The Bloody Count

Calios\'s Problem

Kalden looked at the wheat field in front of him, he touched the wheat and at that moment the black wheat fell directly. The field in front of him can no longer be saved judging from the severity of the disease.

”Count, Harlian one month ago visited the largest ship trade in the southeastern part of the kingdom together with his family. There are rumors that say the ship trade is just a cover to hide what they want. ”

Kalden looked at Shye.

”You mean? ”

”They say that it has to do with the back world or illegal business. ” Shye explained further to the Count she served.

”Looking at the house and assets owned by Harlian, don forget to check the assets using his other surnames. Its possible that its in a place away from the crowd. ”

Shye nodded his head, the two of them walking as the sun had become ruddy. After walking from the Harlian wheat shed, the two of them arrived in the city center, soon the evening would come, those who were frightened immediately locked themselves in the house, fearing that they would be exposed to the dance of death.

”Count, are we not back now? ”

Kalden didn answer Shyes question, he kept walking until it was in the middle of the city center, he sat quietly on a bench in front of the surviving fountain. This city has become a terrifying dead city.

Kalden calmly waited for the sun to completely dissipate, with his solitude, he felt a strange thing from the air that existed in this city. He felt that the air in this city, which was a fertile territory, had become drier, and that shouldn have happened.

”Shut your nose, Shye. ”

Shye immediately obeyed what was said by Kalden, he did not feel anything and smelled a strange fragrance. Why did the master tell him to shut his mouth?

But Shye obeyed Kalden, he covered her nose with a handkerchief, because he knew from a long time ago Kalden was not an ordinary child, he had a lot of very terrible things, more than all the fingers he had.

The air was getting colder and the two of them were still in the city center quietly. Observing what will happen next.

Kalden stood up, he started walking, and this time away from the city center, in the part that went into the alley, there was a very terrifying screaming sound.

”Stop it! Please stop me! ”

”No! I don want to die! ”

The screaming sound consisted of two people, men and women, Kalden looked towards the small house that was at the end of the alley, he approached and opened the door of their open house.

Kalden and Shye could clearly see that the man and woman were pulling with our agile movements. They screamed in tears, they understood that they would definitely die next because of this attack.

The full moon in the sky made the night atmosphere even more tense. Not only that, now the two of the frightened two of them looked at Kalden.

”Sir please stop this.. please… ”

The woman cried in the face of Kalden, and Kalden actually granted what the woman asked, he quickly interrupted the womans two legs directly so that she could stop the dance of death.


The woman screamed so loudly that it was deafening, she had indeed stopped but she became disabled, blood profusely flowing from her two truncated legs. The woman cried and looked at Kalden, she did ask to be stopped but not Like this.

Shye who saw the aoa gang being done by Kalden was so shocked. Without the slightest hesitation Kalden interrupted the womans leg.

Then Kalden looked at the man in front of them who was still waiting and crying. Seeing Kalden getting closer and closer, the man shouted.


He screamed and as before, Kalden quickly cut off the mans legs and the man fell heavily on the floor of his house. The house has become a place full of blood that makes Shyes jaw unable to move. He was speechless in the confusion to do anything, Shye really didn know what to do for the thing done by his master.

”treat them, and if they want to die then kill them quickly. ”

Kalden exits the house and leaves Shye who faces two people who have now become disabled.

Under the moonlight, Kalden turned his head up, staring at the big moon above his face.

His violet eyes flashed with red, such sharp cold eyes that made anyone frightened.

The night of terror was over and what Kalden did was spread to anyone in Calios, they knew that Kalden was a cruel cold figure who was often considered like a monster. But they really didn expect that the rumors were true, moreover, Kalden was so young that it made them doubt the cruelty to Kalden.

In the end the two people chose death over living their lives to be disabled people. Kalden only hastened their deaths.

However, although the news of Kaldens crimes was spread, there were also good things that Kalden confirmed.

Kalden gave orders that they cover their noses using thick masks, because in the night air there were spores that could interfere with their sanity so that they would dance to death.

The biggest news made everyone who was there very quickly make masks and look for them, they wanted to live quietly at night.

Before Kalden found out the cause, he also observed the house of the couple, the day before the house was damaged by strong winds that damaged their house making more air enter, so they were affected faster than others.

”Count, I have already executed your order. ”

Kalden glanced at Shye who was in front of him. Then put his warm tea on the table quietly.

”Good. ”

Kalden stood up from his place, he felt such an annoying boredom. Being in a place that doesn know about status is what he has to affirm.

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