The Blind Saviour:Aether Book 4

Chapter 6: Resurgence of Old: Fafir\'s Suspicion

Seconds no maybe minutes before as Psion looked at a naked Gala lying so innocently on the ground,and yet her body was desperately begging for her virginity to be taken. With his own pants and boxers around his ankles. He lowered his face to meet Galas and kissed her intimately. With no further delay,Psion removed his pants from his ankles and slowly gets ready to put his member inside his awaiting girlfriend. ”W..wait!! ” Gala said a bit scared and taken a back. She sat up and covered her large breasts with one arm and scooted back with the other.

Psion secretly sighed in relief. He sat in front of her nonchalantly and waited to see what was causing her trouble. With her slow realization as to what is actually happening or about to happen. Gala placed her hand over her already bated breath and wondered if this is what she really wanted. For a few minutes the naked couple sat on the dusty ground while the wind blew,both feeling awkward and wondered how they can make this enjoyable for each others first time.

”Hmm..Shes scared..obviously. This is a very big step for her. Maybe..maybe we should wait a bit before we get into this. I rather not force her. Her face says she wants to try,but her body language is saying…Im not ready. Least I hope not thats what its saying. Maybe ”yet ” is in question? ” Psion thought to himself. Gala also thought to herself similar thoughts. ” my first and Gala doesn wanna mess this up..hmm..m.maybe if we wait..w.we can actually save up for when the time is right. Gala doesn know. Gala really REALLY wants to do..IT..b.but..Where can Gala start. Hmm. ” She pondered but not for long. With her other hand. Gala covered her exposed vagina and walked to a naked Psion. He also stood and faced her. Thought clearly he towered over her standing at six foot four and Gala an tiny four foot five. The smol bean had to float just to meet his gaze. That or Psion had to crouch down just to make it easy for his partner.

”Gala..I understand if your scared and this all seems sudden.I mean..things j.just got so heated in the moment a..and one thing went to another with the laying down as a couple and the kissing and th.. ” With no warning. Gala floated off her feet to kiss Psion on his lips yet again. This time he was caught off guard and the two fell to the ground. Embarrassed Gala mustered up the bravery she needed to tell Psion what she really wanted.

”Psion..G..Gala doesn think you should apologize for any of that,but..Gala does have something s..she wanted to do..c..can Gala do this for you..p..p please? ” She stammered making Psion beet red in the face. He weakly nodded his head and Gala slowly felt his penis. Full mount and ready for action. Gala took this as a sign. She flipped her long hair back and began to kiss the tip of his penis rather clumsily. Excited Psion silently moaned. With each lick and kiss Gala gave Psions penis it was only a matter of time before she deep throated the deities massive throbbing member sucking up and down and up and down drooling all over.

”Mmmm..sschhluurr…mmm..ggrgllh.. ” Were the sounds Psion recalled the grey skin girl making. His fingers now clawing into the dirt trying not to burst right then and there but it was only getting better and better as Gala went on. Thankfully Gala in secret read some erotic and sexual education books they provided all the info she needed for this day, that and seldomly sneaking in on Skyras sexual conversations with her adoptive grandfat her.

But this to her felt unreal and amazing. Each slurp and glurp followed by her partners warm fleshy penis made her only that much hornier. ”G..ggh..ooohh..aahh..ahhh… y..yes….ggghhhhhhh!!! ” Psion moaned loudly as he ejaculated into the girls warm,moist mouth. Gala looked up at him and swallowed it all with some cum dripping down her chin. ”T..that was..delicious Psi-Psi hehe. Mmm..Gala wants to do that some more. ” The girl says as she wipes the rest with her arm. She lays on her back and raises her legs inviting Psion in. This time Psion uses his tongue to make Gala wet and moist before the real fun can begin.

