The Blind Saviour:Aether Book 4

Chapter 9: The Rematch of Five Thousand Years.

”So you are the one that my lord Fafir despises the most huh? Hmm. Can see why just yet,but I am very sure he has his reasons. Enough talk though girl. Im ready when you are. ” Quronessa said guarding herself. Without any more delay. I go in for a kick,but its avoided effortlessly. Not just that one,but several more kick attempts were avoided. Its not even that this weirdo is even stronger than me,but too darn agile for her own good.

The woman slips under my legs and trips me from my feet and causes me to go off balance. She knees me right in the liver and Im stunned by this attack. I tried to block it,but to no avail. That definitely hurt like heck and I almost vomited in space right then and there. I spat out some saliva and placed my hands in front of me readying myself for the next round of attacks. ”Hmm. To think that you gave Magnolia, Vu Rachel and even Yafir trouble is beyond me. Your just an stupid girl and so far..this fight is very one-sided. ” The lady said.

I get a little angry and throw an few of my strongest hits,but they are averted with no effort. This lady kicks me in the guts and aims for the liver yet again. Kick after kick to that one spot makes me feel a bit weak and my knees feel funny. I clenched my side and timed the next liver kick appropriately. I caught the womans nimble feet and tossed her entire body backward causing her to be thrown off balance using her own momentum against her. ”Nows my chance! ” I thought. I laid one mighty hit into her back and landed my own kick into her gut causing her to be stunned and delirious just from that powerful attack alone.

The woman in the black and purple bodysuit stumbled a bit as she was getting adjusted to floating in space, but its almost like my hits did absolutely nothing to her. She was just astonished. Using her left hand to wipe away the saliva that left her mouth. She grinned and smiled. ” that really all you got. You put on this show to were your oh so strong and mighty,yet you haven even scratched me. Meanwhile I nearly incapacitated you just then by those liver hits. ” The woman said following with an grapple move.

She warped behind me and squeezed so tight it felt like my bones were gonna burst. I screamed and clenched my hands as the pain only grew. However sense I was stronger. I used my own space gliding and flying skills to my advantage. ”I..I can lose this easily..So Im gonna take you on a ride. Bodysuit lady. ” I wearily smirked. Confused the woman held on as we went at such speeds it should be incomprehensible. We went around in circles and circles, speedily soring past stars and moons along with asteroids hurtling towards us.

Thats when I got the idea. With all my remaining energy I dashed to the biggest and nearest asteroid,breaking the womans hold on impact as soon as we landed. The large rock itself now had massive cracks all over it and the woman and I were alone to fight. ” thats your game huh,well seeing as how Ill win this,I don suppose I tell you my name. After all once Im done with you. You won even remember it. ” The unseemingly damaged lady said. In fact its like she just shook off the collison like it was nothing.

Meanwhile I was a little bruised and stumbled to my feet. Before I could stand fully. The woman body slammed me into the asteroid and started pummeling me into the very core of the flying rock itself. Once she finished she picked me up my neck and squeezed slightly. ”Aww whats the matter huh? Gonna cry? Gonna call for Momma? Well they can help you now can they? My name is Quronessa. I am the Commander of the Fafir Order and what really ticks me off is not the subordinates,nor the citizens of Neo or even the misguided who follow Nea,but brats like you. Brats who think they can go against the natural order of things. Now be a good girl and give up while you still can or this is gonna get worse than needed. ” The woman said.

I struggled to get free from this ladies newfound strength. She wasn this strong an few minutes ago, but now..I had no idea. Quronessa mistook me trying to gasp for air as a sign of protest. So she smashed me into the ground. Punching,kicking,stomping and even jumping on me to her was a sign of punishment. Thankfully I was in my Blue Aether form. We warped back to the place I met Quronessa. Only this time. If I had a mirror I don think Id be looking good.

