The Bored Immortal

Chapter 1 - Dying...A Hopeless Wish

In the mountain tops that seemed to pierce the clouds, a boy and girl aged thirteen were sitting together with their backs against each other, enjoying the beautiful view.

The boy had handsome, heroic eyes and chiseled features that could make any man, woman, and children stop to stare at him with admiration.

His dark brown eyes were as calm and innocent as the still lotus pond, and his clothes were simple grey linen. Beside his hands were two simple swords that he always carried with him.

The girl had beautiful silver hair that draped down her back like a river spilling across her back. Her vivid crimson eyes were as beautiful and lovely as the red water lilies; her lips the same color as her eyes which flawlessly complemented her sharp and exquisite features that could completely spellbind any living being.

She was dressed in an elegant white chainse with exquisite snow-white patterns that accentuated her noble and elegant aura.

The two could even see clouds drifting below them and were enjoying the breathtaking sight, especially because of the large waterfall in the distance.

This spot was the duo ’s favorite spot, and whenever they sneaked out from their respective homes, they would come here to play and enjoy the scenery.

The two were best friends…a friendship that formed out of a chance meeting…a friendship that never should have happened considering how the boy was coming from an exiled family, considered as outcasts by everyone.

The girl was coming from a very powerful vampire family who was essentially rulers of countless lands and even had control over other monster races.

Despite coming from a family of monster races, the boy was very ordinary without any powers or even any strength that his parent ’s races inherently possessed.

Because of that, he was treated more severely as an outcast than his family. But despite that, his family was the only one who loved him wholeheartedly, not paying any mind to how ordinary he was.

And the only person he could call as a friend was the girl resting against his back, the only vampire princess of the vampire kingdom.

”Hey Eli, how long can we continue to meet and play like this? I wish people would accept me and my family so that we could meet up all the time… ” The boy said in a sad tone without feeling any resentment towards how people usually treated him and his family.

He knew that his family was hated upon even more after his birth, and that was one fact that pained him always since he wished for his family to be happy.

”Azu, you silly! ” Eli punched him in the shoulder lightly with an angry expression.

”Ow! What was that for? ” Azu rubbed his shoulder while wrinkling his brows.

Eli pursed her lips and said, ”Didn ’t I tell you not to worry your little head about such things. You are special, especially when your whole existence should be impossible. So even if you think of yourself as ordinary, I don ’t. And if others are too blind to see you for who you are, then once I grow up, I will make everyone accept you and your family just like me. If they don ’t listen, I will punish them, hmph. ”

Azu awkwardly laughed and said, ”No need to punish them. Maybe you can just talk to them. I am sure if you ever get to become the next ruler, they will listen to you. ”

He then continued with a sad face, ”But my father ’s race is at war with yours. So, it would take a lot to convince both sides. ”

Eli smiled and put her hand around Azu ’s neck and said, ”That ’s simple. We will beat some sense into both sides. Till then, let ’s enjoy our time now. My father might be a bit strict, but if I am able to convince him, then things will turn out good for all of us. ”

Azu ’s eyes sparkled as he said with a bright smile, ”I hope so. I can ’t wait for that day to arrive. ”

”Of course, it would. Now…time for my treat, hehe! ” Eli suddenly jumped over Azu, pushing him to the ground.

”Hey, you already drank too much yesterday. How could you be so thirsty again? ” Azu asked as he shielded his neck with his hands.

”Of course, you have to blame your delicious blood for that. I just can ’t resist it

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