The Bloody Count

Calios\'s Problem

The sun has already descended from its place, becoming lower than before. Made the sky that looked blue just now become reddish.

Kalden stood behind the main mansion of count Oriesdett. He looked towards where he used to live with his mother—Elsie. The old hut is still the same, and soon it will be gone.

Kalden stepped his feet towards the garden, by a large tree, where his mother was lying there with the sword he used to slaughter the damn man stuck. Kalden stood looking at his mothers grave that had been overgrown with roses.

For a few seconds Kalden saw his mothers grave, then he stepped his feet into the main mansion through the long passages quietly. There was a stir going on and it only came from one place.

Even though the sun had disappeared, Shye hadn stopped what he was doing. Giving torture to the soldiers under the guise of training.

The setting sun made a dark color in the vast sky. A huge eagle approached Kalden and a royal sealed letter had been in Kaldens hands. The big eagle flew back in the moment Kalden opened the letter.


[count Kalden Oriesdett, I order you to clean up the troubles in the east.]

The message was very brief but kalden, who is now 18 years old, understood what the letter meant. The letter in his hand disappeared out of thin air instantly, devoured with flames coming out of his hand.

Kalden stepped on his feet again, and the moment he met a soldier who looked down at him, Kalden stopped his footsteps.

”Tell Shye to see me right now. ”

Kalden stepped foot again and the soldier directly executed the order from the master. He didn want to make Kalden angry that could put his life at risk. Quickly he came to the front of Shye, who was giving training to the new soldiers.

”Whats the matter? ” asked Shye, who was standing with her hands folded in front of her chest. His eyes were sharp and waiting for the answer from the soldier.


Shye was already in front of Kalden, who was reading the document in front of him. As usual, the count he served liked to sit with the window wide open. Kalden flashed his hand to turn over the document he was reading.

Kalden was aware of Shyes arrival, but he said nothing. Still busy with the documents in his hand. Shye, who had run there and was sweating, couldn interfere with Kaldens time. He couldn say anything because it could make Kalden distracted. Shye could only wait.

Kalden placed the document he was holding just now, then he looked at Shye with the same coldness. No one will see this other expression of Count Kalden Oriesdett because he is always the same expression, as if he was expressing then thats when he was in ruin.

”Tomorrow we will leave for the east. Prepare everything. ”

The calm voice that has always been full of intimidation made Shye nod immediately.

”Allright, Count. ”

Shye exits Kaldens room, and Kalden continues his work regardless of Shye or what will happen later. He didn care about it, and assumed that those who followed him would have been able to do whatever it took.

During these seven years he had given hell-like training to all of them, Kalden was very savvy about their development, which was enough to make him calm about the days full of blood.

Kalden blinked his eyes. Those violet-colored eyes looked so beautiful with moonlight coming in past the window of his study. It was as if it deliberately created the moonlight to add beauty to those beautiful eyes.

As usual, Kalden had completed the task, and an hour before the sun showed his form, Kalden walked quietly in the center of such a deserted mansion.

Kalden walked into his room, and what he did was not rest to make his journey feel comfortable. But Kalden picked up his sword and polished his sword with a straight face that looked creepy. I don know how much blood this sword has shed. Kalden has never counted it, but the blood can fill an immense pool.

The sound of activity sounded, Kaldens ears twitching, knowing that all the servants who had been asleep had woken up and were preparing to perform their duties. Kalden, meanwhile, put the sword back into his scabbard. He stood up and looked at the footsteps that stopped in front of his room. Two maids had arrived to prepare bath water for him.

Kalden, standing while looking at them, instantly made them startled, almost like the maid. Shouted in surprise, fortunately they were already trained and suppressed their screams. That way, they survived the dismissal.

Kalden watched those who prepared everything quickly. After the two maids disappeared, Kalden went straight into the bathtub and prepared to perform his duties as the wings of the kingdom.

Kalden turned the wineglass he was holding in his left hand. From that convex glass that was red, Kalden could see the reflection of his face shadow there. Cold and expressionless.

After finishing the shower and putting on his clothes, Kalden walked out of his room and immediately went to the dining room.

As usual, the waiters had prepared to serve the food he liked, the beefsteak that was still ruddy in color.

Not long after finishing his breakfast, Kalden stood up and looked at his butler—Caldy.

”Don get messed up here. ” Caldy nodded his head respectfully. Although Caldy is the butler, he is actually a former mercenary recruited by Kalden. He has a very great ability to clean up enemies.

Although Kalden is not in the main mansion, they always try to get in and make a mess inside his residence.

Thats when those who Kalden left behind had to clean up them all immediately, Kalden would be furious if there was a mess in his mansion after he was busy with the affairs that were outside.

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