Drap! Drap! Drap!


The soldiers of Oriesdett ran quickly. They gathered in front of the main door, repeatedly they tried to open the door but they couldn . The noisy voice just now was heard by them.

”break! ”

A high-ranking man who had just appeared gave an order. They immediately broke the entrance, as the door opened, the corpses of the servants piled up in front of the entrance like a mountain. All the soldiers were shocked.

”commander… Whose act is this?! ” a soldier shouted and his commander was silent at the straight line of the entrance. He said nothing that finally made all the soldiers see what happened.

Kalden sat on the stair with a sword in his right hand, and then his left hand stroked his fathers head repeatedly with very gentle movements. Kalden seemed to joke with Chris, and then he turned his attention to the soldiers who had successfully entered.

All the soldiers who saw it got goosebumps. They seemed to be hugged by the damn of death. This is simply terrible. A child as small as Kalden slaughtered the entire mansion, including his parents.

They couldn move their lips that felt like they had frozen. Their breathing was heavy, they all seemed to look forward to death for themselves.

Kalden looked over with terrifying, cold eyes.

”Sort out all these corpses, burn them. ”

Kalden gave an order. A soldier who had been talking to his commander just now looked at his commander, and he was very surprised to see what his commander was doing.

”Okay, sir! ”

Because instead of killing the little devil in front of them, their commander obeyed what was ordered. They moved swiftly to complete the task assigned by their master. There was no talk, because fear still wrapped them up. They were full of vigilance. A child as small as Kalden slaughtered everything, even the Count they knew c was quite skilled at playing swords.

Obviously, Kalden is not an ordinary child. He is very strong.

”you. ”

They all fell silent at Kaldens impersonal voice.

”The one thats half-bent. Come with me. ”

Kalden looked at the soldier, he said, who turned out to be a commander of them. The sword was still in Kaldens hand, and knowing that he was referring to the soldier commander, immediately followed Kalden walking when Kalden passed them.

Kalden walked his back to them. He passed through the kitchen and headed for an old hut that anyone knew, who lived there.

The commander named Shye followed saying nothing, as he walked in, Shye was shocked to see that the young master heir to the legitimate Count had died headless what had happened to the servants just now.

Shye controlled himself well, and he stopped right on the old mattress with a stiff body on it. Elsie is actually an exquisite woman, but he has become unkempt since he became ill, especially since Elsies focus is only on Kalden, which makes him not care about himself.

Shye looked at Kalden who had said nothing since just now, just speechless with cold eyes looking at his mother.

[What is he thinking about?]

Shye wondered if it was possible her own child also killed that Elsie? But Elsie didn suffer any injuries and deaths like the others. Shye observed Kalden. He concluded that Elsies death was the trigger for Kaldens anger.

No one would have thought that this little kid overthrew the power of Count Chris Oriesdett in just one night. Its a very electrifying and also scary thing. When Shye sees him, he knows that if there is no descendant of Count Oriesdett anymore, then it is this blood-filled child who will become the Count, who will be the master he serves.

”Youve been content to observe me? ” The cold voice didn make Shye very comfortable.

He once crossed paths with Kalden, and because Kalden was an illegitimate child, Kalden always looked down. His thin body in a dirt shirt, proof that he was very disowned here. Never once did Shye hear Kaldens voice. And when he could hear Kaldens voice, it made him cringe himself instead. An icy voice without emotion, a voice that is without vibration and scary. The voice can only be got if he has reached such a hearty emotional point.

”Im sorry, Count. ”

e quick to respond. ”

Kalden tilted his head, and looked at Shye with cold eyes that made her seem to be confined to the deepest ocean. It was slamming, terrifying and made his body so cold.

Shye couldn even squeeze a slightly stiff smile on his face.

”Bury my mother in the best place in the garden. ”

After saying that, Kalden left, leaving Shye alone. Kaldens eyes filled with tears, which then turned into a terrifying lightning. He differs from before, there is no heavy breathing like before and difficulty in his body.

Kalden realized he was not an ordinary human being. The death of her mother has awakened the true power. If this power existed long ago, Could it be that her mother would have survived?

As the sun had shown itself, with the cold air and the new tense atmosphere, Kalden had been in the garden filled with sparkling cold dew. There was no sound, only the temperature that could make his thin body once neigh. Kalden didn feel the slightest cold.


Kalden stuck the sword without the scabbard he had been carrying, behind him was Shye watching him. The task given by Kalden has been completed, now right in the garden, under the inflamed tree, it has buried his mother there. The roses he picked during the trip just now, were crushed by Kalden, and then all the petals in Kaldens hand fell on the ground of his mothers grave.

”Congratulations on your new life, Mother. ”

Without emotion, like talking to the wind, Kalden also has absolutely no expression for the death of his mother, in front of his mothers grave. He turned around, left the sword stuck there, and walked into the mansion with the soldiers who greeted him. Now he is the master of this mansion, and he masters the fear within those who are still alive here.

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