”G…gaaaaaahhh.. ”I yelled as the woman yanked my hair. I did try to strike back but my hits grew weaker as this fight went on. The commander laughed at me, spat on my face and twisted my arms making me scream in pain. The pain was enough for me to descend back to my normal state giving my true self away. ”Ohhhh. So you can transform huh? Hehe. Well Luna. I have orders to take you in. Lord Fafir is gonna love you being his prisoner. Or better yet I hope he allows me to torture you until your buddies in that realm over there can get you out. Hows that sound hmm? ” Quronessa taunted. I sneered at her and the woman punched me so hard she broke my nose causing me to tear up and cry. She pinched my cheeks and grabbed an camera of sorts turning it on.

On the inside. Im sure Silvia and the others were afriad, but I didn want them to be put in danger. So I had hoped whatever Fafir or this woman was planning. Wasn too grevious. I saw the woman talk to the camera mocking all the inhabitants claiming I have been defeated. ”You see Hidden Realm dwellers,your little Luna couldn do a thing,oh she tried,but failed. Let it be known. Your saviour couldn save herself. And as a consequence for such a action. Fafir demands she be taken as prisoner. If you want her. You better come to the rescue. Tootle loo. ” The stupid commander said.

She squeezed my arms behind me and yanked my hair again. This time My ankles and wrists were bound in these special handcuffs and chains. They sapped away at my power and made me feel weak. I began to cry and ball in tears hoping that they got the message. Otherwise I would be subjected to horrible things. Im just too scared to think of what they are.

Meanwhile in the Hidden Realm Nea organized all the inhabitants and went over what was just seen. ”So they took Luna away. Great just great and how are we gonna get her back? ” Skyra said. She paced back and forth. Silvia was very upset and worried. She hugged a anxious Gala and hoped for the best. As the other deities were hatching an plan. Ember thought of sneaking out with only a sword,shield and a determined look on her face. She thought thatd be enough to rescue her black haired buddy and shut Fafir down once and for all. Ivanka stopped her though and ceased the fruitless panicking.

”Listen everyone we all saw her get her butt handed to her not once, but twice. Shes always done her best for us and now Fafir once again found us. I say we give those remaining ships a piece of our mind. Not only that,but commandeer one of those ships so we can zip back to Neo pronto. Now whos with me? ” The pink haired dragon girl said. The others looked at her for a few moments but turned back to the small huddle group they formed. Ivanka just sharpened her sword and saw a white space ship just out in the open ready to be destroyed.

”But first..Skyras Space technique. If we all can learn it,then those fools won know what hit em. Hold on Luna were coming. ” She said. As the lead space ship returned to Neo. Luna was forced to wear a black robe over her entire body. She was weak,tired and delirious from the several bumps she endured for her disobedience to the soldiers as she was on the ship. A special cell room was placed all just for her. There Quronessa dismissed her men and handled Luna her own way.

”Well well well. This ain ya first time being captured huh? Well. Though I know Fafir did something horrible to you the first time,and the and him,had a lofty experience. This time. Ill just leave you here in this lonely,desolate room all alone. But where are my manners. Lets get you out of those robes. ” The commander teased. She walked towards an angry Luna who was kicked to her back and slammed up against the wall for being insubordinate as Quronessa was trying to help her. Or so it seemed. In truth. Luna was humiliated. She had the robes and her clothes ripped and torn until she was in nothing but her underwear. Embarrassed she wanted to cover her shame but due to the handcuffs she was in a awkward position making it unpleasant to do so.

Quronessa mocked her and spat on her. To her Luna was just lesser than the animals. Even worse than a rapist and a pedophile put together. She abhorred her existence and wished to end the girls life, but under strict order. She was not allowed too. A few days later. The commander approached Fafir with the ponytail of Luna that she cut in the middle of the night. Pledging her allegiance to Fafir. The Beast God has to see this for himself. Immediately he was escorted down a long corridor. Behind a massive steel door led to Lunas glass and stone prison. There she sat angry,ashamed and a little afriad.

”My lord. Luna Hrotha once again captured and well fed of course. Unless you desire something different for her? ” Quronessa asked. Fafir smiled and smirked and folded his arms and had Luna be dressed in brown rugged clothes. ”She will be here until she learns that I and only I can save this world from itself. See that she is taught that lesson. What ever means nessacary. Just don kill her. ” He said turning his back and leaving.

