Seven years after the incident, Kalden Oriesdett had become a wing of the empire. At a very young age, he had to lead to become a count who always received pressure from various parties who wanted him to give up the power he had.

There are many family parties from Chris who want them to be the ones who inherited the title of Count. They want to be a family from the imperial wing that has many advantages for themselves.

They came to the main Mansion of Oriesdett with confidence. They considered they were the most entitled to inherit the title of Count. Because Kalden is a minor, not only that, Kalden is a hidden illegitimate child.

They broke in and died at the hands of Kalden just like that, foolishly those who assumed that they could get inheritance rights easily without realizing who they were fighting. Kalden, he is not an ordinary human being, in fact he is a terrifying half-vampire. The part inside him has an ancient power that makes one continent afraid of him. Vampires are legendary ancient creatures, they consider their existence the same as that of the Dragon. Dragons and vampires are powerful creatures that are difficult for humans to defeat, and those who don realize that Kalden is half a vampire, are the same as they ushered in their lives and gave Kalden food.

They have become Kaldens food.

It has also shown Kalden to have the blood of Chris descendants, after a royal wizard conducted a hereditary test.

”Shye, they
e so noisy. Tell them to shut up or me who will make them shut up? ”

Kalden, after seven years, had passed with many murderous families who came to the mansion to demand their rights had won and became Count. Even in the kings presence, it had declared him the rightful heir, because he could perform many impossible tasks. Kalden understood many things about the Counts work, completed it perfectly, and slaughtered the gravel that tried to block the emperors path.

Now, he was inside his mansion with the sound of a drunken soldier. Those sensitive ears of his didn like the fuss.

Shye immediately heard the warning from Kalden, who had become his personal knight.

”Okay Count, I will tell them to shut up. ”

Kalden moved his eyelids. He turned his attention to the task at hand in front of him. Meanwhile, Shye has disappeared from his presence to save the life of the noisy soldier. They are new soldiers who don realize that the ears of the count they serve are very sensitive. If they are left alone, then there will be many more pools of blood in this mansion.

Not long after, the noisy voice was gone and the night breeze came in through the window, touching Kaldens face that looked expressionless.


The sound of footsteps sounded echoing in his ears. Kalden was very relaxed about dealing with him. There were always those who were unhappy with his existence, even though they knew who he was who had been recognized as the legitimate count of Oriesdett.

It should be that they have learned from what they did in the past. It is useless to send a hitman to eliminate it.

Because they were all going to die in Kaldens hands, they were gone without a trace.


Kalden, who had been walking in the long hallway of his mansion, suddenly got behind the murderer and slit the murderers throat, making blood spurt from his split neck, the smell of rancidity and rusty iron wafted and Kalden quickly avoided so that the fresh blood would not hit him in the slightest.

Every detail was visible in his eyes, every drop of blood that came out. He knew where the blood was going to land.

”these **ers are endless. They definitely want to be cleaned up immediately. ”

Kalden wipes his hands with a handkerchief, then throws his handkerchief on the body of the assassin who came for him.

The assassin has good swordsmanship, Kalden realizes the assassin is a third-level swordsman. However, it is not enough to get rid of it.

Kaldens True Strength no one knew it.

The corpse was left unceremoniously in the hallway, and the servants or soldiers who were about to meet him, would immediately sort it out. They knew there were more rats trying to kill their master and in this way also the kalden gave them a warning.

Traitors will get the same.

Kaldens power struggle alone has frightened them. All those living witnesses are still alive today, and they dare not doubt Kalden. Still vividly remembered how kaldens innocent face playing with his own fathers head cut off, and then he also piled up the headless corpse without the slightest sin.

Seeing that was enough for them to realize that Kalden wasn normal—he is a monster.


The night has changed, and when the sun has appeared, then it is strictly forbidden for anyone to open the curtains in Kaldens room. She didn like the sunlight coming into her room, especially when she just woke up.

The sensation of sunlight was like a bulge right on his face that made his head hurt. So, the maids would come in and just prepare clothes and warm water for Kalden to take a bath. After that, they went out and prepared breakfast for their young count.

Kalden blinked his eyes. His violet-colored eyes looked very radiant. Like the most perfect sharpened diamond in this world.

If it is indeed a diamond, then the eye will have a very expensive price.

Kalden got into the tub with warm water and also the fragrance of roses. He washed himself quietly and leisurely. After fifteen minutes of his time had been spent there, Kalden came out and immediately put on his shirt after drying his body.

In front of the gigantic mirror Kalden looked at himself, a red eye was looking at him, winking without fear of the blood-red color that intoxicated him.

”What a sunny day. ”

Kalden, who had been wearing his shirt, picked up the sword that was on his desk. The door to his room opened and he stepped up with an unfriendly face that made the other person look down.

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