The Bloody Count

Congratulations on Your New Life

[Mother died..]

[My mother died…]

[Lie! Yes, Erdens always tells lies… he likes it when I cry…]

”You didn hear, your mother died, she died contemptuously, like a scum that no one else cares about. ”

Erdens grinned. He spit on the ground to mock the fate of the extremely miserable Kalden. An insult that even Erdens thinks is still sorely lacking for Kalden.

Kalden stared at him fiercely. The squeeze of the hands on his body was completely imperceptible.

”You dog! Dare to look at me! You must die like your mother! ”

Erdens was angry at being stared at low by Kalden. He walked over with wide footsteps, then intended to kick Kalden.

He is the rightful heir! No one should look down on him, let alone this trash boy!

But Kalden quickly caught Erdens leg and then pushed Erdens body, making Erdens fall and his body hit the prison wall.


Kalden didn listen to Erdens screams, he ran to check his mothers condition himself. His tears were restrained, he shouldn cry, and she was sure that his mother was still alive.


Kalden opened the door of the rickety hut, made the wooden door come off, and immediately checked his mothers condition himself. Kaldens eyes trembled, he fell silent on the spot with a breath that seemed to have left him. He couldn believe what he saw.



Repeatedly Kalden convinced himself that everything was fine, Kalden stepped his feet lightly, he trembled, touching the stiff and pale body in front of him.

His mother is really dead!

Die with the blood coming out of her mouth!

Die with your eyes open!

”MOTHER!!! ”

Kalden hugged his mothers body. He cried while screaming repeatedly. Only his mother… Only his mother cares about him! Kalden cried until his eyes shed blood tears. He cried until his nails injured his mothers corpse.

Kalden was silent for a few seconds. He got inside the darkest place of his life.


”damn boy! You were so brave to push me just now! ” Erdens had arrived in the body. He picked up the wooden block that was nearby, walked up to Kalden to hit his head to let him be satisfied. Kalden should have died together with his mother.

He is going to kill Kalden!

Kalden raised his face. He looked at his mothers face for a few seconds, then with his fingers studded with black nails, Kalden closed both of his mothers eyes.



The wooden beam that Erdens used to hit Erdens head was broken, Erdens eyes widened and saw Kalden incredulously. The moment Erdens turned his body, he saw a thing he had never seen before. Kaldens eyes turned red, tears of blood also flowed from his bloodshot eyes, like a blood-red color that was so long that it was frozen, Erdens retreated.

This is strange, not right.

Kalden stood up.

e the one whos dead. ”

Erdens head exploded, blood scattered until it hit the wall of the hut, erdens vast body fell onto the weathered wooden floor with blood. Kalden stepped on the blood as he walked out of the hut.

The pain… Everything made him explode.

Great power engulfed him, making the wounds on every inch of his skin heal. He walked into the mansion, and a maid sarcastically looked at him contemptuously.

e mocking me too. ”


Kalden moved his head and made the butler explode, his blood streaking, hitting the servants who were there.




They screamed and tried to escape. With just a hand gesture, Kalden obeyed all the access out of the Oriesdett mansion, making them very panicked.

”Please!! ”




The sound of a head explosion sounded like the same piano keys were pressed repeatedly. It was fun for Kalden, and after all that body was lying on the floor, Kalden was back on his feet.

Kalden had only stepped a few times on the stairs. Chris and Rose, who were the count and countess, came out and saw Kalden with hateful eyes.

”Trash! What are you doing here?! ” Rose shouted loudly, and Kalden looked at her coldly. Those red eyes of hers pierced Rose, giving Rose goose bumps.

[Why him?]

Rose asked in her heart, her vision looking towards her left, on that first floor she saw all her servants dead.

”WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!! ” Rose shouted loudly.

Chris had been holding his sword. He knew Kalden was dangerous. Those red eyes were not normal eyes. Before Kalden killed him, he moved first to kill kalden.


Roses head exploded just as Chris pulled the sword out of its sheath. His eyes trembling, Chris stiffened. The liquid attached to his cheek and saw the red viscous liquid. With doubts, Chris looked to his left, over there, from Roses neck. Blood was still spurting out horribly.

Chris turned his attention again to Kalden who was now laughing at the sight of him.

”Hahahaha! ”

”Hahahaha! ”

”For you I will do a very painful death. ”

Kalden looked at the sword carried by his father, it wasn until a second that he had been beside his father and snatched the sword that Chris was holding.


Kalden stabbed Chris in the abdomen, which made Chris vomit blood instantly. Chriss hand tremblingly held his abdomen and he saw that there was a shiny sword tip that pierced his abdomen.

e my son… You shouldn have done this… forgive dad, and dad won punish you.

Chris breathing was so heavy, his eyes became blurred because of the puncture kalden did. But Kalden didn care about what Chris said, he drew his sword and then stabbed, stabbed, and stabbed repeatedly until Chris fell on the floor, not strong enough to withstand the pain that attacked his body.

His body trembled, he was like a bird whose wings it cut off, all he saw with a faint look in his eyes was only Kalden looking at him full of anger.

”Late rubbish. ”

Kalden pointed his sword. He slashed at Chriss head, Chriss head rolled carried away, bypassing all the ground children and stopping downstairs with the neck down. Kalden noticed that, then he turned his attention to Chriss body floundering a few times, until the body didn move anymore.

”Aa… ” Kalden just felt a pain in his eyes. The red eyes became violet again and with his left hand pressing on his eyes, Kalden walked staggeringly holding the railings.

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