Quronessa waited a few minutes to ensure he left and opened Lunas cell slapping her and ripping off her clothes yet again. Luna yelled and screamed,but was beaten more for her apparent resistance. ”No matter we have forever to get you straight. Now if you be a good girl. Ill get those handcuffs off you. If you be a BETTER girl. Ill see what I can do to make sure you don stay here forever. Got me? ” Quronessa asked. Luna nodded and was given water to drink.

”Good girl. Now on your knees and bark for me dog. ” The commander demanded. Humiliated Luna did so weakly but acceptable to the commander. She had Luna do this three more times. ”Good girl. Hehe. So cute. Now come here. ” She said having Luna kneel before her. She undid the handcuffs and the ankle cuffs. With this Luna was just relieved to no longer be in a stressful situation.

”See was that bad? Keep that up and maybe just maybe. Ill feed you more than two bowls a day. If you don , youll get a beating and Ill shave you bald. Got it? ” Quronessa asked. Luna frantically nodded but was slapped to the floor. ”You SPEAK dog! Say yes my queen! ” The woman demanded. Luna slowly rose and wiped the blood from her lip. She muster up the strength to utter those words. ” queen. ” Said the weary girl. Quronessa left her in the darkness and made sure she would break Luna in new and twisted ways. One way was to turn the heat up in her cell so high, Luna nearly fainted until she screamed just to avoid the heat exhaustion. Sadly it didn matter. Lunas wounds eventually healed themselves and though her hair was short. She felt angrier than ever before. Literally on her first night Quronessa would make her do such horrible things it was downright cruel.

”Good good. Perfect you wretched fool. You deserve more than this. But oh well. No food tonight. I said a dog licks themselves clean. You couldn even try. Pathetic. Just for that. Im gonna take away tomorrows portion also. Stupid mutt. ” The woman muttered. Luna dropped to the ground and laid there in just her underwear. She hoped that something was happening to get her out of there. If not..she feared something terrible would happen.

”Only one day,but..I..I.gotta stay strong..For. Neo,Mom,Grandma and everyone. ” Luna uttered before falling asleep. When she awoke. She was sprayed with a burst of cold water causing her to jolt upward to her feet. Quronessa told her to face the wall and take her bra and panties off. ”Bath time prisoner. From now on. You don even have a name. You
e now referred to Fafirs bitch. And to show you whose in charge here. Im giving you ten spankings on each butt cheek. If you even scream, cry or mumble at all. Im whipping you with this hose. Ya got it!? ” The commander yelled. Luna responded with am nod.

The ten spankings began and secretly Lunas masochistic side was indeed turned on by this. But she knew she had to stay focus. If she happened to moan from this,it could spell big trouble for her. Each spanking made her want to moan more and more. ”Look at that jiggle. You got a fatty girl hehe. Heh. Well..I know one thing you better not be wet in between your legs cause if you are. Im getting the whip. Thatll learn ya some discipline. Quronessa said smacking the purple girls nude butt.

She spread Lunas legs open and cleaned her private parts all the way to head to toe. Luna internally was loving the touch of a woman, but it only saddened her. She missed Silvia and tears streamed down her face. The commander caught wind of this and kissed the girls neck. ”They never cared about you girl,in fact Fafir is the one who wants to save you,why do you think he sent us? To take you away from those people. Instead they sent you to the wolves hehehe. Your all clean by the way,but no clothes or undies tonight. Ill come back in the morning when you decide whos right in your eyes. ” Said the arrogant commander she outright stole Lunas panties and bra and left the room. Luna sat there in the nude and couldn hold it in anymore. He sexual lust was too much.

She slowly and gradually felt her own body. Each touch made her feel more and more alive. This led to mastrubation within that clear cell. The girl didn care if she was being watched she just needed to release at that moment. Once the deed was done. She looked at the night sky. The cell darkened once more and only a miracle could save her. ”Please come..I..I..need help..Please. ” She prayed and cried.

