The Blind Saviour:Aether Book 4

Chapter 5 The Awkward Date Turn Wild Part 2

The flowers blow into the silent wind and the breeze passes over the once lively world of Neo,now it is nothing but a prison of despair, fear,hatred,rage and death. Many Neotics regardless of race are being tied up, taken captive or running for their lives. The cities Monster Knights are followed by a group of Red Knights and proceeds to give bogus claims to any who may defy their reign. I can only imagine how theyd treat Gala as shes flying with Psion to such a world.

”Gala. Look. ” Psion says. He points to a tall green building overseeing the city of Naasaag..well what was of it. According to Papa, Fafir took over it as soon as we left all those months ago. Im awoken from my meditation by Momma who takes us back to the Hidden Realm. Im just now assured. The Neo I once knew as a child is not even the same any more. Stay safe Gala.

”Pretty tower Psi Psi hehe. If only Gala was here sooner maybe she wouldn have had to see..well..these people in soo much pain and agony. It breaks Galas heart. What does Fafir plan to do with them? ” She asked. Psion turned away and said nothing,he gazed upon the Red Palace, his former home descending from Nius itself. The great building squashed all the houses that resided their underneath. A loud rumble shook the city of Nasaag and the remaining civilians were forced to bow before Fafir. ”That was my home once..I wish I never brought you here to this world my love. ” The masked deity said to his shorter partner. He grabbed her by the hand and flew her to a heavily forested place. One unfamiliar to any who may pass it. Gala looked in childish awe and wonder. It was quickly interrupted by distant booms and loud pops from the fireworks the knights of Fafir set off.

”Mmm..He may have the victory now. But we cannot stop here,plus..I would love to just have a nice date with my obsidian beauty. ” Psion said making Gala blush. She smiles and traces a dirt circle into the ground with her foot. Bored the girl floats a little above the treeline and watches the sunset into night. Psion joins her and hugs her close to his stomach.

” Psi Psi, A..are you scared? ” Gala asked him while looking up. Psion patted her head and kissed her forehead not knowing what to say nor think only nod. The grey girl understood and buried her head into his stomach again and hugged him tight. Tears dripped down her face. She lifted her head and only saw smoke and fire behind her. Nassag along with many other Neotic cities was no more. Only a playground for those in power and even then..the biggest monster of them all. Fafir.

Angered by this helplessness and weak feeling in her chest. Gala lifted her face from her partners chest and turned swiftly to the burning city. Hands balled up and shaking,eyes squinted and a attitude ready to take on anyone no matter the cost. Being wise and older than Gala. Psion gently floated down with her in front of a cave entrance. He picked some white flowers and gave them to Gala. This calmed her down. The girl smells the flowers and sits in Psions lap counting the petals.

” you overthink sometimes? Gala does and sometimes she thinks well..She thinks that everyone else thinks shes dumb. Do you think Gala is dumb? ” Gala asks smelling the flower more. Psion giggled and patted her slim belly. ”No my Gala. Your the most wonderful, stubborn, cute,strong and amazing young woman I know and thats not a lie. Its how I feel. ” Psion says. Gala smiles and cuddles up to Psion. The couple look up at the navy blue sky and stare at the stars. Annoyed by the distant yelling. Gala stands up and places her little hands on her hips. She puffed up her cheeks and frowned at Psion.

Confused the god of life had no idea what he did wrong,instead he hugged Gala from behind and kissed her head. Towering over her this made Gala feel protected at all times. She just didn know how to express her newly learn feelings that she discussed with her mothers. The girls heart started to beat faster and faster and faster until she forced her self from Psions grasp.

A blushing and bashful mess,Gala couldn find words for what she was feeling,only that she just felt warmer and warmer. The small girl ran to a nearby stream and washed her face with the cool waters hoping Psion didn follow her.

”W..W..W…What is Gala feeling? W..why is she all of a sudden..warm? And not just that..b..but..Galas heart is beating over eleventy billion bajillion beats an minute..mmm..C..could it be that..gasp. ” She stopped and realized maybe the talk that she had with Galastrom and Luna was taking its toll on her. The girl shook her head side to side trying to get that talk out of her mind but to no avail.

