The Blind Saviour:Aether Book 4

Chapter 10: What Happens Now?

”Whoa..ggh.. not good. ” Says a minorly scratched Galastrom. She was sent head first into the Nameless Realm and soon followed the great beast Numanag. A colossal crash echoed across the purple abyss. The beast once its large head and reeled its massive body preparing an attack for its powerful foe. Galastrom stood tall and without fear,instead she crossed her arms and started chuckling to herself.

”W..whats so funny huh? Don you see that Fafir has sent us to the very place you died all those years ago? ” Numanag said thrashing its massive tail into a few crumbling buildings. Galastrom said no words she just stood there and looked all around her. Decaying land,broken buildings with nothing but a purple void for miles on end. That and a few steady platforms that floated. Without warning the great serpent stroke the gray woman into a nearby building. Numanag laughed and followed up with a few more slow yet heavy strikes.

”Haha. Whats the matter girl? Does this place bring any sort of memories to you hmmm? It sure does to me hehehe. Lets see. Didn you have a few warriors along side you? ” The beast taunted. This touched a nerve. Galastrom was a little dirtied up but rose just fine from the crumbling debris,she used her mighty strength to tear of a wall of another decaying building and hit Numanag with it. The beast felt nothing and wrapped itself around Galastrom beginning to squeeze tighter and tighter until our grey heroine was trapped.

”Gaaaaaahhh!! L..lemme go ya big stupid snake!!! ” Galastrom yelled. Numanag just squeezed a little bit tighter. ”No no noooooo. Now why would I do that hmmmm? You so foolishly came to my lords palace all because of me. Sigh. Im touched. Five thousand years ago I had no idea you were with child,Id eaten you and her whole if that were the case. Regardless, she won have a Momma anytime soon. Now SUBMIT!! ” Numanag yelled squeezing the woman more. Galastrom let out a loud cry. She was in immense pain. Pain so great it made Lunas previous punches pail in comparison. When Galastrom was training Luna she barely felt anything,that is until she saw the girl transform into an higher state of power.

While she remembered this,the woman clenches her hands real tight and slips from the massive serpents grip. She flys under the beast and throws it with all her might into the ground breaking the platform the two once stood. ”DONT YOU BRING UP MY DAUGHTER!!! DONT YOU BRING UP THE PAST AND MOST OF ALL NUMANAG…DONT YOU BRING UP THE DRENUKKS YOU KILLED!!! ” Said a angry Galastrom. Her punches now had more umph to them then before. Each hit was heavier and faster than the last.

The beast was now force to actually defend itself. In the midst of its beatdown. Numanag used its amazing reflexes to catch the womans fists. Such a speed seemed impossible for a snake larger than a house,yet this creature did it with ease. Almost as if it was playing with her. ”W..what the world? I..I for sure thought I was just winning? You never moved that fast before!! ” Galastrom exclaimed. Taking advantage of her brief astonishment, Numanag swiftly wrapped its tail around the womans throat choking her until she gave up. ”Your right, for the duration of this little so called ”fight ” I have been deceiving you. You honestly thought you could beat me,well heres a secret. Five thousand years ago when you were just nineteen years old. I willingly let you THINK you could even have a slim chance on defeating me.

But what you don realize is this girl. I am FAFIRS mightiest and greatest creation. NONE and I mean absolutely NONE can defeat me. Not those stupid Drenukk warriors, Not your husband who I devoured and crapped out several days later,Your daughter or even you. Your all just fodder in the grand scheme of things heheh. ” The beast smirked. It mocked Galastroms attempts to release its mighty grip. Thankfully due to it being dissatisfied with its rival. Numanag tossed Galastrom hard into the ground former a crater.

The beast slithered as any snake would and leered over its damaged nemesis. Galastrom was for the first time in a short while hurt,besides when Luna fought her,this woman was otherwise invincible and unstoppable. Angry at herself. The woman slowly carried herself to her feet just to be swiped at full velocity by the massive snake. She flew through three walls breaking them in the process. They piled down on her and presumably crushed her. Fortunately, though she was injured Galastrom protected most of her body. The woman weakly moved pieces or brick and rock of her body and limped to the towering beast.

”You gotten soft over the years huh? I..I thought ya hit way harder than that? ” The woman said spitting out blood. Numanag wrapped its tail around Galastroms ankles and slammed her face first into the ground over and over again making sure she felt the pain and utter humiliation that it felt years ago. Once Numanag finshed two large fangs retracted from the two upper corners of its mouth. They were large and intimidating. Black venom dripped unto the ground destroying it with a acidic touch. Galastrom happened to noticed this and rushed back to her feet wincing in pain a little from her previous injury.

”New ability huh? Damn Fafir,always up to something. Pfft..figures,when your not pillaging towns and villages or bedding women your fulfilling your sick and twisted desires into poor innocent animals. But Numanag, your just a abomination altogether. Come on. ” Galastrom said preparing a stance. The beast launched itself at Galastrom. She dodged left,right, up and down. With some close calls. The beast was terrifyingly faster than before and was only missing by a split second. This didn last long as Galastrom was planning to cause the beast to hit its head into a massive wall, she miscalculated however and was smacked into it. Numanag than had the perfect opportunity to bite its most hated enemy.

Yet the beast stopped. It saw a unconscious Galastrom fall like a feather from an high place. Unbeknownst to even itself. The beast began to slither and fly through the air so elegantly it was as if it was a cloud. The beast wrapped itself around Galastrom and carried itself and her to safety from the crumbling wall that was about to do Galastrom in. What seemed like a few hours was only mere moments when the grey skinned woman awoke to the peering pink eyes of her ancient rival. ” saved me? B..but why? I thought you hated me?! ” The woman asked confused.

