The Bloody Count

The Grey Sky




Very noisy. In the middle of the city, a man was dragged because he had angered a nobleman. The noblemans gaze was distant with rolling eyes as someone whispered something to his friend, trying to criticize what a black-haired nobleman was doing.

His gaze instantly made them silent. Anyone knew they would accept the same if they dared to offend him.

The wind blew his black hair away, beautiful violet eyes that were very incompatible with him, like a confusing joke for people as cruel as possible,

Count Kalden Oriesdett, they know him as a powerful figure with extraordinary calmness. Compared to calm, he was cold, like a porcelain doll could not be touched.

The rumors about him were so bad, they even made it a story to scare their children.

Everything in this empire knows the story, knows what kind of origin they spread it. But they all… Don know the truth. They only know the shell, without knowing the contents.

Cruel, cold, and hands full of blood. That is Count Oriesdett.

In his black horse-drawn carriage, engraved with a family crest as golden wings, the Oriesdet family was a powerful family that he got by bloody roads.

It gained his power with blood. They would crawl in the middle of a sea of blood, then they would choke with blood. The deafening screaming sound was just their lullaby.



Kalden had kept them in sobriety with pain as he felt. More.

Kaldens horse-drawn carriage stopped right at his large mansion, Kalden descended greeted by his followers, rarely his legs that could be heard giving frightening tension to everyone who was there.

Kalden stopped in front of the enormous portrait. He looked at his own portrait with beautiful violet eyes.


”I told you, you are indeed stupid, just like your mother. Dogs has eaten your brain! ”

”Hihihi ”

The servants from a distance who watched their young master torture the little boy with a thin black-haired body on the floor were pleased with what they saw.


The little brown-haired child stepped on the food of the fallen thin child, in the middle of this red-carpeted corridor. Again, he got the torture of his brother.

Erdens Oriesdett, the eldest child of count Oriesdetts family. He was 14 years old, and he was the legal heir that Count Oriesdett had recognized. His hair was brown with such strong blue eyes, hia tall body bumped into the body of his illegitimate brother.

Erdens eyes were filled with hatred for Kalden, who was eating Erdens used footrest food.

Seeing this, Erdens laughed full of joy. Like a dog, thats Kalden.

He never admitted Kalden like his brother, Kalden, who came from the illegitimate son of a maid in their house did not deserve to be his younger brother. Erdens hated Kalden so much, he cursed his mother, who was teasing his father.

Drap! drap! drap!

”Young master, I beg you not to beat Kalden again. After all… he is your brother. ”

The maid hugged Kaldens body, which looked so weak because of getting the torture from Erdens. Everything in this house treats Kalden like trash. Then she rubbed Kaldens face and teary eyes.

Erdens was angry, he looked at the long-haired maid.

”So, I have to call you mom?! ” he bulged her eyes as if her eyes were about to come out immediately.

”Answer! ” the big snapped, making the mad hug Kalden tightly.

”No, young master Erdens… ”

”Good, you know what I mean. He who is your son is certainly not my brother. Disgusting has a younger brother like him. ”


Erdens kicked Elsies body repeatedly. Elsie hugged Kalden to keep Kalden from being hit by Erdens kick.

The pain in her body was better than his 11-year-old son felt it.

Although Kalden is 11 years old, his body is like that of an 8-year-old child. They both find it difficult to get food here. Elsie herself realizes her child is malnourished. To escape from here, they can do it.

”This lowly person like you guys should know yourself! ”

Erdens kicked very excitedly. He spilled all his anger, and behaved like a demon ready to deprive them of life. If Erdens was holding a sword, then he would point it at the two scum that were in front of him.

”Don dream of being part of this family! ”

Erdens screamed, and on the last kick, Elsie finally passed out.

Seeing Elsi falling unconscious, Erdens burst into laughter.

”Hahahaha! A cheap bitch died! ”

Kalden, who heard that, immediately checked his mothers breathing and heart. Everything was still felt, his tears flowed down and tried to wake up his mother.

”you guys have to be aware of your place! ”

Erdens kicks Kalden, which makes Kalden fall beside his mother. Kalden quickly got up even though the pain of the kick marks was so pronounced, he was worried about his mother. With his two wet eyes, he looked at Erdenss back that was getting farther and farther away.

”Mother… Get up, please… I don want to be alone… ”

Kalden sobbed and all those who saw it laughed happily. The two of them are a disgrace to this family, one reason why Count Oriesdett did not let go of Elsie and Kalden, because they can make this family ashamed.

They are the most distinguished family here, referred to as the wings of the empire.

Countess Oriesdett couldn just let them go either, her heartache was so great that it had to get a reply exactly. She gave torment after torment, the pain that continued for a long time was her pleasure. Although it was also in her that the pain was radiating, like maggots walking.

”Die, two of you! ”

The servants said the cruel word bigly, letting Kalden who was crying for his mother, hear and suffer.

[Why are they so evil?]

[Why don they want to help?]

[My mother… I… Whats wrong?]

[Can anyone help me?!]

Kaldens hands trembled, he kept holding his mother in this terrifying alien world, hoping that his mother could survive and live with him.

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