The following day. A female solider tossed Luna five bowls of porridge and rice. She thanked them and greeted Quronessa who inspected her prison while Luna was eating. ”All clean my little pet. However Fafir may have not stated this,but I have to mark you. Lets see hmm. ” The commander thought for a moment and set her sights to Lunas rear. Thatll do. Stick out your butt girl! ” The commander ordered Luna. Scared and afraid. Luna did so in fear. She caught the sight of a cattle prod. There she was going to be branded as Fafirs property forever. The look on Lunas face screamed despair and she tried to scamper away,but to no avail. The commander sat on top of Luna and branded her left butt cheek with the hot scorching touch of the iron. Luna was in heavenly ecstasy, thankfully her masochistism was so powerful to her it wasn even painful,but sadly did get her in trouble.

”A..are you getting turned on by this you sick freak? D..did you just moan? ” The woman asks kicking her in her side. She turned Luna over to her back and saw in between her legs. The girl was soaking wet. An look of pure pleasure and relief was on Lunas face. She was so into it,she dared asked for more punishment.

”D…do it again Mommy Quronessa. Punish this oh so naughty..naughty girl… mmmmmm. ” Said an heavily enamoured Luna. This creeped the commander out and she slapped Luna. She ran away and closed Lunas cell. Once she left Luna snapped out of it and realized what just happened.

”Hehehe. Thatll show her..I can feel my left butt cheek. Mmm..I did enjoy how she dominated me though. No use hiding it any more. Im a total bottom..if not a power bottom. Maybe theyll give me more rewards. Mmmmm..I hope she comes back. Ive been very naughty hehehehe. ” The girl laughed erotically. In truth once Fafir recieved this news and saw the uncomfortable Quronessa he wonder just how can they get there point across when there enemy ENJOYS displeasure and pain.

”That FREAK I swear shed molest me if she could my lord. I..I don know if I can go back there. What should I do? ” The scared commander asked. Fafir placed a hand on her shoulder and hugged her. ”Have patience with Luna. For soon I predict Galastrom fighting Numanag will demotivate her. Speaking of. How goes the thawing process my science wing? ” The Beast God asked. ”About seventy five percent sir. The tail is very powerful and shes more than likely hungry. Well update you soon. Science Wing out. ” The call ended briefly as Fafir watched his former nemesis just sit in one corner. He himself took todays routine check up as a chance to convince Luna to turn to his side yet again.

”I will give you the break you desire Quronessa. For three days,I will see to this troublesome nuisance for myself. ” Said Fafir. He went to the elevator and entered a dark hallway. There once he turned on the lights an rather healthy and fully awake Luna greeted him by bowing. ”Welcome to my humble abode. I apologize if its not the best,but..I only have so much stuff to tend do. ” The girl said. Having to noticed the color of her eyes have started to fade slightly he gently opened the cell and grabbed her small hands.

”Stay still okay. Just relax. ” The deity said. He stroke her head and looked in her eyes. ”Luna..can you still see? ” He asked. Luna smiled and skipped in a circle playfully. ” believe I can hehe..I mean here on Neo its been like what five days already and I had nothing but sleep,excercises and wall humping to do. Oh and using the ladies room in that hole over there. ”She pointed to the left though the hole was right of her. Fafir was worried,was the fact that those special handcuffs the result of her losing her powers and sight? The Beast God sat her down on the floor and brought a brush out of his pocket and brushed her hair.

”Am I a good girl? I..I tried my best and..I.I hope it made you happy. ” Luna said possible unaware of whose even in her cell with her. Fafir for the next two days bathe and cleaned her like a father to his child. He pampered Luna quite a bit,but it was temporary. ”Quronessa is returning from her break my Luna. I do hope your ready to pick back up on your normal routine. Tell her none of what happen understand? ” He asked the girl.

The girl started talking to herself and played with the air. She didn really seem like she knew what was going on. There once he was getting ready to leave. He ripped the camera out the top corner of Lunas cell and kissed Luna on the forehead. ”I understand. Thank you for your kindness Fafir. ” Said Luna. This stopped the deity in his tracks. He smiled and kept moving.

