The Bored Immortal

Chapter 10 - What Year Is It?

50 years later…

*Wham! Wham!*

”Oomph!…oof! You guys punch like babies, hahaha, it tickles, huhuhu ” A young man with a hipster beard laughed maniacally as two tall, burly men continued to punch him in the stomach.

The young man was tied to a wooden beam as the burly men continued to punch him. However, no matter how many punches they dealt to this young man, he still seemed energetic as ever and even cracked jokes in between.

Not only that, they felt as if their hands were getting hurt the more they punched him. Their knuckles were bleeding, and they felt as if they were hitting a dozen inches thick hard rubber bed.

Behind these burly men was a young man sitting on a chair with a pissed-off expression. Beside him were another two bulky men who seemed to be his servants.

They all were inside a stable where there was lots of hay and three horses tied to a fence post.

The young man sitting on the chair was the son of the local landlord, named Burky. He seemed to be staring daggers at the man with the hipster beard who was getting beaten up by his servants.

His expression was getting more and more twisted the more he saw how nonchalant that man was even after getting beaten up so much. He also saw that it was his servants who were getting tired and how their punches were losing their strength as time passed.

”Are you two idiots even hitting him properly? ” Burky questioned in an irked tone.

”Yes, boss! ” The two burly men hurriedly said with anxious expressions while suppressing the pain they were feeling.

They indeed were putting in their every last bit of strength to punch this man before them. But still, the man seemed unfazed, which totally puzzled them when usually they could find even knockout people with just one punch.

Burky frowned, thinking that it was unusual.

”He must be wearing some armor underneath. Tear off his shirt! ” Burky ordered.

”Hey! You can ’t invade my privacy! Chi, I thought you were straight, bruh, ” The young man protested, but the two burly men easily tore off his shirt.

”Shut up! ” Burky shouted at the man ’s comments, but when his men tore off the man ’s shirt, he was shocked to see a well-built body with a ten pack to boot. At the same time, he was feeling extremely jealous and wondered if this was the reason his fiance got seduced by this guy.

It was not as if he had not seen well-built men before. But the muscles of the young man before him seemed as if they were sculpted by gods themselves.

His muscles weren ’t bulky and stocky like those bodybuilders on steroids he had seen. Still, they were athletic with hard and defined muscles. His shoulders were broad as well, and his figure as a whole had a naturally strong look.

Burky then inwardly struck his head, thinking why he even appreciated this man ’s body when he was here to address his grievances.

Even the burly men were momentarily astonished, seeing how jacked this guy was. They didn ’t notice before since the man was wearing a loose shirt. But after seeing his rock-hard muscles that seemed to be rippling with power, they felt that it was no surprise they felt like they were not hitting ordinary flesh.

They could hardly see severe bruises that should have appeared on his body from their heavy punches.

The young man saw the astonished looks on their faces and smirked inwardly. He then decided to act more realistic and bit his tongue hard enough to let out a few drops of blood.

”Cough~ Cough~…. ” The young man let out a few coughs as if he was coughing out blood that he was holding in.

Seeing the blood that was escaping from the man ’s mouth, Burky rejoiced and laughed, ”Haha, so you were pretending to play it tough, eh, asshole? ”


”Cough…Burky, my boy, you indeed got able men to punch for you. But do you plan to use them to satisfy your pretty fiance too? Hahahaha, ” The young man let out another roar of laughter.

Burky ’s expression became extremely ugly after remembering how he caught his fiance in bed with the young man before him. It seemed as if she was having the time of her life and didn ’t even seem to stop moving up and down even after seeing him.

That was how much she was engrossed in comprehending the profundities of carnal pleasures with this young man.

Even he didn ’t get to enjoy his time with her, but a random nobody beat him to it.

”You dare!! ” The two burly men put up angry expressions as they raised their hands to punch the young man again.

”Stop! You two fools don ’t have to punch him anymore. I will! ” Burky stood up, feeling that he had to prove his manliness and then show to his fiance the battered state of the young man later.

He folded his sleeves, cracked his knuckles, and rotated his head as if preparing himself to beat the shit out of the young man before him.

”Dude, shouldn ’t you stick to doing things you are capable of? Don ’t blame me later if you can ’t use your right hand later, hehe, ” The young man chuckled.

Burky frowned, not getting what he meant. But then he looked at his right hand, and coincidentally his gaze focused on his lower waist. A light lit up in his head as if he realized what the young man meant, which made him grit his teeth, his face reddening.

Burkey never felt so humiliated and angered at the same time. If one could let out fumes from intense anger, he would already have fumes escaping from his head.

But seeing the condescending smirk on the young man ’s face lit up another fuse in Burkey, making him take out his pistol.

”Ohh, boy, you don ’t wanna use that toy, trust me, ” The young man said cooly.

”Heh, scared, are we? Don ’t worry, I will just shoot you in the legs and then beat the shit out of you while you cry in pain, regretting what you did, ” Burky said as he stepped forward with a crooked smile.

”Oh, I doubt that. ”



The sound of the wooden door of the stable being broken through and the sound of a powerful bike made everyone stand frozen on the spot, seeing the intruder that barged in with a motorcycle.

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