the woman was sprayed with some pink mist. It wasn hazardous yet the woman immediately woke up and was free. She fell to her knees and worshipped Fafir without hesitation.

Luna folded her arms and puffed her cheeks. Fafir had the woman escorted to the chambermaids room. Now the machine was fully open. The scientist turned it off and repairs were immediately attended to. The head scientist thanked Fafir and Luna for showing up. Now the introduction to all the Fafir Order was about to commence.

”Well..Are you ready to be met before all the Fafir Order? ” The Beast God asked. Luna looked down and didn feel right,shed figured her family would indeed see her and rush to her aid,instead the very machine that the two witness was now up and fully running after some minor adjustments and repairs. Luna rushed to the machine and Fafir had no idea what she was doing.

The guards and scientists tried to stop her but failed, she easily slipped, slid, maneuvered and outmaneuvered every one of them. Luna ripped off her clothes and tossed them to the floor. She strapped herself down and pressed the red button the machine doors closed. Fafir was intrigued and ceased any affront to get Luna outta there.

The machine was now fully upgraded and a loud boom was heard from within. This worried Fafir a bit, instead he and the other scientists were surrounded in darkness. The lights tripped and suddenly. They were back on. Blue fog emerged out of the seams of the ALIAS-17,000, It was a sight to see. This lasted for a hour if not longer. Inside the machine Luna was fast asleep. When the machine woke her up her straps released her. The doors open.

Everyone was in shock. What was once a purple girl with long black hair was now a woman with long neck-length curly black hair. Beautiful smooth brown skin and even her eyes were now greenish blue. Freckles form and disappeared on this strange girls face. Where was Luna? DID the machine make something random? Was this what Luna wanted? These were the questions everyone within the basement thought.

Fafir himself had no clue what happened. The girl fell out the machine but Fafir caught her. She was placed on her feet. Her eyes blinked. She was placed in front of a mirror. Once she came too. She was ecstatic and happy. The girl did backflips and jumped with glee not even caring if she was even in her birthday suit.

Once she landed she spoke sounding just like Luna. ” worked hehe. Amazing now I ain gotta worry bout nothin. Hmm. I am naked, but strange enough Im not embarrassed. Thats right boys and girls bask in the wonder of..uh..uh. Well I ain Luna no mo,who am I hehe. ” The girl said oblivious. Fafir saw a few notes on the Head Scientists table. It was about the ALIAS-17,000 machine. He read. ” Once fully upgraded the machine will not only change the individual and erase some memories, but make them anew.

Side effects listed are: Physical skin pigmentation ability added,hair texture and color change,mental age decreased or heightened depending on time duration and exposure,lost of name memory,possible SPLIT PERSONALITY DISORDER ADDED?!!! ” Fafir was angry and placed his shirt on the naked girl. Her cute smile stopped him from killing everyone there.

”Faf its ok,its still me hehe. I just look different. Oh and I thought of a new nameeeeee. ” The girl smiled while playing with her hair. ”Well if your not Luna then what do we call you. ” Fafir asked placing his hands on her shoulders. ”Hmm..Saruna. Saruna Malvoid hehe. ” The girl smiled ear to ear. Fafir hugged Saruna and deep down Lunas plan was working. She just wanted some fun.

Later that night Saruna was dressed in the same dress she wore. She was inducted as the new Queen of the Fafir Order and everyone regardless of rank were to obey her words with no question. If they did not they would die or be punished severely.

Later that night Saruna laid on the bed with her legs sprawled open. Fafir saw this and laid his chin in between her slightly larger breasts. ”There there sweety hehe. I and Luna are one. I already forgave you of your barbaric and frankly horrific act that permanently mentally scarred me. To show you this. Momma wants all of you. If you get my drift. ” The girl snickered.

Surprised by this. Fafir and Saruna kissed passionately and intertwined their fingers. What happened next could only be described as thunderous. The entirety of Neo itself had physical earthquake-like activity. Two deities were engaging in coitus so powerful and catastrophic. An part of Ojoo Island fell into the ocean.

Once they finshed. Saruna naked and sweaty hopped on Fafir only craving more.

”W..we..just did it for a hour..g..give me ten minutes okay? ” Fafir said exhausted.

Impatient,Saruna rubbed her butt against her lords member and thus another five to six hours of horrific events followed. Trees broken in two, the ground splits in five and fire emerged from the pit. Once they were finally done. Saruna sat on the bed covered and chewed on a sucker while Fafir was in ecstasy and fast asleep.

”Hmmph easy. ” The girl said

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