The Bloody Count

I Will Kill You!

The eastern region of the kingdom or referred to by the name of Calios, the area was the largest wheat producing area in the Vaenlight kingdom. A week ago, a news story that shook the kingdom heard that the Calios area had contracted a strange plague, besides making all the wheat there black, the humans who were there would dance while crying with tears of blood.

It was strange as hell, and the king felt that there was something bad there. Thats why solving the problem in Calios, which was a very precarious thing, was devolved to Count Kalden Oriesdett. If the problem in Calios is not resolved immediately, then there will be a major food crisis in the kingdom of Vaenlight.

Not only that, there will be many problems because this can make vaenlights royal power be disturbed. Moreover, the enemy kingdom will take advantage of this so that they can win the war.

”Some say that they see illusions. ” Shye explains about the situation that happened in Calios.

”And then? ”

”Count, some say the opposite if the territory has become a cursed territory. One month before the outbreak occurred, there was a massacre of one family accused of having stolen there. They all died beheaded. The blood flowing from them is said to be full of curses. ”

Kalden looked out the window, seeing the slow-moving trees in his eyes.

”Go ahead. ”

”They always shut themselves in the house at night, because that dance of death would strike them at night. Initially, the wheat attacked only one field, but every day the wheat attack was getting wider, and infected all the land in Calios. After the bullets of the wheat field were attacked, some humans was stricken with the dance of death, and they cried blood and begged to stop, but although their legs were blistered and bleeding, they couldn stop dancing. ”

Kalden touched his cheek with his estranged right hand with white gloves and also leaned against the side of the walking horse-drawn carriage.

”They burned the corpses so that the plague would not spread. But its useless. The disease is still spreading and terrorizing them. ”

Kalden tilted his head slightly after hearing all the stories from Shye.

”Whose first field belongs to? ”

”The biggest grain merchant over there is called Harlian. ” Shye replied quickly because she had to be prepared for whatever was going to be done and asked by Kalden.

”What about the one who was hit by the dance of death? ”

”Oric, a freelancer. ”

Kalden turned his attention towards the outside of the window of the moving horse-drawn carriage after hearing everything he wanted.

The horse-drawn carriage walked quickly and was also cautious. The soldiers who follow kalden are always on the lookout for whatever happens.


”what a mess. ”

A soldier murmured as they entered the territory of Calios. The burning fragrance smelled very clear, and the scene in front of them was extremely like a dangerous battlefield.

There was a lot of thick smoke in sight, and everyone there looked pitiful. In just one week in the eastern region—Calios has become chaotic and devastated like this.

Looking at the horse-drawn carriage with the emblem of wings and shields, those who were there stared, unable to divert their attention. They all knew the story of the imperial wings, and it was Count Oriesdett.

”Help has arrived! ” someone yelled and Kalden ignored him, he had determined his goal which he wanted to quickly get there.

Kalden and his party stopped at an enormous house there. According to the information provided by Shye, if Harlian is a successful merchant, this house is a testament to how rich he is.

Kalden went downstairs and hurriedly Harlian and his wife came to Kalden. They looked just as chaotic, and Kalden looked towards the other side of their house. It can be seen that there are three horse-drawn carriages that look clean and are ready.

”Count Oriesdett, we didn expect that you would come today. ” Harlian said it in a voice that sounded heavy. His old, wrinkle-filled eyes swooped disrespectfully at Kalden.

Because of Kaldens young age, he took Kaldens arrival lightly.

”You should know that you are all not allowed to get out of this region, ” Kalden said in an icy voice that left the couple speechless.

”W-we won go. ” Harlian lied awkwardly, while Kalden heard his very agitated heartbeat.

”Then, destroy that horse-drawn carriage, Shye. ”

Kaldens eyes curled towards the horse-drawn carriage he had seen just now, and Shye directly smashed the horse-drawn carriage with an extremely fast attack.

Harlian and his wife were shocked. Their bodies trembling, Harlians wife named Merry bit her lip as she restrained her emotions. But they couldn fight the Count who was in front of them.

Kalden walked toward their house, and the two could only follow Kalden with weak footsteps.

Its so unlucky for their lives because today they have to meet with Kalden. If only they left sooner, they wouldn have to meet like this. The escape it had destroyed them in the childs face who had just turned 18.

Kalden sat quietly before Harlian even let him sit down. This indifferent attitude made Harlian annoyed he was the host, and he was also older than Kalden.

”Count, what are the needs for you to come to our house? ”

Kalden looked at Harlian with a terrifying, sharp look. Harlian was still trying to hide his fear, and Kalden tapped his index finger on the thigh.

”Your house is the most luxurious here, of course I have to stay here as long as it carried the investigation out. ”

Harlian swallowed her saliva, he couldn refute and could only accept whatever Kalden wanted.

”If I knew you would stay here, I would have fully prepared it decently. ” Harlian tried to squeeze a smile, and the smile on his face was as stiff as a cheap clown mask.

e going to run away, Harlian. Stop lying before I cut your tongue. ”

Harlian was silent, he swallowed his saliva back knowing the threat from Kalden was real. Although he was still young, Kaldens two hands were filled with blood. Killing for him is very easy.

”Where are you going to escape, Harlian? ”Kalden asked once more which made Harlians heartbeat even stronger and tighter. When Kalden adjusted his body, Harlian became very vigilant. He thought Kalden would pull out the sword and directly hold his head.



Merry screamed, because at that moment suddenly the cheeks of the husband were cut open until blood was oozing from his cheeks. Harlian held his cheek and she looked at Kalden, even Kalden hadn pulled out his sword yet.

His eyes trembled very violently and felt a fear that was getting stronger and stronger. Kalden, just like the rumors. He was extremely terrifying and terrible, making all his organs scream in order to save themselves.

”so? ”

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