The Bored Immortal

Chapter 11 - Because I Was Bored


”Who the fuck! ” Burkey stumbled back with a frightened expression with the rest of his servants.

They saw a person in a full black leather suit with a helmet barging in with a sports bike which seemed to be no ordinary bike considering how powerful its engine sounded.

Upon closer look, they saw that the biker was a woman seeing how her leather suit was sticking on to her well-shaped boobs and curves, making one easily see that she had quite a sexy figure.

However, while Burky and his servants were gawking at her with heated eyes, their pupils shrank when she suddenly took out a gun and fired at Burky ’s legs without any warning.

*BANG! ”

”Aaaahhh!! ” Burky howled as he fell on his buttocks, feeling shocked and terrified.

”Carry him out unless you all want a bullet hole in your legs as well, ” An emotionless tone sounded out. Yet, her voice sounded sweet as music to their ears, making them wonder what kind of beauty was hidden behind that helmet.

But Burky and his men didn ’t dare to get into a daze from just her voice as he frantically ordered his men as his expression winced with pain, ”Get me the hell out of here, you fools! ”

Burky was feeling extremely aggrieved and angry about this sudden turn of events just when he was about to have his revenge.

However, he was no fool and knew that this scary biker lady was here for the chained young man. He didn ’t dare to ask any questions and only wanted to get out of here when he had a feeling that this lady wouldn ’t hesitate to kill him if he pissed her off.

”Run on now, kids. Thanks for your time, ” The young man winked at Burky, whose expression seemed as if he ate shit, wondering how this young man didn ’t seem fazed at all even after beating him up a lot.

After they left, the young man just jerked his arms slightly, and the steel chains that were tied around his wrists broke like a twig.

”Whew, that was a good massage. Don ’t you think, sexy lady? ” The young man smirked as he stretched his arms, his eyes wandering all over her curves which were beautifully highlighted by her tight leather suit.

The woman didn ’t reply to him but removed her helmet to reveal a stunning young beauty with sharp features and an angular face.

She had pink lips that seemed delicate and soft as the petal of a rose. Her black bob hair seemed to give her a cute yet sexy charm as well, especially because of her bangs.

Her eyes were angled a bit upwards and sharp as a sword, just like her shapely eyebrows. However, her black eyes seemed impassive and cold as steel, just like her expression.

”Hm, a newbie? Who are you? ” The young man asked as he didn ’t recognize her.

”Are you Sir Viktor Dorian? ”

”Sir? Well, I am Viktor, the genuine one, of course. Who ’s asking, anyway? ”.

The woman squinted her eyes, and then remembering how he effortlessly broke those chains, she flatly replied, ”My name is Agent Eva. I am here to escort you based on orders from Madam Snow. I, therefore, request Sir Viktor to comply with the same. ”

Viktor had a nonplussed expression, ”Request? Comply? Wait a sec. Why are you talking funny? Besides, just call me Viktor. We shouldn ’t be so formal from the beginning itself, should we? ” Viktor said with a wink.

Even though Eva appeared indifferent, she was quite curious to meet the legendary ’Immortal Devil ’ after hearing so many unbelievable and terrifying rumors about him and how he was the reason for the Snow Family ’s drastic rise in power and the one who protected the same from the shadows.

After all, fifty years before, the Snow Family was unheard of and had no influence at all in the world. But now, they were the ones behind many multinational companies in different sectors like healthcare, finance, retail, and so on. Basically, the Snow Family even had the power to influence the global economy.

It was said that no one had seen this legendary figure in person except for the main family members.

Because of how she lived her life so far, there were only so many things that could pique her interest.

And doing her best for Madam Snow was the only mission in her life due to her endless gratitude towards her.

Thus when she was given the mission of bringing back the legendary figure of the Snow Family, she was inwardly feeling happy and proud that Madam Snow trusted her with such an important mission and also got a chance to meet the person who was said to have trained Madam Snow personally.

However, in search of this legendary figure, she found that the person she was looking for was nowhere as perfect and aloof as the image she had formed in her mind before.

Even though Madam Snow said that he should still be young, Eva found it hard to believe and had set out on the mindset that she was looking for a strong old man.

Still, she didn ’t think that Madam Snow was lying since she knew there was no reason for her to lie and the faith she had in her was boundless.

So, when she found out the whereabouts of this ’young man ’, she also came upon scandalous rumors relating to this legendary figure which was completely contrary to what she heard.

And now looking at the young man with a hipster beard, she was inwardly shocked, realizing that the rumors of the ’Immortal Devil ’ was true yet felt disappointed to see that his attitude seemed no better than a drunk playboy with an ugly beard that seemed to perfectly suit his demeanor.

Only his well-chiseled body and his flawless skin, which looked like marble, stood out, making her feel astonished.

Still, since he was a well-renowned and respected figure in the Snow Family, she did not show any displeasure and talked to him in her own polite way.

She was still curious to know who this man exactly was and why he still looked young. But she decided to stick to her orders instead of asking unnecessary questions.

Viktor had no idea that he was being seen as an uncouth person in Eva ’s mind since he was busy thinking about Eva mentioning ’Madam Snow ’.

A nostalgic yet complicated light shone in his eyes as he remembered the shapely back of a poetic beauty. He asked in a low voice, ”Little Taya is a ’Madam ’ already? Wait….what year is it now? ”

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