The Bloody Count

Meets The Fear

There is a reason Harlian just wanted to escape from Calios, it was all because he had to save his property as much as possible. Because if he can carry as much of his treasures as possible, he will find it difficult to live in other places, let alone a neighboring or enemy kingdom.

Harlian knew very well that his territory had been isolated, becoming a territory that would really die and he would also die slowly here, if it weren for disease, of course, because of starving to death.

Harlian had made a choice, because he was the richest merchant here, if he just moved out without wanting to behave as a person who could help the territory, he would die.

There are laws in the empire for those who have a great responsibility to be responsible. Because Harlian is a gigantic sword, he has become the chairman of the merchant in Calios. It means that he is responsible.

For this reason, Harlian felt very unlucky to meet Kalden, it was the same as him being caught making a big mistake.

”so? ”

The question gave Harlian and Merry goose bumps, they couldn dodge it anymore.

”Ill find out about this matter, and you guys will be responsible for what you guys do. ” Kalden stood up, and he walked leisurely up through the stairs that Harlian and Merry immediately followed.

They immediately showed the room for Kalden to rest. After Kalden walked into the room, the two of them looked at each other with pale faces.

”Since its you who wants to bring all the treasures, I told you to leave immediately. ” Merry spoke in a low, resentful voice at Harlian biting her lip.

It still widened his eyes in shock, and they couldn do anything because it was so late now.

”If I don bring all the treasures, can you live a simple life without buying gems?! ” Harlian pointed at his wife, he also felt very dizzy by the matter that attacked him.

He stepped his feet with heavy footsteps like a running pig.

Kalden stood by the window. He looked towards the outside of the window, the cool breeze that came in did not bring the slightest calmness.

”Shye, find out about everything and investigate about their wheat fields and who they interact with. ”

”Okay, Count. ” After answering from where she was standing, which was behind the door of Kaldens room, Shye immediately disappeared from where she was standing earlier.


Kalden appeared at the dinner table, and there were four people waiting for him, the other two people he had met just now, and the other two people were the two daughters of Harlian.

They wore brightly colored dresses that were so conspicuous, Kalden didn see their faces in the slightest. And at the very front of the dining table Kalden sat there, and he looked towards the front, those violet-colored eyes staring coldly at Harlian who made him get goose bumps.

”Hope you like the simple food in this house, Count. ”

Harlian even stammered when he said it, his sweat oozing from his forehead. All of them felt the tension that was so pronounced

Kalden cut his steak calmly. And after he had only chewed a few times of her food, Harlian again opened his mouth to talk.

”Youve gotten into adulthood, and youve made a lot of incredible things. ” Harlian tried to smile when he said it, while Kalden twisted the wine in the glass he was holding. He heard all of Harlians meaningless remarks.

Harlian went back to talk about other nonsense.

”My two daughters are now at an age ready to marry, Count. Maybe if you want to— ”

”Harlian. ”

The cold voice directly stopped Harlian from saying anything more, she directly locked her mouth so as not to say anything bad that could make Kalden raging.

”Youd better just be prepared with your punishment. ” Kalden wiped his mouth and walked away from there. Leaving the four of them so pale, their expressions now look more gloomy than before.

Harlians daughters bit their lips, they trembled with fright. Although Kaldens face is actually handsome, with Kaldens attitude and rumors, it makes them not want to be with Kalden. It was terrible for them, like facing the gallows head-on.

”Damn illegitimate child…. ”

Hearing that Kalden stopped his footsteps in front of the huge brown door, Kalden turned around and quickly disappeared. He had been behind Halrian with his gloved hands, holding Harlians shoulders.

His sword was on Harlians neck, Harlian felt the coldness of the sword touching his neck. It made Harlian paler and paler. Everyone who was there was shocked, they almost screamed but Kaldens glance at the eyes made them unable to scream.

”You said Im an illegitimate child? ” Kaldens voice frightened Harlian. He was sure that he had said it quietly just now. How could this Kalden who had been away from him hear what he said?

Harlians eyes trembled violently. It made him shiver with fright, the sword was pressed even more tightly, making a wound on Harlians neck that made Harlian so panicked.

”Im sorry, Count… sorry… Give me another chance ”

Kalden rolled his eyes towards Harlian and it made Harlians heart even more irregular. Kalden drew his sword from Harlians neck, which relieved Harlian for a few seconds.


But then the tip of Kaldens sword cut off Harlians finger, which made Harlian scream strongly. Blood was gushing from Harlians fingers, four of his fingers had been lost in half and that made the three women who were there scream and cry. They hugged their own bodies, they could die after this.

”huuuu… don me.. please… ” A woman who was one of Harlian and Merrys children fell to the floor, she cried heavily by pulling her hair quite hard.

She lowered her head and crossed her knees in fright.

Kalden didn care about what he was doing, he looked at Harlian with his extremely cold eyes.

”I will kill you so cruelly because of your words. ”

Kalden left them. After he walked out of the big door of the dining room, everyone who was there screamed in fright and was extremely panicked.

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