Drap! Drap! Drap!

The rapid footsteps sounded clearly. They get a report that the Count they serve calls them all to face immediately.

Kalden stood by and waited for the new soldiers to come. The look in his eyes was cold with no one knowing what he was thinking. As the soldiers had arrived in front of him, he moved slightly, stepping from where he had previously stood ahead, which made the others startled.

[Don stop in front of me.]

[Don come here.]

[No, its impossible that the Count will be angry because I drank beer last night.]

[Ah, please don stop in front of me.]

They all prayed in their hearts that Kalden would not stop in front of them, it made their heartbeats speed up and also they were in a cold sweat. They also grasped their hands, it was very noticeable that they were panicking.

”You guys are uneasy? ” His weak and cold voice made them startled, one soldier glanced at Kalden and Kalden immediately found out.

”You guys who are warriors here should learn to control your heartbeat. ”

Several soldiers heard this instantly, holding their left chests subconsciously.

”Shye, give them a lesson about it. I don want to hear that noisy heartbeat anymore. ”

They only heard Kalden said what in surprise. They were sure that they had adjusted their heartbeat well, and even if it had an unstable speed, no one could hear it.

When they enlisted as warriors here, the first thing they were eyeing was big money, let alone the governing Count was a young count. For them, the young count will usually have some things that are not so strict, but it is only because of the heartbeat that a count calls them and makes them get goose bumps with weak legs.


The soldiers here, at least, are people with abilities. Some have been to the battlefield or left for paid missions before it is legal to become a soldier here. They are all whether or not they come from the blood of warriors, they have previous experience.

They had encountered a distress, but they were all weakened in front of Kalden, Kaldens suppressive aura was unusually weakening them, even though Kalden did not stare sharply at them. His voice was low and expressionless. But everyone who was there was aware. Never try to challenge Kalden because you won survive it.

That heartbeat is proof that the master they serve has special abilities that they should not underestimate. Rumors are indeed scary, those who face Kalden are very unlucky. Before the sun broke, they all knew about the discovery of a corpse with a slit neck and a silk handkerchief on top of its body.

The servants casually cleaned up the corpse with no fuss, the new soldiers who realized it wondered why such a thing was not in question. And finally they found out, because they did the slitting by count Oriesdett, whom they now serve.

Taking away the life that troubled him was a straightforward thing for Kalden to do.

Shye had taken those new soldiers to the training ground. They would get special training from her, and a very important warning for them to hear before they ended up as enemies for Kalden.

”Listen to me, Count Oriesdett has a very sensitive hearing. You guys shouldn be noisy when guarding the main mansion. If you are drunk or have a loud noise, you should never be in the main mansion area because it can disturb the comfort of Count Oriesdett! ” Shye gave them all a warning that made them nod quickly.

”Since the ears of count Oriedett are very sensitive, learn to control your integrity. Its not just so that oriesdetts count is not disturbed! But as a form of your readiness to fight enemies that are stronger than you imagined! An audible heartbeat can make your position and your situation known to the enemy! So, you will get special training for it, until even when it is a very scary thing even if your heart will beat steadily! ”

Shye yelled, and from a distance Kalden heard that. He didn want to bother taking care of those soldiers, if they were useful, then he would wear them, if it was just troublesome, it was better for them to just disappear so as not to become a burden on him.

That hell-like training begins. Shye throws them a boulder towards their faces, and those who can deal with it will understand how to manage the heartbeat well.The stone thrown at them is not an ordinary stone, it has given the stone a spell that makes the stone will move according to the will of the person who threw it.

Those with a big heartbeat will have their own rhythm every time they are about to dodge.

Thump! Thump! Thump! ….! Thump!

Such is their heartbeat, at the pause of the resulting sound, they take action to face the stone thrown at them. Shye who is their teacher will know that too by the movement of their hands or glances in their eyes.

So thats when Shye would change the direction of the stone quickly until the stone would hit their faces immediately, making the soldiers fall with their faces injured because of the sturdy stone thrown.

They all screamed, but Shye didn stop their practice. kalden specially trained him and his soldiers, it was much worse than this, because their training ground turned into a hell arena.

Those who tried to escape would not survive Kalden.

”Commander… Can we rest for a while? ” A soldier raised his hand tremblingly. He has had several times getting a stone hit on his face.

”No, if you take a break now, I guarantee you will be finished. Just keep practicing! ”

Shyes warning sounded very serious, the new soldiers looked at each other and finally none of them left the training ground.

They tried not to be hit by the stone throw again. Several times being hit by a stones throw gave them a numbness on their faces, and also a sense of disgust in them that made them face the stone throw more boldly than at first.

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