The serpent said nothing but instead wrapped its tail around Galastrom who this time did not hesitate. ”Make no mistake Galastrom. I will kill you,but only when its most appropriate. I rather you not keel over to the environment around us or lack thereof. Now let us continue this battle. I intend to leave no trace of you. ” The beast growled reeling its entire body back. Galastrom still injured readied herself. The two collided and the platform they once stood was reduced to mere pebbles.

An all out epic battle was indeed taking place. Strange thing was in the midst of Lunas dreams,sleep or even her down time she felt the vibrations of this battle. Every stone that was broken in the Nameless Realm equaled to a hour passing, while every successful punch,kick,grapple, bite or whatever technique was happening,it all equaled mere minutes. By the time Galastrom and Numanag finshed there fight. Both were breathing heavily. Galastrom more than Numanag. The woman had two large scars on each side of her midsection. They resembled sword strikes.

Galastrom was feeling a bit weak and wanted to keep fighting the beast who seemed injure. Sadly due to being Fafirs creation and also being watched by the Lord of Beasts himself. Numanag was completley healed of any internal or external wounds. In secret Fafir would watch on his television screen as the fight unfold. He was very proud to see his former foe in such a tight spot.

Shocked and frustrated. Galastrom was not having it. She foolishly went to fight a fully healed Numanag. THWACK !! One full powered swipe was all it took to completely wound the grey skinned woman. She was sent so far in fact she was careening into a nearby wall. Within such a short enough time. It was disorienting. Blood spilled from her mouth,her once beautiful black dress was nothing but a few pieces of tattered rags. They didn do much in covering her wounded body. Surprise to learn Numanag could fly and slither towards her as such insane speeds this worried Galastrom. She was already not doing so hot and now she had to practically fight for her life.

”W..won be easy..I can barely feel my leg,let alone my arms. Think Numanag got me with its venom. ” The wounded girl said. Unfortunately Numanag took a massive bite into Galastrom causing such a immense pain her left collar bone was shattered from the bite force. The beast didn stop there. It bit Galastroms already damaged leg and swung her around by it breaking it in the process. The woman howled and cried in pain.

”AAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!! ” Galastrom cried. In fact thats all she could do. She was unable to move her left shoulder and arm nor her left leg. It was completely mangled and broken. The woman fought hard for so long yet it seemed like she was about to truly meet her maker. The leering beast peered at her and only gazed. Numanag licked its lips looking only this time to leave a permanent scar.

”Time to pay up for five thousand years of embarrassment. But before I do hehe. Realize this Gail. No one cares about you,no one loves you enough to come and save you from your fate. Theyd be wise not to interfere. Look at you..pathetic. Tears in your eyes and you have a broken shoulder, busted lip,two large slice gashes and a broken leg. Tsk..tsk. I didn want it to end this way butttt. Duty calls. Ill give you three seconds to pray to your gods. That is..IF THEY HAVENT ABANDONED YOU. ” Said the beast in a mocking tone.

Galastrom did just that. She happened to catch Neas attention out of all the deities. They were searching for Galastrom all day in fact coincidentally or so it seemed. Without even saying a word. Galastrom ended her three second pray. Numanag couldn help but laugh at her. The beast slapped her and striped her naked. She covered herself and was humiliated. Shame now loomed over her,not only that but she was ready to accept her defeat. Numanag ceased its mocking and prepared the death blow. But first.

”You owe me this one girl! ” The beast exclaimed. It launched at her already mangled leg and bit down hard looking to rip it clean off. Galastrom yelled so loud her voice became hoarse. Though she did at one point have the strength to save herself. It quickly faded as the fight went on now she was helpless. Her screams pleased Fafir and the beast Numanag was also happy Bones,sinews,muscles,skin,nerves and flesh were ripped clean off from that left leg. Stun and in shock. Galastrom felt lightheaded and had no words to say.

All that she could do was watch the beast devour her left leg. Blood spilled from the stump and there she fainted. Eyes close and prepared for the end. Though Galastrom did not know it her time was not yet done. A flash of light so bright came and suddenly the loud roar of Numanag was heard. What followed next was silence. Galastrom laid in the same spot for who knows how long. She was barely alive and longed for death yet it did not come.

”Hold on..Well get ya home. Just don move okay? ” Said a familiar voice. The person carried a severely wounded Galastrom back to the Hidden Base there she thankfully had her leg reattached after it was untangled and de-contorted. Days past sense that fight, brutal yes,but it did teach Galastrom a lot. She came to and saw her daughter Gala resting on her lap.

”I..almost left you again..Well..I am so sorry. I should have taken you with me instead..I am such a fool. Can you ever forgive me my little G..g..Gala Bean? ” The woman said crying. Gala woke up and laughed. She hugged her Momma who was still in tears. ”Ye. Gala forgive Momma,But Gala saved you. Gala strong and Gala smart. Not just because of Mommy Silvia and Mommy, Youse Galas real Mommy and Gala..G..Gala loves you. ” The small girl said cutely. This made Galastrom snicker and cry some more.

She hugged her four foot five daughter and kissed her head while combing her beautiful long straight black hair. To Galastrom, Gala was her will to live and now that she had met Luna and company, shed figured it is her that has a lot to learn.

”Big snakey did a number on your leggy Momma. But Gala did her best to re asnatched it. ” Gala said confidently.

”You mean re ATTACHED babes? ” Galastrom corrected the clueless girl. Gala just nodded and had her adoptive great grandmother Umi heal the rest of the damage.

Meanwhile Gala always floated to the edge of space and the Hidden Base as each day went by,she had faith that one day Luna and her would be indeed united again. Hopefully very soon.

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