” good..W..what are you doing down there..mmmm.. ” Gala moaned. In exchange Psion licked the girls clitoris and fingered her also making her wet and ready. Before he could finshed. Gala orgasmed two times over his face. This turned her face a flushed red and she weakly gave him the condom to put on.

”Please..G..G.Gala..She can take it anymore..L..lets be happy doing it together. ” She says before Psion slowly stuck his penis into the grey girl. She gasped and moaned not caring who would hear. The two laced there fingers with one another and kissed intimately so much they had little time for air. Psion began to thrust his hips into Gala,she also weakly moved her own hips and felt like she was in heaven. Each thrust after thrust Gala went from happy to ecstatic. She now kissed Psion on his cheek and wrapped her arms around his back scratching him.

”Ahhh!! Ah! Ahhhhh..P..Psi.Psion..PSION!! Aaah..mmmmmm!!!..Ohhhh!!!..mmmmmmmm!! ” The girl stammered. She was in almost pure ecstasy as Psion went a bit rougher and faster cracking the very ground the couple laid upon. This time the thrust were more violent, infrequent and rough. Gala was now enamored and so was Psion. Only focused on the moment in time. All else seem to go black and white. Nothing matter. The couple made loud grunts,moans and groans. Other sexual noises were echoed throughout the strange lands and before you know it an final hoorah.

”AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! FUCK YES!!!!! OH PSIOOOOOONNN!!!! ” Gala screamed to the high heavens. Psion also groaned his loudest groan and they
e there covered in sweat the two were exhausted along with the condom Gala gave to her partner. Its was overfilled with semen. The couple both sweaty, tired and out of breath giggled.

”!! G..Gala will drink that. ” She weakly said drinking the spilled sperm from the used condom. Psion held her hand and couldn move. He just laid in the nude happy as can be. ”Gala..That was amazing..I..Im sorry was I too rough? ” He asked concern. Gala said nothing but instead sat on her mans midsection. Confused Psion didn know what she wanted this time..well until she wiggled her grey bare jiggly butt to arouse Psion.

”Lemme..r..ride you. ” Gala softly demanded. She raised her lower body and placed Psions bare penis in her vagina. Shocked that Gala forgot the condom Psion tried to give it to her,but she threw it as far as she could. ”Mmm.mmm…uuuff. I..Gala wants to feel all of you..J..just pull out..okay..If..ya don ..aahh..luckily Gala can get prego..s.s..sooo…aahhhh!! easy. ” The horny Drenukk girl said erotically moving her hips. Psion grab her buttcheeks and slapped them making Gala more excited. This time she bounced up and down causing more noticeable cracks into the grounds. Her own thrusts not only satisfy Psion but ultimately herself. ”E..easy girl..aaahh..ooooh… hah..ho.ho..hoooohh….mmmm..y..yeah..o..on second thought..don ..stop..Im… about to bust…again!! ” Psion said.

Gala ignored him and rode his penis harder and faster. Her inner walls squeezed every drop of what he had left right out of him until she orgasmed ten times in a row. The ground under the two broke into smaller pieces after they finshed. ”AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! OOOOHHH PSIONNNNNN!! ” She yelled. Gala finally came too after being in pure ecstasy. She looked down and saw an relieved Psion who still had a death grip on her butt cheeks. She wiggled his penis out of her vagina and rested on her mans chest cuddling him.

”D..did we just have..SEX?! Um..d..did you pull out? ” Gala asked worried with both hands on her cheeks. Psion kissed her and assured her if she got pregnant hed take care of the future children theyd bring into the world. ”I did for most of it but wow..Uh..when you
e in that zone your almost uncontrollable. And..I fine that sexy. Just like you my big butt,big breasted obsidian queen. ” Psion said kissing Gala on the lips and neck. She giggled and slept on top of him. Both naked and happy they finally got all there sexual frustrations, grief or any other emotions out the way. The couple now slept in the darkness of the night until early the next morning Psion awoke in the nude alone.