Embarrassed to even think about such things made her a babbling fool. Her hands shook,she started to sweat along with struggling to be able to simply splash some cold water over her face. ”Calm down girl..surely..t..that isn happening it? No way..Gala isn ready..B..t..then again..I don recall Momma nor Mommy Luna ever saying t..that they were ready either..mmm..T..this isn fair..Gala doesn even know what to do aggh!! ” The girl yelled in frustration. Unintentionally as she kept frantically and spontaneously moving about a little rubber yet circular object covered in a plastic wrapping fell out of her cleavage unto the ground.

”Huh? Candy? G..Gala doesn ever remember getting any candy. T..there is no way. Who couldve given Gala this? Hmm..Galall eat it later..right now Gala has to get her head on straight. What if Psi Psi thinks Im a dummy dum. Hell never wanna talk to me again. ” She says not knowing Psion floated next to her. ” ran away in quite a hurry hehe well its cute not gonna lie. Never seen those little legs move so fast. ” He teased making Gala mad. She gently punch him on the shoulder and couldn help but blush.

”Mmm..This is so unfair! Psi Psi is teasing me yet..G..Gala just can help,but fall in love. Hes so sweet to me,he lets me cuddle him,snuggle, call him nicknames and…maybe.. ” She stops for a moment and accidentally looks downward towards Psions crotch. She looks away in a panic and turns her whole back towards the oblivious deity. Unsure of whats even happening Psion placed his fingers on Galas shoulders and gave her a massage.

”Now now my sweet,what seems to be the matter hmm? Youve been acting awfully distant as of late. Is everything okay? We
e all alone out here and we can just talk. No one will intrude. ” He says. Gala has a panicked look on her face and feels awkward by this. She knows deep down what shes feeling is normal,but she doesn wanna come off as needy or desperate. She frantically thinks on what to do.

”Take your time my dear Gala. Hehe. We have all the time in the world. Just loosen the tension in your shoulders and unwind. ” Psion says gently. Gradually Gala does this until after a painstaking five minutes she says something under her breath. ”Gala..Gala is scared. ” She mumbles. Psion didn catch it and asked what was it that she said.

Gala refused and just stared at the dark grass and pulled it from its roots. ”Whatever is bothering you honey, you know Im here right? I won force you,just let it out whenever you feel ready. ” Relieved by her partners words. Gala turns towards Psions direction and softly asked for one thing. ”C…can ” The grey girl stammered feeling completely stupid and humiliated by her own bashfulness. Psion places a hand on her head and smiles.

”Have what? ” The masked god asked. Psion knew something was now up. He saw Galas hands ball up and her face was a slight pinkish tint. She really didn know what to do next so she blurted it out. ”KISS OKAY..KISS..KISS..KISS..Can Gala have a kiss..o..on the lips? ” The small grey girl asked staring into Psions eyes. He simply blushed and kissed her forehead.

”There ya go. Hows that my Gala girl? ” He asked. This made Gala very mad. So mad she did something quite uncharacteristic of her usual self. She forced her lips unto Psions. The two exchange saliva and laid upon the ground basking under the mighty trees and the stars. By the time they were done kissing. Gala felt relaxed and relieved. She tossed her long black hair backwards as she sat on Psions midsection. The deity had a stupid yet pleased smile on his face. Gala giggled and kissed him more intimately than before.

”Eheh..S..sorry..Gala just couldn take all those others date we had before ending the same way. Gala j..just wanted to try something different. Was Gala too forceful? Oh no Gala hopes not. ” She innocencely said picking up a lovestruck and slightly aroused Psion. Before he did have feelings and a attraction towards her,but now if he didn view her as a bonafide woman,now he did.

”Such strong and powerful fingers with a womanly touch,gorgeous long black locks an heavenly voice fit for a queen,those wonderful beige eyes and..her..figure..its..oh no. ” The deity thought. For most of his life Psion was taught to never view a woman attractive just beacuse of a rockin body,rather on the contrary. The thing that makes them..well them. At first when he laid eyes on Gala, he viewed her as weird, strange and unique. But now the deity viewed her as a attractive young woman who caught his eyes. In his heart his own feelings of uncertainty were being stirred like never before. No other female has come close to making his heart beat as fast, nor made him simply be reduce to a babbling fool.

”Psi Psi? Heheh. You feel that bumpy bump feeling too huh? ” Gala asked snapping him back into reality. Psion just took it all in. Two young adults,one male and one female laying near an stream in the grass under an mighty tree. He hugged Gala tight and kissed her lips. ”Yes..I do feel that bumpy bump feeling Gala. And..I think its my love for you. That and..something more. ” He says. Gala agreed and scooth her smaller body a little higher on Psion. Without realizing. Galas large breasts pressed up against Psions chest. This made the god break out in a cold sweat and unfortunately he was erect.