Quronessa appeared at the entrance and met her lord,the two exchanged information on Luna and had her be monitored daily now. No breaks were allowed for the angry commander. She opened Lunas cell and clean the potty hole. ”Ewww. This all came from vermin like you huh? Well. Stay that way bathing time will be in a few seconds oh..and your new name will be FP-001 or just 001. You will answer to this name and this name only,Luna never existed. Once you forget that. The sooner Ill see when Fafir will set you free. ” The woman said retching at the very sight of Lunas excrement.

”Very well Mommy Quronessa. Punish me with that water. Sprinkle it on this dirty,messy,filthy girllll. ” Luna teased. She was enjoying making Quronessa uncomfortable. The woman smacked her arm with a switch and her exposed butt with a paddle. Luna moaned in ecstasy and shaked her butt almost as she wanted more.

”Stop getting turned on by this!! Its supposed to be your punishment. Wait..d..did you rip the camera out the ceiling 001?! Thats it. Im getting the studded padded. See how you like that one. Hands on the wall 001! ” The commander yelled. Luna did as such and awaited her new punishment. WHACK!! ”Mmm!!! ” The girl moaned deeply with glee. WHACK!! Quronessa hit the back of the girls thighs. ”Ooooooooh yeah!! ” Luna shouted with joy. WHACK!! … WHACK!.. WHACK! Each time Luna was spanked with this paddle it did the opposite of what youd expect for an normal person.

If Lunas masochism wasn already closeted and held within before. It was now out and fully revealed to the whole Red Palace. Quronessa was tired, but Luna. Luna was soaked in between her legs,part of the wall she stood in front of was also damp. The commander was disgusted by this erotic look on her supposed prisoners face. ”Stop doing that face you pervert!!! Ill make sure you never eat again if you keep this up. I wanna see you beg and grovel and plead. ” The commander yelled at Luna. She snapped out of her ecstasy high and started to feel the after effects of pain. Only this time it made her giggle instead of cry.

”My apologies..I..its just been a while sense I had the touch of a woman..or anyone for that matter.. ” Luna said trying to seduce the commander. This gave her the idea. She figured if Luna wanted to be sexually satisfied shed do the opposite. ”Hmm..Ya know what,sense you enjoy my verbal and physical beatings so much. Im gonna now take those away from you. In stead Ill treat you like a princess. Pfft. As if. Youll never be getting any if you act like this. Im gonna take a nap you do what ever a good girl does. ”The tired commander ordered.

”Oww..she may have hit a little too hard, but man it feels oh soooo gooddd..ooh I hope I get more ”treatment ” tomorrow. ” The girl said. As she laid down on the ground she heard rushing water underneath her cell,she had no idea this was a thing. Than again Neo was filled with mystery and wonders Luna has never seen. In secret when no one was around Luna would meditate and exercise her body. Each time her hope would dwindle thought. The days seem to turn into weeks and soon. Our heroine Luna fell into depression. Everything to her seemed to be old and ordinary. Not even the punishments excited her anymore. Until she saw the special handcuffs that sapped her power away. Shed figure if she could break those,she could have her revenge.

”That could be a trap though its way too easy. Hmm..Worth a shot though. ” The girl said. When nightfall came. The faint green glow of these special handcuffs gave it away. Luna learned telekinesis. A power only few deities knew of. Ever so carefully she slipped them past two guards that took Quronessas place. She gently placed them down in her cell and remembered a code the guards put in.

”001..7..4.8. Aha!! They opened. Now all I gotta do is..uh oh. ” She says as the guards awoken and held spear tips to her neck. Luckily when they snatched the handcuffs from her they broke on impact and Luna was once again empowered. However she couldn let the guards know that. So she endured getting beaten and whipped along with the occasional groping from several guards. Not to say she didn enjoy it. Her masochistic ways just made the guards the more uncomfortable. Eventually no guards would dare go to that cell.

”Soon..very soon..I will get outta here. And when I do..Oh hoho. There will be Hexus to pay. ” The girl would evily say to herself every night as she slept. She just knew that when the time is right shed wreak havoc.

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