”Gala? Gala? baby? Honey? Huh wonder were she went? ” He wondered. The god was still recovering from last nights endeavor and covered his penis as he went searching for Gala who wasn surprisingly far. She was just finishing bringing breakfast to the makeshift campsite and getting dressed after bathing in the nearby stream. ”Are those my boxers your wearing? And my shirt? Wow..never have I seen them fit so..perfectly. ” He says slapping Gala on the butt. She smiles and seductively takes off the boxers. This arouses Psion and excited him.

”If you want breakfast than you gotta give me dessert first hehehe. Gala was being notty. How are you gonna punish me? ” She teased with an finger. She lifted the shirt revealing her butt. She spread her cheeks and Psion moved at supersonic speeds surprising even Gala who was supposed to be faster than him. ”Oh!! well..give it to Gala..teach me a lesson hehehe. ” She failed to say seductively. Psion squeezed her butt cheeks and an whole early morning was spent with another type of breakfast on the menu.

”Haaa.Ooooooohh..Mmmm..Mmmm..Fuck..Fuck.Fuck…FUUUUUCKKKK YESSS..R.RIGHT THERE….AAAHHHHH PSI PSI!!! ” Gala lewdly shouted. Psion ejaculated in her rear and left her happy and fulfilled. She lewdly smiled and laid on the ground pleased. ”Next time Im gonna do two times my normal speed. I think Im pooped on sex for a while. Lets get you all cleaned up. ” Psion said. As he cleaned up his satisfied girlfriend. The two spent three more days in their secret location alone just so they could enjoy each others company. Both held hands,foraged for food,wood,rocks and told stories.

At the last night Gala and Psion kissed and gazed into the fired and asked each other to dance. The two did common dances known throughout Neo Shire and Junastep. They also switch to some more unorthodox styles and finally rested after being a little silly in their attempts to so salsa. They plopped to the ground and laughed in merriment.

”Gala loves Psion..Does Psion love Gala? ” She asked. ”Without an doubt in my mind. I will protect you from all dangers,evil or anything trying to hurt you. This I promise. ” He confidently said. Gala nodded and also confirmed shed do the same. They also confirmed to each other they are now officially a couple and handmade special rings were crafted by Galas strength and know how. They were made for each other to wear the materials formed with spare rocks and wood.

”Gala loves these rings Honey Bunches. Gala will never forget your kindness, your love,warmth and peace.…I..Love You. ” She warmly and cutely says. Stunned Psion never knew Gala could talk in first person instead he got used to third person. He bent over and lifted Gala off her feet making her laugh and eep in glee. Psion twirled her around as he smothered her in kisses and tickles.

”So..I Love You huh? Well..First Person Gala is really cute. You should bring her out more hehe. ” He teased Gala. Gala stuck her tongue out and kissed her new boyfriend. ”G..Gala can..G..Gala just doesn want to..Nor feels like it. We should probably get home soon..Hehe..weve been gone for long long time hehe. ” Said the giggling girl.

Psion agreed and helped pack everything before they held hands and flew back through space and soared past the mighty planets, moons,stars and asteroids. While they did fly Psion saw the ground that was once cracked into smaller pieces reform itself back into a smooth surface. ”Weird ”. He thought but no time to think for it now. Midnight was when the two finally arrived back to the Hidden Realm Base. The couple snuck inside unnoticed. Then came the part were Psion dropped Gala off at the main palace before he went on his merry way to his own individual home he shared with his mother Nea.

The couple gazed into each others eyes and smiled. They kissed each other goodnight. ”I love you GalaBear hehe. Sleep tight my Obisdian Empress. ” Psion said. Gala chuckled and blushed. ”And Gala loves you too Honey Bunches. Sleep tight my Neotic Cuddly King. ” Gala said cutely. Psion flew off and Gala floated back inside to her room. There she silently shut her door,laid down in bed and silently fangirled over Psion until the next morning.

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