”G..gala..U..uh..I..I don think you should move any more..I..Id hate to make this date end on an awkward note. ” He stammered. Gala was confused but ignored him and laid on her mans body. Psion was now sweating bullets,his hands clammy and his erection only got more pronounced. ”D..danggit..stop staring at her rocking double D even? What am I thinking..this isn how an Neotic god should be thinking. Im the God of Life for crying out loud. No impure thoughts,must..think of something else..gggghh. ” Psion thought.

As he laid there internally panicking. Gala was just as uncomfortable as he was. For her Gala had no idea what to do or say. She laid there in his chest with her eyes closed pretending to sleep but it was no good. She too was sweating bullets and was thinking impure thoughts and well.

”H..hes so handsome and..slim..mmm..slim like white chocolate. Wait!! Hes a little muscly, just how Gala likes em..mmm. NO!! STOP IT!! Must think about something or someone else. This isn ladylike. Oh Momma is gonna be mad at me for thinking such naughty things. ” Gala internally panicked.

Psions hands clamped up and the more he tried to look away from Galas assets,the more turned on he got. Gala caught on and happened to cover her cleavage as best as she could only for it to end with her sitting up and with her butt feeling the shaft of his covered member.

Horrified of Galas reaction she slowly and nervously turned to see a wide eyed Psion pitching an tent.

The look on Galas face was completely shocked and embarrassed. Once she looked down at an equally embarrassed if not petrified Psion. Stuttering in her speech. Gala forced an nervous smile and quickly got up from Psions chest and sat far away from him. Psion rose from his own shame and to his joy. His erection was no more. Gala took off into the air at such a incredible speed all that was left was an dirt trail.

”Well..Zuma is gonna kill me if he ever finds out..that. In fact..I rather die than go through that again. Im gonna need seventy days of self meditation to get that out of my head. I really screwed up with Gala. No one must know. Whew..Im just glad it didn escalate further he..hehe..eeehh..I better get going. ” Psion said. He took a pee break in the futher portions of the forest and wipes his hands with some hand sanitizer he always carried around. As for Gala. He feared she would never wanna speak to him again.

”I must learn self control. No more getting too close fo.. ” Before he could finish his sentence he was interuppted. Gala tackled him to his back and sat on his chest this time with a slightly more stern yet adamant face than before.

”What was that? What happened to your pants? ” Gala asked. Unsure on what to say. Gala made her own conclusion. ”Does..Gala..make it happy? ” She asks Psion who was aroused once again. This time he had little control and pitched an tent tapping Galas butt. ” Gala is being honest…shes excited and very happy you like her hehe.. ” Gala said. A bit more of her cleavage was revealed and Gala poked with her nail Psions erect member. ”Psion..I did talk with my mommas about this…if you wanna…well…Would you be Galas first? ” The girl asked with her fingers interlaced. Her body looked sexier than ever now to Psion.

The deity gazed upon this obsidian beauty and hugged her closed. The couple exchanged an kiss and sat for a moment under the moonlight. ”Id love to..seeing as how were both virgins..I guess we won be any longer huh? ” Psion said. Gala lit up with joy and stopped Psion before he could go any futher.

”B..but isn it risky doing…it. Out here..lets go somewhere where wed only would know. ” Gala said holding Psions hands. Without even an thought Psion took Gala to a rather unusual and strange place completely desolate from all sources of life.

The only thing was the wind. The place was surrounded by tall 50 foot grey oval orbs with yellow dots on them. There were over thousands upon thousands of them for miles. Psion and Gala gently descended to a smooth,flat yet dusty grayish-pink ground. The couple laid on the smooth dirt and held hands. Until they were ready for more action.

Psion this time picked Gala up and laid her own his chest. This turned Gala on. She moaned ever so softly. Psion began to nibble her neck and gently caress her hips and blow into her ears. Gala removed Psions shirt and placed her own hands on his chest massaging his nipples. The two eventually after five minutes went from simple foreplay to the actual thing.

”Ya ready? We can stop whenever you want okay? ” Psion said to Gala. She removed her panties,bra and dress. She was now eagerly awaiting Psion to embrace her. Once he dropped his pants. Gala looked in disbelief of how well endowed his penis was. What it lacked in girth made up in length. Gala smiled and happy as she was. Sex was about to ensue.

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